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Beef, Artichokes and Black Eyed Peas Soup

This beefy soup is perfectly flavored with artichokes and tomatoes. For people doing Weight Watchers, all ingredients except beef are zero points, so each serving is just 2 points. It can also be made with just one pound of beef and then is just one points for a serving.

If your ingredients include salt, decrease or omit the added salt. You can always add if needed when serving.

Both versions are extremely satisfying. Since starting to lose weight, I had missed artichoke/spinach dip! I experimented with this recipe and no longer miss that dip! This is better. This also satisfies my steak needs.

Healthier Corn Muffin for 1

Adding pumpkin, flax seed, and blueberries and using small silicone muffin cups makes a ready-made microwave mix makes small portions that can be frozen and reheated.

Soup veggie adds

Prepare tasty vegetables to add to soups or other main dishes.

Kohlrabi Cabbage Chicken Veggie Soup

Low fat, low calorie, low sodium, high protein hearty soup.

Boca Veggie Soup

Get your veggies AND protein in a delicious low sodium, very low fat soup!

Pineapple Flax Applesauce

Get 6 grams fiber, 3 grams protein and healthy vitamin C in a quick, delicious healthy addition to breakfast or a tasty snack. Kids should love this too.

Tomato/Kidney Bean Chicken

As a side dish or a light lunch, this combination is quick, tasty and nutritious, especially on cold winter days or nights.

Lighter Chicken Salad

I put this chicken salad together because the chicken salad that can be purchased is usually very high in calories and fat, and because I crave a specific familiar taste for this dish. I prefer the combination of light and dark meat, so this is the can that says 'White & Dark Chicken' on the label in spite of what the scanned title shows. It also says 97% instead of 98, but the calories match the can.

1-2-3 Microwave Cake with Sugar Free Yellow Cake Mix

Reduced sugar yelllow cake 1-2-3 mix. Combine Cake mixes well and store in airtight container, such as ziplock gallon bag.

Thanksgiving Fruit Salad

You can make this lighter using Cool Whip Free, or just forget the whipped cream altogether and let the flavors blend and complement each other.

Banana Cream Pudding

Ditch the crust and make this pudding that's like pie in an instant!

Breakfast Bread Pudding

21 grams of protein for less than 250 calories

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