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Don's stuffed mushroomms

These can be made with either Italian or breakfast sausage We like them with Humus, Pita bread and tabbouleh. or Pico de Gallo

Dons depression era wakey cake

This is my old recipe tweaked for today. I have been eating this for 70 years. My measurements are for me. The actual recipe calls for 1/3 c oil, + 1Tbs. ! tsp vanilla 1/2tsp salt and 1 tsp baking soda. The rest is same. I also like to grate up a cup of carrots and use nuts in it sometimes raisins but if'n ya do add 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice in addition to others. chunky apple sauce is great. This is for an 8x8 inch pan double it for a 9x13

Dons pea soup

1 lb. whole dried peas and 1 Lb. split peas

Don's garden salad king

This is what I make for a salad, topped with chicken, grilled or steak grilled. I sprout my own mung beans

Don's Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

The values provided are for 1 medium avocado which is 1 cup sliced The values given are for 1 small onion quartered. I use 9 cloves of Garlic, FRESH not in a jar 1 or 2 Jalapeno peppers Juice of 2 limes or 2 1/2 TB key-lime juice cilantro, salt, and pepper to taste, cayenne optional garlic cloves as you want to taste

Don's chicken stew/soup

This is how I make it.

rocking green quacamole

Adapted from a compilation of different recipes

Don's lentil and ham soup

Soup I make a lot as we all like it

Don's tuna noodle cassarole

Don's tuna noodle casserole, Don's way

Don's Breakfast corn muffins

Basic corn muffin with correct nutritional values. Sometimes I add 1/4 c of sunflower seeds or chia or walnuts or chopped almonds

Don's Banana bread without fat

The original recipe calls for all purpose flour, 3/4c Splenda and 1c banana and 1 1/4 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp baking soda, no salt, no nuts and 1/4c apple sauce. I liked this version below better. Also can add 1/3c raisins.

Garlic ginger paste

Used to season meats and as a seasoning for hot oil in wok before stir-frying meats or veggies

Don's ginger garlic paste for chicken, beef and pork stir fry

seasoning mix: garlic/ginger/turmeric is used to marinate chicken, or to season the wok and the oil for stir-frying. Keep garlic 1, grated ginger 1/2, turmeric, 1/4 ratio. Simple ginger paste is 2 garlic to one ginger both of these are generally kept in safflower oil as a preservative and used a tb to season a wok to cook.

Don's Guacamole

Some of the nutrient values here are low for the veggies vitamin A, C , potassium, especially. I use this a lot to sub for mayo in a sandwich

Don's spicy sweet & tart Cole slaw

Like KFC Cole slaw, the old Cole slaw with peppers. only I use Jalapenos finely diced. Peppers are optional.

Don's Boston Baked Beans

This recipe came from my grandmother to my mother to me and I've used it for 65 years

Don's black bean chili

Filling for taco, black bean chili, or add flour tortillas and bake 15 min at 375

Chicken and rice soup with tomato and onion

I use no added salt, I use cayenne pepper as it makes the flavors jump out I use salt free bouillon to flavor the soup broth.

Don's potato salad

This is me tracking my recipe

Thai Fresh Spring Rolls, 'Pa Pia Sod' Thai recipe from internet a long time ago

Fresh rolls are healthy and delicious, and the fruity tamarind sauce adds super flavor character. Thai-style fresh rolls are called po pia which is a Chinese word, so this is Chinese style which became popular in Thailand. Vietnamese fresh spring rolls are more commonly enjoyed in America, so you might be more familiar with them. This version is typically what you find in Thailand. Don't be afraid to pop them in the microwave and serve warm. Vegetarians can easily leave out the pork and shrimp, and use shiitake or other mushroom.
Though we did not use them in this recipe, often bean-thread noodles are added to fresh spring rolls. Just soak for 5-7 minutes, and add a small amount to the mix

Naem , Northeast Thai sour sausage

Use fresh garlic only not bottled or powder very important . This allows fermentation and makes it safe. This usually wrapped in banana leaves but I use plastic wrap squares the size of egg roll wrappers and this works well also. You also need a large plastic storage bowl with a lid.

Don's Chinese, Egg Drop Soup, lower sodium 8 fluid oz

This is better than most Chinese restaurants, definitely much lower in sodium and simple to make. This is an excellent source of potassium and 10. g fiber Lot's of good stuff. These eaten with a couple Thai spring rolls (another recipe I have here) are a great lunch or dinner. Not many calories and sure filling.

Don's Rice pudding custard

This is rice pudding with about an inch of custard on top. This is made the old fashioned way except subbing brown for white rice, all real. Subs can be used but I don't know how it will be.

Donn1zyf"s spicy Gumbo, sausage and shrimp

The hot peppers are optional, I use a dozen or so scotch bonnet or habanero, Bhut when in season (if they grow) I like it hot. For no heat leave out the peppers. Try to add at least a jalapeno as it brings out the flavors. I eat this over brown rice, even though it has rice in it.

Don's Cole slaw

I have been making it this way about 50 years no one has ever complained. You can leave out the salt and allow to mature for several hours before serving, and sugar subs also work well or just use the real thing. The count here uses all regular products no sugar or salt subs and 2% milk. Feel free to substitute for ingredients you need to limit in your diet. I have made this using sugar and salt subs and with no salt or sub added with; it's all good just prepare it and let it set longer - if allowed, this is very well received. This last time I prepared it exactly as recorded and this is exactly what the ingredient nutrition values represent.

