Recipes I've Shared:

Very Good (3 ratings)
Jason's Shoofly Pie

Yummy! Very molasses-y, and not as unhealthy as a lot of other pies. (Still have to use moderation!)

NOTE: This is my variation on a recipe featured on the Food Network show, "Good Eats"

Jason's Blueberry Smoothie

More tangy than sweet! Loaded with fiber, potassium, and protein. I sometimes use this as a meal replacement if my carbs are good for the day but I need some calories or protein.

Homemade protein bars

MUCH tastier than store bought protein bars!

Jason's Granola Squares

My take on chewy granola squares. Great to throw in a bag for a long hike or bike ride!

Jason's Tangy Oatmeal

The buttermilk gives it a nice savory taste, and the almonds add a dose of healthy fats. Lots of potassium, whole grain carbs, and protein. Makes one large or two small servings.

Gritty Polenta

Kinda grits, kinda polenta.

Jason's quick 'n easy beans and rice

It's not the same as the from-scratch version, but you can whip it up in no time.