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Recipes I've Shared:

Jeanine's Low Fat Taco Salad

This taco salad has all the taste and VERY little fat. Kids love it, too!

Fantastic Pizza Wraps

This is a fantastic, quick, easy, luscious, and healthy way to enjoy the great taste of Pizza without the awful fat and calories. One of my favorites!

Chicken and Mozzella Won Tons

At only 35 calories per serving, these make a healthy snack or addition to any meal!

Lo Cal and Luscious Southern Breakfast Casserole

This is a heart-healthy, stick to your ribs breakfast that wins over even the fussiest eaters.

Olive and veggie spread

Great for sandwiches, pizza and other fillings

Olive and veggie spread

Great for sandwiches, pizza and other fillings

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My Best Soup

This is my favorite soup! I have it at least once a week during cold weather. It is low fat, very filling and children love it, too, so they get the veggies they need! it is packed full of nutrition.

Paula Deen's Low fat Salmon Patties

This is a fast and simple Salmon Patty made low fat by using pam spray and egg substitute.

Low fat Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie

This is a great alternative to the richer Pot Pies in the stores! One Marie Callender pot pie is over 1000 calories! This pot pie is under 400 calories but still rich and delicious! Enjoy

Delicious Hawaiian Pizza

This pizza is so good! It is a little over 600 calories, but a pizza of the same size is normally about 1200 calories--and everything on this pizza is good for you!

You can add the Pineapples either before you bake or when you are ready to serve. I like the pineapples to be cold, so I wait until I'm ready to eat the pizza then add them. I use the heavy syrup ones because I don't use a lot and I want them to really be a sweet "shot" in with the salty.

This pizza isn't dripping in fat, but the taste is great and it is very satisfying. I love it!

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Oven "fried" Mushrooms

I love fried mushrooms, but only six can be over 450 calories--and if I have a dip with them, it is higher! So, instead, I "oven fry" and get the same crunch, flavor and enjoyment without all the calories. My "dip" is 3 tablespoons Duke's light mayo with 1 tablespoon yellow or spicy mustard. They don't look as golden and light as fried--but they are just as tasty and crunchy--and 20, with dip, have 366 calories!

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Bastet2 cookbook
Bastet2 cookbook