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Carrot Crunch Salad

Just for a change when you feel like eating a root. Remember to keep it simple for your tummy.

Rosie's favorite Dinner Salad

I started "food combining" for optimal digestion and this is the dinner salad I can eat night after night without tireing of it...My DH says he would go crazy...

Corn Chips--Raw

You don't have to have baked or fried chips.
This works with corn & if you get creative you can try different fruits & veggies.

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Rosie's Raw Recipes
I have been eating raw foods rather than cooked since the end of January 2008. I immedieately lost the last 10 lbs I was trying for and about 5 lbs I didn't even hope for... Since then I have had no problem maintaining. I don't plan to ever change back to my old eating habbits.