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Recipes I've Shared:

Whole Wheat Banana Muffins

adapted from 'Joy of Cooking'

Very Good (5 ratings)
Southwestern Chicken Stew

a quick and easy Mexican stylre crockpot dinner!

Easy Shrimp StirFry

This is so quick & so easy... it's quicker than running over to the local fast food joint... and SO good for you!

Chicken Fajitas

...a quick, tasty very low fat and healthy alternative to the fast food takeout version. Serve on lowfat flour tortillas or over brown rice & sprinkle with cheese (not included in the nutrition values)

Sherle's Lowfat Burritos

You gotta try this great tasting lowfat version of a Mexican favorite!

Cucumber Salad, really LIGHT

Made the way my mom made it when i was a kid - only with Miracle Whip Light. Just veggies and mayo; cucumbers release enough liquid to create the perfect salad dressing!

egg,sausage & asparagus

With toast, makes a great light brunch

Ham Sandwich

just a good ol' ham sandwich!

Asparagus & EggBeaters

my dad used to go hunting asparagus along the roadside in the springtime. He always used some of it to cook up with eggs for a special breakfast or as a side item at dinner. Use real eggs and add 50 calories if you wish. It's DELICIOUS!

stovetop with onion and celery

veggies and smart start oleo make your favorite dressing a bit more healthy.

Jello with Strawberries and Banana

a delicious and almost 'free' dessert

Southwestern Breakfast Sandwich Lite

seems i'm eating more eggs than the recommended amount per week. i love my breakfast sandwich and it's so easy... so here it is with EggBeaters!

french toast... sherle's southwestern style

~a quick and nutritious breakfast for one. I don't like sweetened eggs but i LOVE french toast! Here it is with a southwestern flavor.

Meat for 4 Mexican meals for One

Cooking for one? This is enough for 4 meals! Make tacos one day, taco salad another, serve over brown rice, or even freeze individually for another day!

Southwestern Omelet Lite

Try this omelet for a taste of the southwest... and a satisfying breakfast! Try it with your favorite salsa.

Fish Sandwich

I cook extra fish so i can have this sandwich the next day.

Blueberry Delight

Too thick to drink through a straw, this treat turned out to be a special delight!

Baked Fiesta Tilapia

...add a bit of zip with red pepper flakes

Very Good (1 rating)
zesty breakfast burrito

In the mood for a zippy flavored breakfast? This started out as one burrito but i had so much filling i made two of them with it. If you only want one, save the other one for tomorrow like i did!

Quick Shrimp Stirfry

Quicker than take-out and healthier too!

Southwestern French Toast for one

Here's a 10 minute breakfast for folks like me who really do NOT like sugar on their eggs...

Very Good (1 rating)
Sherle's Breakfast Burrito

Great lowfat version of one of my breakfast favorites. It's quick and easy! Serves 1, but make as many as you have for breakfast.

Soft Tacos for Two

...or in my case, 2 meals for me. When i buy lean ground beef i cook some of it with onions, drain any grease, and freeze in 1 cup quantities for use in future meals. Tacos are one of my favorites.

Beefy Spaghetti Sauce

It's so good... serve with spaghetti squash for a great low calorie Italian dish. Sprinkle with parmesan & serve with a big salad! Magnifico!!!

Very Good (52 ratings)
Meatloaf with Applesauce

I prepare in small loaves so i can freeze individual loaves for later. The applesauce lightens the meatloaf without affecting the flavor or the texture!

Southwestern Meatloaf

Saw a meatloaf with zucchini but i wanted to adjust for Egg Beaters & low calorie bread...

Very Good (15 ratings)
Gramma Maria's Zucchini

Gramma sometimes added fried chicken or pork chops to this dish.

meat loaf

an old family favorite

Simply Goulash

Revised my favorite recipe so i could cook in smaller proportions.

Browned venison & beef

I cook this & freeze in 1 cup portions for later recipes.

Incredible! (1 rating)
peachy pink smoothie

It's what i had in my fridge... whirled it up and it was oh, so good!

lite dressing for cole slaw

needed a real light dressing for cole slaw. didn't have all the ingredients for one i like so i adapted it. here it is.

my coleslaw

good enough for me! can i save these recipes in my box without sharing? we'll see!

Quick 'Spanish' Rice

in a hurry? this is pretty good considering prep time and dietary considerations

Zucchini with MorningStar Farms Sausage Scramble

Adaptation of an old family recipe with one I received in my email.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Healthy Peanut Butter 'n Jam Sandwich extra sugar, no salt, and low calorie bread... all that and it tastes good too! Yummy, my favorite lunch!

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Sherle Cooks
This cookbook is stuff i actually EAT... created so i don't have to figure the nutritional value each & every time i fix it.
Sherle's Friends Cook!
Love is... breaking bread with our friends and family. Will be saving their recipes here in their very own cookbook!
Sherle's Holiday Recipe Collection
Cheers & Happy Holidays! Well okay, i'm just starting but this book WILL grow!
from Sparks - i want to try!
This book includes recipes to downsize or sometimes recalculate or change slightly to my preference.
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