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Dukan Impossible Pie

Like all Impossible Pies, this separates into a crust base with a creamy custard topping. But instead of Bisquick this uses Dukan-friendly oat bran to make the base. This basic recipe can be made sweet or savoury depending on add-ins--just don't forget to calculate the added ingredients. For Dukanners who are tired of galette (I often have this for breakfast), but there's no reason why it can't be enjoyed by non-Dukanners.

Dukan Sandwich Bread

I have this recipe from the French Dukanautes site. This is a great way to have your daily Dukan Diet oat bran portion in the form of a sandwich or toast.
By using sweetener instead of salt this could become cake.

Courgette/Zucchini cake

Fun way of getting more veggies into your kids.
To reduce calories omit walnuts.

Vegan/Lenten/Cholesterol-Free Cake

No eggs, no butter--suitable for vegans, people who wish to limit their cholesterol intake, and those observing the Orthodox Lenten dietary restrictions. Quick, easy and yummy! If you use cups it's easy to memorise this recipe.

Lemon pickled mushrooms

This is based on a recipe from Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven, but I've tweaked amounts and method.

Fruit Frozen Yoghurt

compatible with 17-Day Diet if eaten before 2pm


This is a cheap, filling Japanese dish, usually eaten out. The name literally means 'fry to your taste' because you can choose the ingredients you want to add to the basic batter and cabbage. I give you a version with prawns, but you can use squid, chicken, frankfurter or wiener sausages, or whatever else you like. The word 'yaki' is loosely translated 'fry' but in restaurants this is cooked on a tabletop griddle. At home I improvise with a heavy non-stick pan.

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Regularity Muffins

I devised these to aid--ahem--regularity on the Dukan Diet, hence ingredients and measurements are based on the Dukan requirements (oat bran is 2 Tbsp, the daily dose for Cruise phase). But they would be useful for anyone who wants to prevent constipation, and they are actually quite tasty even for non-sufferers.
Recipe is based on principles of Irish Soda Bread so once liquid is added you have to work quickly.

Easy Bougatsa (Greek milk pie)

Real bougatsa is a patisserie cream between layers of phyllo pastry. Here is a quickie all-in-one version, great if you have unexpected guests drop in.

flummery (mousse)

lovely light dessert in summer, I always get asked for the recipe when I take it to events, even by non-dieters

Easiest muesli / cereal / granola bars

In Australia we call them muesli bars, in UK cereal bars, in USA granola bars. Whatever the name, these are handy for a quick breakfast on the go, or a filling snack.
Based on a Nigella Express recipe I found on the web, I've simplified it still further by using a ready muesli mix--generic type (Lidl) with thick oat flakes.

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Kourou Pastry (with olive oil)

This Greek pastry (not to be confused with the paper-thin phyllo) is usually made with margarine but I've worked out a healthier version with olive oil. Easy, pliable short-crust pastry which does not need to rest before being used. Can be filled with cheese or whatever takes your fancy. Count based on yield when rolled thin and cut into 12cm rounds for small individual pies. Can also be rolled into large sheets to make large pies (one sheet on bottom, one on top).

Honey Joys (Cereal Crunchies)

Not a diet food! I make these once a year for Son to take to school to share with classmates on his name day (a Greek custom). The classic recipe is with corn flakes but you can vary the cereal to just about any kiddie-favourite crunchy cereal, e.g. today I'm making these with Froot Loops, or even combine several different cereals. You will have to adjust quantity of cereal and calorie count accordingly.

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Japanese Simmered Daikon (mooli)

This is a winter favourite in Japan, both as part of a main meal and as a savoury accompnaniment to sake.
For an authentic touch, sprinkle with bonito flakes.
If you cannot find mirin you can substitute sake with a little sugar, or use sherry. If you cannot find dashi granules you can substitute chicken bouillon cubes.

Cabbage and Mince

Suitable for South Beach and Atkins.
Also a filling meal for those who have to watch their pennies, as you can use less meat or stretch the meat to feed more mouths with more cabbage and other vegetables (e.g. tinned tomato or carrots), and even with rice or orzo (these additions are not suitable for low-carbers). I prefer beef mince for its iron content but for a change of pace you can substitute pork or turkey mince and vary the spices.

Alexandrian Cabbage Salad

I have this recipe from a relative who lives in the north of Greece. She lives in a town called Alexandria, which is half an hour's drive from the royal palace at Pella and the tomb of Alexander the Great's father and son at Vergina, but because of the dispute over the name Macedonia I've chosen to call this salad Alexandrian. She always has a big tub of this ready chopped in the fridge, and at each meal she puts some in a serving bowl and adds extra virgin olive oil. She also adds a tsp of citric acid as a preservative. I've asked Husband, who is a chemist, and he says it's harmless but if you prefer you could use the fresh juice of one lemon instead (our relative says it goes dark that way, I haven't tested this because I use the citric acid). It will keep a week, refrigerated. With two salads a day it will be gone before then.
In Constantinople they have a similar salad called Politiki, with the addition of garlic.

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Yuvarlakia (Greek meatball soup)

A frugal way of making a little meat feed more mouths. One of Son's favourite dishes, this is popular in winter in Greece.

Healthy BSQUCK Clone

No trans fats, and fat content can be reduced a litttle further. A very effective and much healthier, substitute for that famous baking mix, at a fraction of the price. Store in airtight container, no need to refrigerate if used up within a couple of months. Shake into measuring cup stood on a plate (don't scoop from container or it will compact).
1 cup = c140g.

Microwave Frittata

Quick & easy breakfast, suitable for low-carb and low-GI diets such as Greek Doctor, Gallop, South Beach, Atkins Phase 2. Really filliing. You can easily vary the vegetables according to what you have--mushrooms are very nice--or use frozen, tinned or leftovers. People who have to watch their cholesterol intake may use 4 egg whites instead and make a fabulous hair mask with the yolks. Just remember to recalculate calories if you make any changes.
Bonus: there's very little washing up, with experience you can even beat the eggs directly into the semi-cooked vegetables.

Strawberry Liqueur

Serve chilled or on crushed ice.
Makes great gifts!

Roasted Butternut Squash

Simplicity itself. Nutty, satisfying substitute for potatoes.

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Multi-culti, mainly Japanese and Greek influenced. Not all are 'diet' recipes but I hope you'll agree they are all yummy, quick and easy. Enjoy!