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Recipes I've Shared:

Turkey Zucchini Bake

Perfect for cold weather

Summe Crumble

Perfect way to use up extra fruit.

Sausage and Feta Stuffed Mushrooms

Perfect as a meal or appetizer

Garlic Soup

Perfect way to warm up, also a known hangover cure.

Easy Protein/Fiber Bites

Perfect for a little snack

Oatmeal Cardamom Muffin Tops

Cookies, cakes or muffin tops? You be the judge

Cauliflower Soup

Perfect way to get in your veggies

Fake lasagna

Easy to make and delicious

Beef with Vegetable Stir Fry

Easy, better than take-out stir fry

Lentil and sausage soup

Perfect for cold winter nights

Green Bean Curry

Easy to put together.


Easy to make, best to use 1/2 cup dry beans of each variety, but rinsed canned beans are fine also.

Quick curry for a cold day

Easy to make and filling

Small Batch Chococlate Frosting

Perfect with my small batch vanilla cupcakes. Can frost 6-8 cupcakes

Small batch vanilla cupcakes

It's too easy to over indulge in cupcakes, this recipe is perfect for a family desert or small gathering

Hot Cabbage Soup

Perfect for cold winter nights

Baked Sunday Rabbit

Easy and delicious

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Less time consuming and as delicious.

Mushroom cream with ground beef

Easy to make, enjoy with potatoes, pasta or rice

Creamy cabbage soup

Easy to make on a cold day

Sauteed Mushrooms

Perfect as a side or topping.

Meat loaf

Easy to prepare - use ground turkey instead of pork to save on calories.

Winter harvest soup

Easy to make roasted veggie soup

Winter Veggie Bake

Delicious with whatever's laying around

Better for you potato salad

Easy potato salad made with loads of fresh herbs for tons of flavor

Mushroom ravioli with beef

Better than the boxed stuff

Cauliflower with Bacon and Cabbage

An easy side to make with leftover veggies.

Meatballs (homemade)

Perfect to simmer in your favourite sauce

Leftover's pasta

Easy to make with leftover brats.

Leek and Potato Soup

Light and easy soup for any time of the year

Better Than Take-Out Lo Mein

So easy and SO delicious.

Easy cauliflower and lentil curry

Perfect as a side or main course. Serve with rice or naan

Rustic cherry tart

Easy to make desert bursting with flavor

Simple tomato chicken curry

Very quick, easy and healthy

Recipes I've Rated:

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