Recipes I've Shared:

Brown rice tabouli (1 serving=1 cup)

This is a low-fat, tabouli-inspired version of my standard grain salad.

Hearty Red Lentil and Veggie Stew (vegan, low-fat)

Red lentils turn an amber color when they are cooked.

Tandoori tofu

Adapted from 30 Low-fat Vegetarian Meals in 30 Minutes, by Faye Levy

Farro salad (also good with any cooked grain)

This is my basic template for grain salad. You can use any oil (I usually use my best olive oil). You can use any acid (lemon juice, lime juice, any kind of vinegar). Mix and match! I often add other chopped veggies to it, as well, but for sure I always include tomatoes and either onions or scallions.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Root Vegetable Minestrone (vegan, no added fat, per 2-cup serving)

This makes a big pot of soup. Leave out the beans and pasta and you've got a nice simple root-veggie soup. If you're not vegan, feel free to use chicken stock, and/or add some freshly grated Parmesan at the end. It's also really good if the veggies are sauteed in olive oil first, but this is a fat-free version.

Tart cherry pie

You can do this from scratch by using fresh sour cherries, but I used frozen.

Autumn Brown Rice Salad

You can change up the nuts and fruits/veggies in this. Cashews are good, as are pomegranate seeds and cubes of roasted winter squash.

Vegan rich mushroom gravy

This is so good that people have told me they find it hard to believe it's vegan. But be patient -- it's not much work, but there's some waiting in the middle there, and it's not as good if you don't wait the whole time.

Basic dressing/stuffing

This is basically how my mom makes stuffing, except she uses butter, and the stock from whatever bird she's making. I used homemade vegetable stock and extra-virgin olive oil.

Roasted Beet Hummus, per half cup

Love the blood-red color on this healthy snack. It's not technically hummus because of the lack of tahini, but it's good anyway, and lower in fat.