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Daddy's Favorite Shake

From Oprah. A health shake my mom found in a March, 2007 copy of First magazine. He drinks it all the time, sometimes even three times a day!

Very Good (7 ratings)
Incredible Banana Bread

A very simple, classic banana bread recipe that my 7 year old makes that gets rave reviews by everyone! *NOTE: HEALTHIER VERSION ALSO POSTED*

Tuna and Fresh Fruit Salad

Here's an easy, delicious lunch recipe I found in my Light Cookbook with a few of my added adjustments. A healthy, light meal that's perfect for a hot day!

Whole Grain Waffles

A protein-packed, fiber-filled, delicious breakfast- what more could you ask for!?! *Based off 'Whole Grain Waffles' from

Jell-O Double Chocolate Mousse

A simply delicious recipe!

Berry Smoothie

A very low calorie smoothie that takes seconds to whip up!

Individual Banana Pancakes

I don't remember where I found this recipe, but Mmmmmm, it's delicious!

Pear and Pecan Pancakes

Serve with sugar free syrup!

Single Serving Blueberry Waffles

Delicious waffles that pack a huge nutritional punch with blueberries and whole wheat!

Very Good (8 ratings)
Spinach, Tomato, and Cheese Egg White Omelet

A quick and easy delicious breakfast! (Adapted from

Very Good (1 rating)
Fall Pumpkin Crispy Waffles

A warm blend of spices in a delightful crispy Belgian waffle.

Incredible Banana Bread- Healthier Version!

I'll warn you, I've never tried this recipe, but it's my healthy substitutions of my all time favorite banana bread recipe (Incredible Banana Bread).

Very Good (22 ratings)
Scrumptious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cottage Cheese

Yes- that says "scrumptious" and "cottage cheese" together. A protein packed, super easy, yet savory snack that will leave you wanting more (at least that's what it did to me)! I'll admit, I was doubtful at first when I found it on 'The Cottage Cheese Page,' but TRY IT, it's well worth it!

White Chocolate Haystacks

An incredible blend of white chocolate and Craisins to make the perfectly portioned snack/indulgence!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Banana Nut Whole Wheat Pancakes/Waffles

A fiber filled DELICIOUS pancake/waffle recipe modified from AllRecipes' Grain and Nut Whole Wheat Pancake recipe.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chocolate Protein Pudding

A delicious, creamy vitamin and protein packed chocolate pudding!

Cucumber Watermelon Salad

A super easy, cool, refreshing salad that's great for summer!

Banana French Toast- 1 serving

From the F-Factor Diet (Stage 2)

Very Good (2 ratings)
Blue Cheese Steak Salad

Great for leftover steak!

Very Good (82 ratings)
Parmesan Baked Tilapia

An easy, low-calorie baked tilapia recipe to throw together for a delicious meal!

Very Good (14 ratings)
Praline Sweet Potato Casserole- Diabetic

A low calorie recipe I found in the Reader's Digest that I adapted to make even healthier- less than 110 calories per serving!!!

Easy As Pie!

A low calorie APPLE PIE alternative that takes less than a minute to prepare!

Classic Toad in the Hole

A complete breakfast- filling, quick, and easy! "Healthified" from 'Toad in the Hole Bake' by Kraft.

Fiber-Friendly Fiber One Muffins- Adapted from Kashi Muffins

A delicious, low-calorie way to get in your fiber. Perfect for breakfast or a snack!

Very Good (7 ratings)

VERY Low calorie elegant-looking, perfectly portioned, HEALTHY cheesecake treats! Easy to make and perfect for parties!

Incredible! (5 ratings)
Pear Blueberry Crisp- Individual Portion

A low calorie dessert to satisfy all of your sweets cravings! Adapted from

Frozen Chocolate "Soufflés"- Adapted from Kraft Kitchens

A healthy twist on yummy chocolate souffles.

