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Recipes I've Shared:

Spanish Rice

Quick, easy, filling

German Beef and Noodle

This was a first attempt at anything with German noodles. Have to say it turned out well

Baked Ziti (Party Tray)

This is a classic recipe of mine, only double to feed the masses. Super cheesy and oh so yummy

Mom C's Pizza Burgers

Can't decide between burgers or Pizza... These pizza burgers hit both.

Minestrone Soup

Yummy version of classic Italian Soup. Cheap to make ... Filling ...

Pepper Steak Quesadillas

Packed with protein and super filling, this meal is quick and easy.

3 Bean Crock Pot Chili

Great dish that easy and warm ya from the inside out...

Incredible! (1 rating)
Poor Man Fruit Salad

Canned fruit is much cheaper than fresh. all fruit for this is drained.

Cheesy Wheels

Like mac and cheese but want a different taste... This is a must try.

Incredible! (1 rating)
T's Italian Wedding Soup

This is a classic take on a favorite soup.

Hamburg BBQ

Simple crock pot BBQ can be adjusted for any taste desires.

Pizza Casserole

Pasta and pizza collide for this yummy, filling family favorite.

T's Broccoli/Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Creamy, cheesy... oh so good food

Mom H's Liver and Onions

Different version of liver and onions. Fork tender, Yummy

Incredible! (2 ratings)
One pot Veggie Soup

I love soup, and nothing beats the dampness when it creeps in like a bowl of homemade veggie soup.

Very Good (1 rating)
Big Mouth Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day... Start it with this awesome sandwich, fit for feeding hungry bellies

Momma T's Spicy Venison Chili

Classic chili with a bit of a kick

Kickin Mac and Cheese

Like a bit of spice, try this simple variation of mac and cheese

Chicken Casserole

This is good combo, super tasty and could be adjusted for any family size

Wild Side Triple Decker Egg Sandwich

Okay this sounds so strange to most people but I love it. Sometimes I can even eat the whole thing...

One Pot Chicken and Noodles

In a hurry and have some left over chicken you're not sure what to do with... Quick, Easy and filling meal all in one pot. Plus Simple clean up afterwards...

Deluxe Club Sandwich/ Restaurant Style

A combo of all the classic club meats. Super yummy and super filling

Crock Pot Italian Chicken

Not sure what to make, this perfect combo of meat, potatoes and veggie all in one place.

Shrimp Tortellini Alfredo

This is an interesting combo and surprisingly filling too

Potato Skin Farmer's Omelets

Interesting spin on an awesome breakfast.

Eggplant parm

This simple version of a popular dish and not as many calories as normal.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Honey Nut Tilapia

This is an awesome version of fish. What minimal oil is used still made a decent crisp to coating

Chicken corn rival soup

One of my many favorite soups

French Toast/Sausage Bake

Yummy breakfast dish that can be made for any meal

Coffee: Hot mocha at home

Love a Hot Mocha from your local coffee shop, but hate the calories. Here's an easy home version that Is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I like to even mix it up a bit and add FF cool whip on top sometimes.

The Busy Tuscan Pasta Salad

This is a very unique spin on pasta salad all the way around. The busy part comes from the different tastes combined.

Baked Garlic Veggie Pizza

Actual crust was Mama Mary's or something like that from Weis Markets. (Mine doesn't carry Boboli , but calories were the same from what I found) This wasn't my normal kind of crust, Not bad over all. Possible make-over in future though and open to suggestions on crusts you've tried and liked.

Spaghetti tuna noddle

favorite of mine and packed with protein

Vatenies (Italian breaded steaks)

This is something my grandmother and my mom made often, You may know them as something else but this what we called them. These little breaded steaks are great and really are a family favorite. It was a bit hard to figure this recipe, just because part of it is a soak for the meat and just discarded, but I kinda guessed at what might be absorbed and added it to the overall calories.

Incredible! (1 rating)
At Home Taco Salads

Yummy. Quick and Easy.

20 Minute Ham BBQ

This is a quick and easy Ham BBQ recipe

Bacon, Eggs and Spaghetti

Seems like a strange combo, but really good for any meal. Filling.

Tomato/Cucumber/Onion Salad

Fresh summer salad. can leave out sugar if want, does save a few calories but my family enjoys it with it added. I would imagine if you use a calorie sugar substitute would still taste the same as well. Will create own juice as sits and chills.

Cherry Angel Delight

This tastes great and for the size, you can enjoy a sweet treat with little guilt

Momma T's Jack

Classic mess in a pan. Always a camping fovorite. Decent protein and can use any spices to make even better

Venison Meatloaf

Yummy classic for the meat and potatoes kinda family

Incredible! (1 rating)
T's Chicken Bake

Easy prep, 9 x 13 pan used. Can be prepped ahead and refrigerated (up to 12 hours).

Oven sandwiches

Quick and Easy. Family Favorite. I've taken to pairing mine with cucumber/tomato/onion Salad.

T's Liver and onions

Liver and Onions like mom makes. Family Favorite.

Chef/Greek Salad... you decide.

My spin on a chef salad/Greek salad that rocks.

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