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Ranch dressing

Friend gave me recipe, and it's our go-to dressing for veggies & salads. Kids & adults love it!

Honey, Peanut & Oat Bars

Easy, natural and kids love it!Servings are small but pack a lot of energy and are very filling. Great for hikes and camping.

Simply Lentils

This is a basic lentil recipe. Nothing fancy - just a tasty yet simple way to cook them to eat as a side dish, or to add to another dish. You can eat them as they are, or add seasonings to give them a specific sway. Seasonings added will vary depending on what I am making at the time. This pairs very well with rice, vegetables, sauces, chicken, fish, etc.

Oven Baked Country Style Ribs (marinated, rubbed & BBQ'd)

I've always loved Country Style ribs - they're cheap and tasty. Have always cooked them in the crock pot or oven, roasting in their own fat juices with great success; However, I wanted to find a way to cook them and let the fat drip off. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!

Roasted Carrots & Sweet Red Peppers with Cilantro

We've loved oven roasted carrots for years. The other night felt like jazzing them up to go with the fajitas I was making, and these carrots were a huge success. Must use the sweet red or yellow pepper, not green. Also, this is a very colorful dish and looks pretty set on the table. I should have taken a picture, but they're all gone now! Next time I make it I'll take a pic and add to this recipe. The flavors of these carrots are sweet and subtle and should pair well with a variety of main dishes.

Cheese & Onion Potato Cakes (from leftover mashed potatoes)

We love these for breakfast. 1/2 cup patty doesn't sound like much, but it is very filling and satisfying alongside some eggs, turkey or fruit, etc. The green onion is optional, but creates it's own delicious flavor paired with the sharp cheese. Hope you enjoy!

Tortilla Pizza w/salad topping

We've made several variations of this such as blt, chicken & garlic w/pesto, etc. It's a family favorite. Especially fun for the kids to make their own. They get nice and crispy with no added oil. We've used white tortillas, but the whole wheat ones make the best crust. The salad topping may sound strange, but it really adds flavor to the whole thing.

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Dressings, sauces, etc.