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easy white bean tomato dip / spread

Vegan low-fat high-fiber spread with a little protein that comes together really quickly when you need a snack. I usually have it on baked corn tortillas or bread and top it with some chopped hot peppers & olives.

Pumpkin Peanut Soup - vegan, inspired by Williamsburg

I'm still testing this recipe so please feel free to take the seasonings with a grain of salt.

Mixed Lentil Soup

Feel free to use a mix of lentils. I used 1c brown and 2c red and it came out really well. My DH likes soup with "lots of stuff in it" to add texture and colors, so I had to find a way to jazz up regular lentil soup. Yes, it's a little higher in sodium than I would have liked. However, it is about half of a canned soup and my DH says it's way too tasteless with less salt. Hope you enjoy it too.

Black Bean Soup - fat free and low sodium

I tried to find a low-sodium black bean soup that was really easy and I couldn't find a recipe... so I made this! It doesn't have a lot of complexity of flavors but it's low calories, low sodium, high protein and fiber! If you want to add flavor, you could saute some onions and garlic in a little oil before adding them along with the rest of the veggies etc in step 2. You could also add a little vinegar for bite without salt. When I have it I will add a big handful of chopped kale before heating each serving. (but that's not included in the nutritional info here)

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Decadent vegan black olive, walnut, and garlic tapenade

This is decadent, use with lots of veggies and in moderation. Toss with hot pasta instead of pesto, try it as an elegant and rich spread on whole grain crackers, thinly spread on bread instead of mayo for a lush addition to a sandwich, or crumble on a vegan pizza as a rich topping instead of the standard cheese. Add hot pepper to taste (be careful if you plan on cooking the mixture later because the heat seems to concentrate) or a fresh herb if you have it... basil is nice but I bet thyme or marjoram would be great too.

Notice that the ratio is 1 to 1 to 1/10th for the olives, walnuts, and garlic respectively. I know weights are more accurate so I went with them here but feel free to experiment. I remembered this "recipe" from a Moosewood cookbook.that I used to have a long time ago... I'm not sure if I changed it or not.

mushrooms in easy cream sauce

I adapted this recipe from one by Nava Atlas (everything she does is great or at least pretty darn good).

Basic Bread

I use it for all kinds of bread, including pizza (2 servings per person for pizza =)

Veg meat loaf

This is a cross-between Coach Nicole's vegetarian meat loaf and a Moosewood Restaurant pate recipe that I happened to remember.

Faux Tuna Salad for a party or main dish

Four grams of fiber and five grams of protein in every serving... this is a nice summer dinner too if you serve it on toasted English muffins as elegant open-faced sandwiches!

burger crumble burgers 1

This is what I had in my frig... but I bet you could add a lot of other ingredients with great success (just add another egg to hold it together).

Healthier Egg Drop Soup

I've seen many recipes for this, but this is how I make it for myself.

Vegetarian "Chicken" and Cheese Enchiladas

I use Quorn cutlets because they have great flavor and the best digested protein. Plus there's no plastic packaging! Watch the sodium though... if you can find low-sodium tortillas by all means, use them. Serve with low-sodium fresh salsa.

Quick Veggie BLT for one

I use the BacOs to make it vegetarian and Smart Balance for the omega-3's but feel free to use what you like. (Or, since we're all here to improve our habits, that you *want* to get used to liking!)

another oreo cream dessert

I basically just wanted to get some yogurt into the mix...

Very Good (1 rating)
Souffle baked in bowls

Quick, low-fat, vegetarian breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Add soup or salad and fruit to make a meal. Calculated without any additional salt.

creamy tofu with mushrooms

like stroganoff but better

"ricotta" pie with lemon mushroom sauce

this is an attempt to replicate a great entree from a little restaurant in Evanston IL

artichoke pizza

good warm or cold

Easy Sweet Potato Cobbler

adapted from a recipe on, it's still crazy high in carbs but think of it as an easy sub for pumpkin pie

Spinach, Cheese, and Red Pepper Strata

slow cooker recipe adapted from, now the saturated fat is only 4g per serving and sodium is reasonable

creamy broccoli soup w bacon bits

eggs thicken instead of fake cream or white flour

pinto Soyrizo Corn soup

fast, easy, tasty, filling vegan meal in a bowl

Very Good (3 ratings)
Crustless Quiche with spicy black beans

Zesty black beans make this egg dish something you'll really look forward to serving anytime.

Crustless Quiche with spicy black beans

Zesty black beans make this egg dish something you'll really look forward to serving anytime.

spinach shroom quiche

Nice brunch for you and your honey that you can make up the night before and just pop in the oven.

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