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Spicy Protein Shake

The cayenne pepper gives this a great spiciness which is offset by the cherries and the chocolate protein powder.

Coconut Chicken

Great in a slow cooker or on the stove.

Fruit Smoothie with Almond Milk

More protein than a typical fruit smoothie because of the almond milk and the almond butter. Very tasty!

Bechamel (White) Sauce for Pizza

This makes a great alternative to tomato sauce for pizza and can be made with either rice milk or regular milk. If using regular milk you will have to adjust to nutritional information. As well, you'll need to add a bit of sweetner ie. sugar, maple syrup, honey. If you want this sauce to be garlicky, then add a tsp of minced garlic when you are melting the butter.

My favorite toppings for this pizza sauce are stir-fried chicken and broccali or roasted veggies. I usually top it with either mozzarella cheese or goat's cheese.

Multigrain Pizza Dough for Bread Machine

This is one of the best pizza dough recipes I've ever used. It is so easy to make if you use your bread machine, you won't go back to the regular method! Once it's done, I remove it and roll it on to my pans and then pre-bake the doughs for 10 minutes on 300F. I then either freeze them individually or use them right away. Pre-baking reduces your cooking time and makes for a crispier crust. This makes 2 - 16 in. pizza doughs (thin) or 2 thicker 12 ". If you're using your bread machine - it must have a 2 lb capacity.

Pasta e Ceci

This is a great meatless recipe with lots of flavour. It's easy to adapt to smaller amounts but it's so good left over that I usually make the large batch.

Very Good (52 ratings)
Greek Omelet

Quick, easy and super filling, this omelet is a protein-packed breakfast powerhouse!

Very Good (7 ratings)
Green Beans and Hamburger Stew

This a low fat, very filling recipe that's quick and easy to make.

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