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Chocolate Banana Oat Drops

Healthier take on oatmeal cookies with added protein, no added sugar and real food ingredients.

GFCF - Dark Chocolate Almond Chia Pudding

No: wheat, dairy, sugar
Healthy fat, lots of fiber, rich and decadent.
This recipe uses canned coconut milk just because it can be a staple in your pantry, but if you have the time, by all means make your own coconut or almond milk and substitute. (You would not need to add the water if you make your own as it will already be thin enough.)

This recipe is a modification from
after winging it with ingredients I had available to me and it turned out delish! The dark chocolate is VERY rich, you could go lighter on that ingredient to your taste and I'll advise the same with stevia. This recipe is on the light side for the sweetener as I find it a tad bitter if you add too much. I feel you could always add more later.

Artichoke Antipasti Inspired Salad

GFCF (Goat Cheese does not have casein like cow's milk)
Low Carb

Sunbutter Dressing

low to no sugar
low carb

No Queso Dip

Super easy dip that does NOT have DAIRY, but somehow, tastes like Queso Dip!

Chocolate Nut Butter Cookies (GFCF)

These cookies will satisfy your snack or dessert need while supporting your healthy choices. Each cookie is less than 120 calories, the fat comes from healthy sources, under 7g of net carbs, and bonus for a treat - 5g of protein.

Dark Chocolate Mint Melts

Homemade Candies that taste sinful but are naturally sweetened sugar-free goodness.

Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza

Contributed to the HealthWealth Newsletter by Renee T, whose family loves this recipe and she wanted to share with Oak Grove!

HealthWealth Yogurt Parfait

Donkey Says "Everyone Loves Parfait" and he is right! Reuse your condiment jars for ready to go parfaits, prepping these in advance, ready to grab from your fridge.

Choca-Coco-Mocha Bites

Mini Cupcakes to satisfy your chocolate craving while being free of: Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, and Guilt. Plus, just for good measure, they are virtually sugar free as well! My favorite sites for inspiration are and and this recipe is basically a hybrid of a few of their Chocolate Cake and Mocha cupcakes recipes. I often end up having to experiment a bit as I try many of their recipes as I don't always have the correct items on hand or I have the time needed to scratch make components.


This high protein, nutrient dense, frappe was created to be a day starting kick-off or afternoon pick-me-up. My daily coffee house stop wasn't just about the beverage itself, it is the pampering of having someone else prepare it for you and not having to worry about the clean up. My favorite Starbuck's in Kowaski's Market will allow me to hand over my container of mixin's and they will blend it for me with my purchased Doppio Shot (double shot of espresso) and ice. Of course you can blend it all together yourself, but for me, the few bucks is worth it on my quick stop in before work. It is still a lot cheaper this way than to purchase their Frap's as offered on the menu and I get such incredible, friendly service, it makes my morning!

HealthWealth Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast on the go or assembled at the office. All ingredients can be prepared in advance and assembled quickly as need. HealthWealth menu items are created with three components in mind: It must be Healthy (1), without being too complicated (2), and at a moderate price point (3).

Chocolate Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Banana Pudding

Please visit my friend's website, for low carb, low sugar recipes that will inspire you. Vanessa has created a recipe for Banana Chai Seed Pudding that is great, but since I am a chocolate freak, I needed more... Hence, the Chocolate Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Banana Pudding. A little more to it to thicken it up, but worth the extra effort for this very nutritious and amazingly tasty number.

Happy Healthy Slaw

Up the ante to a traditional slaw. Vegetarian recipe that could easily include more protein by adding more chia, hemp and sunflower seeds or even sprinkle in some rice or pea protein.

If you happen to be an omnivore, add some shredded chicken or pork to be a potluck salad.

Mediterranean All Whites Egg Scramble (GFCF*)

This nutrient dense breakfast/brunch is very tasty and filling. *Using goat's milk/cheese instead of cow's milk allows this to be A-Okay for my son that has an intolerance to Casein.

Pumped Up Oats

A hot bowl of oatmeal definitely falls into the "comfort foods" category, but the carb overload can make your morning move slow. This version will provides more protein than net carbs, tastes scrumptious, all while keeping you satisfied for hours!

21st Century Chicken and Vegetable Soup

I am on a Kale Kick and wanted to make a soup with the Kale as the primary ingredient, BUT, I felt compelled to try to disguise the taste as the rest of the family is not yet as inspired as I am. Kale has more calcium per calorie over milk, more iron per calorie over beef, it offers essential omega fats and a decent amount of fiber. I am sure I am not the first to come up with this combination of ingredients, but after the flavor being so successful with my family, I felt compelled to share!

6 Up

Six Natural Ingredients combined to offer a refreshing and healthy alternative to Lemon-Lime Soda.

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The Most Important Meal of the Day
Somehow, someway, breakfast go-to choices have become the worst options to start fueling our bodies in the morning. My collection of morning meal choices will have a worthy amount of protein (body power), healthy fats (brain power), plus nutrient dense & fiber rich carbs (satiate power).
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