Very Good (8 ratings)
Mock Bananas Foster- SUPER low calorie!

A yummy dessert that tasted EXACTLY like bananas foster. My favorite indulgence!

CopyCat IHOP's Harvest Grain & Nut Pancakes

I tried these today at IHOP and they were delicious! This recipe is just modified to be a little healthier.

Easy Peezy Mocha Protein Shake!

Something I threw together when I was craving chocolate! WARNING: For serious chocolate lovers only!

Fiber One Cookies- Adapted from Kashi Cookies

A new way to eat Fiber One and to get your daily serving of fiber! These delectable little treats have less than 60 calories!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Tofu Marinade

A great, REALLY EASY marinade I threw together for tofu. Use it in your favorite stir fry or add some cornstarch and use it as a yummy dip! All the BEST Asian flavors together!

Very Good (2 ratings)
VERY LOW CALORIE Whole Wheat Soymilk Crepes and Filling Ideas

This recipe came from when I was tight on ingredients, but was craving crepes. It's so easy because all of the ingredients are ALWAYS there. Hope you like it!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Blueberry Power Muffins with Almond Streusel- Healthier Version

Adapted from Cooking Light magazine, but with a healthier twist. These muffins still keep all the vitamins and minerals, but just have an overall healthier nutritional value. Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Streusel Tarts- Healthier Version

This is the healthy twist on the Sweet Potato Streusel Tarts from Cooking Light so for less you 50 calories, dig in!

Individual Microwaveable Breakfast Quiche

Only 185.5 calories and can either bake at 350 for 45 minutes or microwave for 1 minute!

Very Good (10 ratings)
Single Serving Microwave Custard

Yummy custard that's definitely worth the wait!

Orange-Banana-Blueberry Tofu Smoothie

The perfect way to get in your carbs and protein in a delicious, healthy shake!

95 Calorie Ginger Muffins- Revised for 78 Calories!

A healthy twist on the original 95 Calorie Ginger Muffins that's absolutely delicious and only 78 calories each! Now packed with protein, fiber, and still that delicious carrot cake taste!

Very Good (7 ratings)
Baked Maple Pears

A delicious healthy snack that so easy to make!

Cinnamon and Raisin Spread

This spread is absolutely perfect for whole wheat toast or bagels in the morning. It tastes just like a Cinnamon Sugar Raisin Bagel!

Healthy Frozen Chocolate Popsicles

A healthy, inexpensive way to satisfy your cravings!

Yummy Baked Pear

A scrumptious pear baked to perfection!

Weight Watchers' Secret Pumpkin Pudding

A deliciously easy snack that's ready in seconds!

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Just in case you ran out of pumpkin pie spice or don't feel like buying some. (By

HG's Pumpkin Pie Pancake

A great, easy recipe for a giant pancake with a delightful pumpkin flavor!

Incredible! (1 rating)
HG Haystacks

A Chocolate Peanut Butter Lover's dream! Packed with fiber for less than 45 calories each!

Vegan Nutella- Modified from

FINALLY! A Nutella recipe that's under 100 calories for every 2 TABLESPOONS! Dig in!

Tofu Cream Cheese- Modified from

A yummy vegan cream cheese spread that goes great with anything!

Healthy Protein Pancakes- Adapted from the Cooking-for-Life Cookbook.

This is a recipe that was the staple of my diet while I was on the Body-for-Life program. These are a great way to start the morning and the batter can also be used to make waffles!

Easy Trail Mix- Adapted from

A versatile recipe that's high in nutritional value and completely healthy when compared to the other trail mixes out there.

Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf- Modified from

A healthy twist on a classic! Enjoy a hearty serving for less than 200 calories!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Single Serving Recipes
Recipes for those of us who cook primarily for themselves. This is a collection of my favorite recipes that I've modified to be for 1, or at most, 2, people. *I don't take ANY CREDIT for recipes that have the same titles as other ones on this site, I just converted them to be for singles