Recipes I've Shared:

Easy dukan garlic bread

tastes amazing

Dukan pp surimi pie

Adapted by

100 calorie "halwa"

so healthy, thm friendly

Low carb ham bread

low calorie, low fat

so skinny zucchini muffins

low cal, low fat, low carb, sugar free

THM kinder bueno

low carb very low fat

Protein chocolate syrup

low carb low fat sugar free and YUM

Clean pie crust

low cal, low fat, sugar free...

thm choco mousse

fp, ridiculously easy

Easy healthy muffins

grain free, fat free, sugar free, low cal

Clean eating carrot cake

moist, low calorie, low fat, sugar free!

Protein cake

low calorie, low fat, sugar free, clean eating

Individual protein greek pizza

low carb, low fat, sugar free, 100% guilt free

Dukan pp "rice"

no shirataki here, no weird ingredients

skinny sweet rolls

low carb, low fat, low sugar


Healthy cocoa cakes

low cal low fat high protein

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Low carb chocolate donut

low fat, sugar free

Heathified greek semolina cake

low calorie, low fat, sugar free... and syruped! oh yes

Skinny greek yogurt cake wheat free

high protein, low cal. low fat

Low carb "rice"

Not another cauliflower dish!

Low calorie soup for one

Adapted by

Protein skinny crust

Low calorie, low fat, sugar free

Skinny healthy sweet pie base

sugar free, high protein, high fiber

Skinny pizza for one

Low fat, low calorie, keto friendly

Low carb individual cocoa mousse

low calorie, low fat, sugar free

Sugar free oatmeal milk pie

something between a cake and a cheesecake...

Filling soup

low calorie low fat

THE skinny "nutella"

everything low AND high protein


low carb "unhealthy" healthy snack

skinny pizza

eat the whole thing for 250 kcal

Lazy and skinny protein balls

low fat, low carb, low cal, high protein

Clean feta pie

Just improvised and... it's great

The 400 calorie apple pie

Yes, for the whole pie

Skinny nacho cheese sauce

120 calorie for the whole recipe... really

Veggie bread

This is NOT my recipe and I claim NO CREDIT! Visit
veggie-bread-gluten-free-whole-grain/ for the original and many more yummy recipes

Zero carb mousse

for Dukan- omit jam!

healthy bread

fat free and packed with protein

The healthiest raisin rolls ever

great for a power breakfast

Healthy low carb cheese pizza

For two or for one very hungry person

Low calorie multi-purpose dough

Use for pizza, calzone, flatbreads, cookies...

Low carb banana muffin

sugar free and fat free too

No cook low calorie protein mousse

Also gluten/ carb / fat / sugar free

The 20 calorie dukan cookie

Dukan recipe by
oquants-vite-faits-bien-faits-1277.html (I do not take any credits) because there are some recipes you NEED to share

Fat free protein cheesecake

Adapted by

No carb Zucchini cottage cheese mini muffins

Great for a healthy breakfast or snack

I adapted the great recipe:

Protein flourless chicken pie

Inspired by

Good for you casserole

Low fat, adapted largely by the yummy recipe by Carrie Brown, original link

Small batch low cal crackers

very low fat and high protein too

Low fat low carb high protein crepe pie

I used the wrap recipe by

Zucchini egg white gratin

Nounou teleia is a 3% fat sour cream

Low fat sugar free brownies

Adapted by

Incredibly skinny individual mexxican pizza

Low carb, low fat, low sugar, low calorie, low everything

Simple protein coconut bars

Low fat low carb low calorie breakfast

Protein breaksticks

Low fat, low calorie, sugar free and yummy

Low carb high protein pumpkin spice donuts

did I also mention low cal and low fat??

Protein dill flatbread (low fat)

adapted by

Skinny pumpkin pie

Soooo skinny you can eat all at once

Protein pizza with barbeque sauce

Quite low carb and low fat!

Protein bread

Very easy, very low fat, very low carb and low calorie too! Will keep you full forever

Individual skinny chicken pie

Good for you, low calorie, low fat

Dukan pavlova without egg yolks or tolerated

The recipe is not mine- all credits belong to Athina Vouvou

Healthy chicken pie

Adapted by

Dukan cruise very low fat mushroom pie

Adapted by

Low carb high protein very low fat apple pie for one

Adapted by

Healthy, low cal, low carb, low fat green bean lunch omelette

Modified by

Healthy high protein buns

Adapted by

Good for you low fat sugar free low calorie individual gingerbread

modified by

Protein low carb high fiber sugar free cake

Modified by

Skinny low calorie low fat low sugar eastern bread

Healthy sweet bread

Modified by

healthier individual pizza

Inspired by

Protein fiber bread

Heavily adapted by

the healthiest bread ever

dukan friendly modified by

Low fat sugar free whole wheat crackers


Yummy light sandwich

Modified by


Greek style pastrami pie