Recipes I've Shared:

Avocado Brownies

These are so rich & chocolatey.

Squash Casserole

Great way to use up the excess squash

Brown rice & apple crisp

A yummy dessert or breakfast treat.

Roasted egglplant & red pepper marinara

Rachael Ray s Recipe: Served over spaghetti squash makes this an all vegetable meal. Yummy!

Dark Chocolate tofu mousse

You'll never know the difference!

Quinoa with Raisins

Yummy dessert-like breakfast treat.

Rum Cake

A sugar free version of a yummy cake

Zucchini & tomato tart

Great way to use up zucchini & basil from the garden.

Vegetables a' la Francais'

These are so good you'll think you're eating dessert!

Grilled Squash Medley

Roasted summer vegetables with a touch of olive oil & lemon. Takes time to prepare, but so worth it.

Chicken & black bean salad

Yummy blend of flavors

Cole Slaw, light

No sugar, low fat

Crunchy chicken salad

A sweet & crunchy salad

Bread pudding

Sugar free-low fat

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Vegetable days
Wheat belly
South Beach
Whole wheat