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Vegan smoky macaroni and "cheez"

I modified a cheez sauce recipe that I've seen, added it to cooked whole wheat rotini pasta, and made easily the best mac and cheez ever. Vegan tastes delicious and feels right.

Crock pot teriyaki mushroom black bean soup

This is one of those dishes where you can have seconds, and not feel guilty for it.

Curried Vegetables with Thai curry and peanut sauce

This is one of those "It's almost the end of the month and there are four more days until payday, so let's use what we've got and hope for the best" recipes.

Rich vegan onion, lentil, mushroom soup

I LOVE onion soup. It is one of my all time favorites. I also am doing my best to do this vegan thing, more for the sake of animals, so I figured out how to do a really tasty onion soup by using mushrooms for richness, and molasses to speed up the caramelization process for the onions. Because protein is an important part of any diet, I used lentils. This is what happened.

Vegan spiced oatmeal flax breakfast bar

I am trying to make snacks for my (picky, SPD, HF ASD) kids, rather than buy them, and trusting the list of ingredients. Because of personal convictions, I am working at cutting out all animal products from our diet, which in the long run also benefits our health. I made these, and...they got the SPD kids' seal of approval. I now pass this on to you!

Two bean Vegan chili

Delicious. Hearty. A full meal with no meat, and all the flavor.

Savory curried pancake with sauteed onion and peppers

Not vegan, but you can substitute non-dairy ingredients like olive oil in place of butter and unsweetened soy or nut milk in place of 2% and skip the egg yolks altogether. High in protein and pretty darn tasty. Top also with sour cream or plain yogurt and sriracha or some other delicious hot sauce.

Super food breakfast biscuits

I LOVE using my Nutribullet to mill my own flours. I use the flours to make healthier baked goods for my kids. When it's nearing the end of the month, and we're running low on groceries, using dry beans and dry whole grains and dry quick oats to make a protein and nutrition packed breakfast biscuit seemed appropriate. They're delicious, with sustainable carbs and protein, to get you through until lunch time.

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