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little diva's veggie hash ii

Served this on the side of a sunny-side-up egg over a black bean cake for dinner one night. Tuesday night is 'breakfast for dinner' at our home, I try to get creative with filling and hearty meals along the lines of a hearty but healthy brunch.

This made two one cup servings.

Little Diva's Stuffed Portobella Mushroom Caps

I made these with what I had on-hand. I can tweek this countless ways. This was purty darn tasty, though, and filling! I served it with a side of Isreali couscous I prepared in chicken broth for flavor and richness. You can use less bacon, or add shredded chicken, or black beans or Great Northern beans if you want. I just used what I needed to use up in the fridge, so that is what I went with.

It may seem odd, but to cut down on over-all cooking times of the veggies I always pop them in the microwave for about two minutes to "steam" them, and then I add them to the skillet. Nothing is ever mushy, always the perfect balance of cooked but crisp.

When I make this next time I'll save calories by using less bacon and cheese. It can easily be a less than 300 calorie offering. Again, I used up food I had, and these were the proportions of it all. Still. not to shabby! It was a bit high for me, but not at all fo rmy hubby.

crock pot almost-chicken-pot-pie II

This is another version of my almost-chicken-pot-pies made in the crock pot. This one has white meat and veggies I had on hand.

Alsways in search of comfort food that is good for you!

Cook on low all day.

Serves 4

little diva's veggie hash

Serve a poached egg or two over two big heaping cups of this per person! (Eggs not included with the calorie count.)

This can be made even faster if you use a thawed bag of home fries/diced potatoes instead of raw potatoes.

Just about any veggies can be used in here. I look forward to trying this with sweet potatoes some time.

My hubby and I both loved this. It was really luxurious and healthy to boot. This is a new staple in our house!

(the original recipe is from Shape magazine - I tweaked it a fair amount)

little_diva's yummy egg bake

I concocted this on a whim for brunch and my hubby and I loved it. We are going to have this for dinner sometime soon.

So many possibilities for this! Use whatever veggies you have in the house. It would be really good with left over chicken, sausage, pork, crab, anything! Different cheeses, veggies... so many ways to take this.

The egg/potato mixture is a great base to season and flavor any way you want. I just guessed on the egg/milk/potato ratio, but, I have no need to try anything else. It is perfect for our taste. This is going to be a regular go-to dish now.

4 servings
(but we ate it all for brunch with fruit!)

hearty and easy crock pot chicken soup

Made it on a rainy day with very little in the house to pick from.

This can be 4 servings or 2 really big ones stretched over a long, cozy dinner. Either way, under 500 calories per serving.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
turnip greens & bacon

I usually use turkey bacon, but, for this true pork bacon just seemed the way to go.

Be prepared: turnip greens are quite bitter. Lots of recipes call for cider vinegar and sugar to cut that. This recipe embraces their bite. If you want something sweet, try a different recipe. But don't be scared of this one - it is savory and delicious and goes really well with my honey dipped oven fried chicken breasts and a side of simple mashed red potatos.

This makes 4 half cup servings.

(this is a variation on a Neely recipe on

honey dipped oven fried chicken breasts

I made mine with heat in each bite - lots of cayenne. But don't be shy with the honey, a little sweet against the spice is nice. I would have liked the Panko to have browned up a bit more, but, it was really good none the less. Next time I may try a higher temp, less cooking time. We'll see! Just don't be afraid of using plenty of seasonings.

shamefully simple chunky mushroom tomato sauce

I am totally on a "cook quick and use up what is in the house" kick. I typically make my sauce following a family recipe that's been around longer than my family has been in this country, probably, hey, this was pretty tasty and FAST!

This makes 3 one cup servings.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
fast chicken corn chowder

Yet another "working with what we've got in the house" recipe...

There are 7 one cup servings here; my hubbie and I each had 2 cups as a serving, with 3 left over.

Italian Baked Beans

I tried the original recipe from Food Network (Giada) but tweaked a bit. I love baked beans and this is a yummy twist.

presto pasta e fagioli

My grandpa made this all the time for me as a little girl. My husband and I love it - it's our official go-to for a fast, filling dinner. Seriously - this is a no frills, down and dirty, make-it-quick meal.

A tasty variation - add some diced tomatoes as it simmers if you have some. Other good additions are chopped fresh spinach and baby bellas.

For a splurge, add some thick cut bacon at the very beginning, omit the initial TB of olive oil. This would mean adding pork, of course, and it wouldn't be vegetarian any more.

Like all Italian cooking, there are hundreds of versions of this, the most well known being a thick soup that simmers for hours.