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Recipes I've Shared:

Kale and Chard Salad

Sturdy greens allow you to make salad ahead of time and eat it through out the week.

Oat bran pancakes

High in protein and fiber.

"Lemon Bar" Greek yogurt with high fiber topping

This is my high protein, high fiber, sugar free answer to my craving for lemon bars. Just stir together Crystal Light Lemonade powder with plain greek yogurt and top it with Fiber One Cereal.

Upside Down Apple Pancake ~ Gluten free

For a special Sunday morning. Lots of protein, and SO good.

Protein Pudding

Simple and easy and totally yum.

Grecian Style Stuffed Chicken Breasts

really good low carb recipe for chicken breasts...

Sugar Free Margarita

Tastes like a margarita! - only sugar free. Tastes oh so much better than the pre-mixed sugar free margaritas on the market. Friends who are not on a diet want one, too.

Olive Tapenade

from Core Balance

Scallops with Brandy Cream Sauce

from Bon Appetit December 2005. I doubled the spinach and use less than 1/8 the sauce per serving.

Tandoori Chicken Curry

Simple and good.. Make low carb "rice" out of cauliflower

Breakfast Egg-Turkey-Vegi Strata

Bake in a lasagna pan and cut in 12 pieces - have breakfast ready made in the morning.

Curried Chicken

This recipe is from Jane Brody's Good Food Book. It is wonderful, and it is low in sodium. It makes 4-6 servings. 200 calories if you eat 1/6 of the recipe, and 300 calories if you eat 1/4 of the recipe. The sauce is made of pureed fruits and vegetables. I use S&B Oriental curry powder, which I feel makes a lip smacking difference. Serve with brown rice.

Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes

modified from Drs. Eades - 30 day low carb solution

Caesar salad dressing w/out anchovies

Caesar salad dressing without anchovies. Add parmesan on top of salad - however much you like.

Tuna stuffed Tomato

From Eades Low Carb Diet Solution

Veggie Frittata

from Eades Low Carb Solution - way high in fat.

Very Good (1 rating)
Eggplant Strata

Adapted from Molly Katzen's "Vegetable Heaven" Cookbook

Flat Bread with Rice & Beans

High fiber, omega 3s, low sodium, and gluten free! What more could you ask? It tastes great! It''s easy. In case you are following the Genotype diet, All ingredients are beneficial foods on the "Hunter" genotype diet.

Buffalo Chili with white beans

Yummy and healthy... low in fat and sodium; high in fiber and protein, this is the best chili I have made in a while...

Crab Cakes - Low carb, with no crumbs!

A pure, just crab, cake, held together with just a bit of egg and mayo

Eggplant Baked with Tomato and Mozzarella

When you're craving pizza... a yummy way to get more vegis

Multi grain Flat Bread

made with multi grains and legumes

Very Good (2 ratings)
Cranberry Orange Relish

very lo cal - sweetened with stevia

Green Tomato Chutney, 1 Tbsp per svg

add low sodium pzazz to lentil dal or roast meats without the sodium of store-bought chutneys

Mango Chutney, 2 Tbsp per svg

a sweet-spicy-tangy condiment without the salt! Great with curries, and roast meats

Caesar Salad Dressing

delicious though not low calorie - and no anchovies! You can reduce the calories and the sodium by reducing the amount of parmesan and sprinkle it on top of the salad rather than blending it in.

Curried Pumpkin Apple Soup, 1 cups/svg

Luscious, with a drop of real cream

Curried Confetti Coleslaw

scrumptious and colorful

Morrocan Style Zucchini "Lasagna"

a mega-vegi twist on an old favorite

Very Good (2 ratings)
Apple Oat Pancake

Portable meal, eat like a big cookie

Gumbo Zeb

From Crescent Dragonwagon

Very Good (3 ratings)
Blackberry Whey Smoothie

great for post workout recovery

Spinach Salad with Sundried Tomatoes & Warm Balsamic Dressing

Cooking the sundried tomatoes in balsamic vinegar makes them sweet and chewy

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