Val's guacamole

Good side dish or dip for veggies or chips

Don's venison beef stew with tomatoes

Just a soup I make needed correct nutrition analysis

Val's coleslaw Donn1zyf

Simple country coleslaw with correct values for nutrients. BTW the carrots are shredded not chopped.

Salmon Patties Donn1zyf

Simple salmon patties, serve plain or with white gravy. Gravy is NOT
included in nutrition data

Chicken noodle soup, donn1zyf style

Not yo mommas. I use this for cold busting. only add 1 tsp for cooking the other 2 go in your bowl to heat it up. Enough red pepper will bust your sinus congestion. Chicken soup is good to boost immune system so I have read. This tastes good without the added 2 tsp of red pepper. Follow directions in order. Other veggies can be added to soup but I have not accounted for them in nutritional breakdown. Broccoli, green beans, peas and corn can all go in if you like it.

pork and noodle soup

I use my odd noodles to make this and pork but I also make it with leftover meats I used pork here canned and used the USDA nutrition information from the USDA. I use Bulgar or quinoa and with beef I like barley. It is the process which makes it good. rinsed beans or chickpeas can also be tossed in, they taste good and raise the fiber.

Don's Chopsuey

This is my chopsuey serves 8-10 people

Dons carrot salad

simple carrot salad

Don's red beans with onion and cayenne pepper

My Suarts shelled bean replacement as Suarts shelled beans aren't sold here. This can be garnished with a dollop of sour cream or/and shredded cheese of your choice. It's best witha dollop of butter I think. This is good with cornbread, or over brown rice. NOW none of the garnishments are included in cal/ nutrition tracking for this recipe so you'll have to figure this out.

Turkey macaroni soup

Hardy soup for cold days. Values are added,for recipe only bu8t you can add reds bulgur, quinoa , noodles or use chicken instead of turkey. I often add brown rice or diced potatoes.

salsa dipping for chips

this is better than most restaurants serve. You can use fire roasted tomatoes and a can of chili ready tomatoes by kroger as a sub for tomatoes canned tomatoes ripe..... I often do.

lentil soup with potatoes, bulgur, Ham and tomatoes

This lentil soup recipe makes a lot. For best flavor sprinkle on cayenne pepper for a garnish in an amount you feel tastes best. You can also garnish with a dollop of sour cream or greek plain yogurt if you desire or 2 tsp lemon juice. I do not; I like it with hot peppers only (copious amounts). Get the full nutritional break down on the soup only and you'll agree this is healthy; however it is also very good tasting with many textures and tastes. I like mine with whole grain rye bread and caraway seeds, the sharper the better or pumpernickel bread and brushed with homemade butter. This turns out very thick ( you can water or bullion it for more broth)

Som-tom Thai

Hot or mild depending on how many and kind of peppers used, thus is the national salad of Thailand with about as many ways to make it as chili in Texas. Usually eaten with sticky rice.

Don's Turkey gravy

best when you use broth from baked turkey about 3 or four cups

stuffing for turkey breasst

basic German stuffing for poultry

Don's oriental fried chicken breast pieces

You'll need oil to fry this. This has a light, crispy coating of corn starch which doesn't absorb much of the cooking oil

Egg Drop Soup Val's choice

My wife loves egg drop soup; I'll eat it. This recipe contains mushrooms chopped up and sometimes seaweed or chopped baby bok choy what ever I'm in the mood for. Mushroom bits and pieces go best. This goes great with spring rolls, The Thai kind.

Don's rolled stuffed cabbage

This is how I make my stuffed peppers Sometimes if I do not have a desire for rice I'll use bulgur wheat - cooked partially

lental soup slumgullian frig cleaner

Left over soup using lentils, bulgur and brown rice with left over ham
drippings which have been refrigerated and fat removed. This soup packs a punch and cleans out the frig. I make it on a Sunday and have it for lunch 'till it's gone. I mix it in a bowl with a teaspoon or two of ground cayenne as my wife doesn't like hot stuff. BTW ya can put any veggies which are left over including corn broccoli peas or lima beans which I do.

Thai chix, beef, pork, shrimp or fish balls

Though I mostly use chix breast; this recipe can be used to make any meat ball, The balls should be 1/2 to 3/4 in diameter. These are great bbq'd especially with Meploy hot and sweet sauce. I make my own hot and sweet sauce. May be served as snack or in sauce. Commonly used in Thai noodle (PHO) soup which GI's dubbed monkey ball soup. I also add about a tsp of lemon grass from the tube sometimes (Kroger sells it) gives it a wonderful tang

Don's favorite bulgar delite

Filling tastes good and stays with you lot's of bang for the buck in nutrition and fiber. Low fat, low sodium. Not boring and can be tweaked to suit your tastes

Don's stuffed green peppers

Hardy stuffed green peppers a meal in a edible shell

Don's seafood corn chowder with bulgar

Basic new England Fish chowder with corn and potato, some bulgur added to give fiber. Good with some tweaking to your taste and fresh baked sourdough bread.