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Recipes I've Shared:

Green Beans

The basic way I make green beans for my family

Beef Stew with Lentils

I took my traditional beef stew and substituted lentils for the potatoes in an attempt to get some added nutrients :) End result- we loved it, and so did our 2 yo. Oh, and much easier than cutting up all those potatoes!

Messed up and Rescued Amish Sweet Bread

Yep, I got one of those starters and on Day 10 completely messed it up and ended up having to bake all of it! Don't ask, only me on a bad day could do this! lol Good news is it still tasted incredible...bad news, it tastes incredible and I have about 4 loaves worth sitting on my counter making the entire house smell incredible!

Healthier Baked Ziti- Sort of!

Original recipe came from, Low Fat Baked Ziti With Spinach.
I modified it to be quicker and easier, added shredded chicken for more protein, and used noodles I had on hand instead of Ziti noodles. Everyone loved it and 2 of the kids had seconds, so I guess I didn't screw it up! Yay! I love being able to get good nutrients into them, and they didn't even know it had spinach in it until they were into their 2nd helping and I told them how healthy it was!

Chorizo and Egg scramble

very basic, could easily make additions like onions, peppers, cheese, etc.

Very Good (1 rating)
Whole Wheat Banana Bread

taken from
Can be made as muffins too

Tuna Broccoli Casserole

My own twist on a Spark recipe for a little extra nutrition and flavor preference

Cabbage and Carrots on the Grill

Made by a friend of mine so the recipe is an approximation

Maple-Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Taken from with slight substitutions to make it a little skinnier :)

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie

Take off of another spark recipe, made to be a protein booster.

Crock Pot Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Cook overnight and it's ready when you get up in the morning!

Smothered Steak

Excellent, easy crock pot dinner. We serve over rice but, is great with mashed potatoes too!

Sweet N Easy Sloppy Joes

Slightly changed from recipe on

Mini Fruit Salad

These are just my favorite fruits, and the ones I can eat fresh due to allergies. You can make this with just about any combination of your favorite fruits though, of course it will change the nutritional values a bit :)
Always a hit at summer gatherings!

Unstuffed Peppers with Jasmine Rice

I never make a recipe exactly the way I find it. This is take from a recipe on called Stuffed Peppers W Jasmine Rice. I am the only one that eats peppers in my family, so it suits us better to cut them in strips instead of stuff the rice inside each pepper. I also improvise with what I have on hand a lot.

Crock Pot Italian Roast Beef for sandwiches

If you have ever been to the Chicago area and had an Italian Roast beef sandwich you know you just can't get something like that in most areas! This recipe comes the closest I've found to that taste. Only real difference is the shredded roast beef instead of shaved.

Bahama Mama Chicken Marinade

Taken from

Veggies on the grill

This is another recipe that you can add to or take away whatever you like to fit your taste.

Pineapple cake

recipe from
This recipe was for making cupcakes but, I was short on time and cupcake holders so I made it a 9x13 cake.
Pros- Still yummy!
cons- too gooey to cut, just spoon it out! lol
Probably should have just stuck to cupcakes but, I like to experiment so I will try less pineapple or juice next time or maybe add a pudding mix packet to it and try to make the cake a little more dense.

Fruit Salad

This is a great recipe in the summer when fresh fruits are cheap! Actually, you can add or remove anything you want to make it what you want, anything goes!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sweet and Smoky Hamburgers

For those with a hearty appetite! Might be best on a splurge day too!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Fat Free Yogurt Fruit Dip

Great for all your favorite fruits!

Homemade Chicken Tenders

Retrieved from

Baked Banana

Retrieved from

Italian Margarita

Best Margarita ever! not so diet friendly, but oh so good! Don't even taste kind of margarita!