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Avocado Corn Salad (Moosewood Cooks at Home)

This versatile salad can be a whole meal when served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and Seasoned Tempeh. It's also delicious as a side dish for burritos, enchiladas, or quesadillas.

Risotto with Green Beans and Pesto (Moosewood Cooks at Home)

A risoto that uses ordinary ingredients with extraodinary results. Jars of pesto are usually available anywhere that Italian specialty foods are sold, or you can make your own (see pgs. 362-363).

Golden Cheddar Cheese Soup (Moosewood Cooks At Home Recipe)

A gorgeously colored soup with a rich, smooth texture. Midly flavored, yet very tasty--agreat soup for kids! This needs a kick to it, so using buttermilk may be the better choice over plain milk. Serve with steamed broccoli or with a fresh mozzarella tomato basil salad (see Moosewood recipe). Moosewood suggests serving this with their Corn Scones)

Black Bean Soup (Moosewood Cooks at Home)

Full-flavored and fortifying. Good. Definately puree 1/2 or more of this before eating.

Gold and Black Bean Salad (Vegan Planet)

Serve as is, or toss with a cup or so of cold rice or other grain and spoon over torn salad greens for a more substantial dish.

Chipotle Cheddar Cheese Broccoli-Cauliflower Bake

Delicious! I found some natural shredded Chipotle Cheddar Cheese with Chipotle Peppers (Bistro Blend) by Sargento at Market Street grocery store, not planning to use it for a recipe. I looked in the fridge and didn't see any Monterrey Jack cheese, so I used the Chipotle Cheddar for this for this, and it tasted great! The original Recipe used 3/4 cup crushed seasoned stuffing instead of the Ritz Crackers, and 1-1/2 cups shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese instead of Cheddar. They also used 1 4 ounce can of chopped green chili peppers. I'm not sure you could substitute a fat-free sour cream for this, but it wouldn't hurt to try if you're watching fat grams.

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