Recipes I've Shared:

Very Good (3 ratings)
Jason's Shoofly Pie

Yummy! Very molasses-y, and not as unhealthy as a lot of other pies. (Still have to use moderation!)

NOTE: This is my variation on a recipe featured on the Food Network show, "Good Eats"

Jason's Blueberry Smoothie

More tangy than sweet! Loaded with fiber, potassium, and protein. I sometimes use this as a meal replacement if my carbs are good for the day but I need some calories or protein.

Homemade protein bars

MUCH tastier than store bought protein bars!

Jason's Granola Squares

My take on chewy granola squares. Great to throw in a bag for a long hike or bike ride!

Jason's Tangy Oatmeal

The buttermilk gives it a nice savory taste, and the almonds add a dose of healthy fats. Lots of potassium, whole grain carbs, and protein. Makes one large or two small servings.