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Garlic Walnut Dip or Spread

Use this as a dip or a spread. Use more or less garlic - it should taste strongly of garlic. You can use any stock or even water as the liquid

callebaut chocolate truffles 1x1x.5"

bittersweet chocolate & cream - no extra sugar. Chilled & cut into 1" squares. calories approx.

Brown Butter Butternut

Browning the butter first lets you use less butter for more flavor. No sweeteners makes it a nice change from most squash recipes. Add the pepper at the last minute for maximum impact.

chicken pesto salad

stuff a tomato or add to lettuce

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

recipes that don't contain a can of soup
many recipes call for combining 4-5 already processed foods, then heating them up. This cookbook tries to contain recipes that don't do that. For instance, using fresh or dried mushrooms and milk, instead of canned soup, with all it's gums, preservatives and thickeners.