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Taco Soup

Super easy and quick!

Blue Apron White Pizza with Baked Eggs and Arugula-Brussels Sprout Salad

This white (tomato sauce-less) pizza is full of unexpected flavor. We’re topping it with fresh mozzarella and ricotta—and eggs, which bake into a silky, sunny side-up delight (a preparation known as “alla Bismark”). Served as a garnish, a crisp salad of peppery arugula and Brussels sprouts cuts the richness of the pizza. But what really makes every slice pop is Meyer lemon, a sweet-tasting relative of the common lemon. You’ll use it to season the ricotta and dress the salad, infusing the dish with delicious brightness.

Blue Apron Korean Tteok and Spicy Pork Ragu

Korean tteok, or chewy, steamed rice cakes, can be prepared in countless ways. They can star in gourmet dishes served at celebrations, or in simpler ones enjoyed as daily comfort food. In this recipe, we’re using tteok just like pasta. After boiling the rice cakes until tender, we’re tossing them with a Korean-style “ragù” of ground pork simmered in an aromatic, spiced sauce. With tender baby bok choy, this uniquely flavorful meal is perfect for any occasion.

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