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Recipes I've Shared:

Best oatmeal cookies

A delicious chewy oatmeal cookie!

Raisin Bread in bread machine

A delicious bread machine raisin bread

Overnight Oatmeal

A creamy sedate sweetened oatmeal full of fiber and potassium

Cheddar Rye Bread, bread machine

A yummy express bake 1.5 lb loaf of cheddar rye bread.

Low calorie Chicken Salad

A healthy crunchy lunchtime staple

Bone broth brown rice

A rich, delicious brown rice that packs a punch of flavor

Holiday Fruit Salad

A delicious mix of fruits with a maple lime sauce

Whole Wheat Bread in bread machine

A delicious and nutritious bread homemade in your machine

Pineapple Sherbet, fat free

A delicious homemade summer treat for your ice cream maker.

Homemade white bread in bread machine

A very tasty white bread for the bread machine.

Italian bread, bread machine recipe

A quick easy recipe for herbbed bread, that goes excellent with any dinner, not just Italian food.

Honey baked ham serving

An oven roasted holiday ham.

Crockpot Carne Picada Street taco meat

A ver well seasoned meat that’s fall apart tender from marinade and crockpot cooking.

Crockpot Meatballs with Spaghetti Sauce

A delicious half day cooked to perfection meatballs and sauce for pasta or meatball subs to make ahead for meals using fully cooked frozen meat balls food in your grocery freezers.

Protein Egg Muffins

A simple egg muffin treat to tide over hunger or to eat for a meal.

KETO Taco Cabbage Skillet Meal

A very low carb serving of a delicious taco mix cooked all in one skillet.

Crockpot Potato and Beef Stew

A robust beef and potato stew cooked for you in the crockpot.

Rotel cheese dip

A very tasty cheese dip for chips and crackers

Lemon meringue pie

A very easy to make tasty pie.

Pork Roast with Vegetables

An easy to crockpot pork roast and veggies to prepare and forget about for most of the day.

Breakfast Taquitos with Sausage and Eggs

A quick make ahead breakfast taquito to have for any snack or meal as a quick fix for hunger. Taste as good and better than McDonald’s.

Bean and Cheese Burritos

A very tasty homemade vegetarian burrito for a filing meal

Simple guacamole

An easy to blend guacamole for chips and burgers.

Pulled beef BBQ meat for sandwiches

A delicious slow cooked beef for sandwiches or tacos

Lemon soda cake cupcakes

Dry cake mix and canned seltzer water with flavor for a lower calorie cupcake to enjoy!

All beef hamburger patties

A make ahead frozen beef patty for the grill or broiler.

Egyptian Kushhari recipe from Pinterest

A very high vitamin, protein, and fiber VEGAN meal with low fat and zero cholesterol!

Crockpot smothered pork chops

A delicious slow cooker recipe of comfort food.

Soda Cake

A simple way to mix cake mix and flavored soda for a great Cake

Meal prep Crockpot chicken breast

A great way to make your daily protein for nutritional meal prep or limited ingredients cooking.

Slow cooker pork ribs.

An easy all day cooked in the crockpot meal of very tender pork ribs, Oakes in bbq sauce.

Turkey sloppy joes

A high protein less fat treat for a burger snack meal!

Coconut water pop

Very tasty low calorie treats.

Sloppy Joe

Tasty lunch or dinner sandwiches

Very Good (1 rating)
AMbrosia Salad

Old fashioned cottage cheese recipe from my 1980s youth with Jello, cool whip, fruit salad and mandarin oranges chilled to perfection!

Crockpot Pork Roast for pulled Pork

A delicious set it and forget it meal.

Grilled hamburgers

A classic mix of beef and spices for your outdoor grill

Crockpot chuck roast

So tender, just like grandmas roast!

Carrot cake

A rich and filling dessert bread.

Cabbage soup diet

My onion and salt free cabbage soup recipe for the crockpot or stove.

Chipless chocolate chip cookies (no chocolate chips)

A tasty chipless cookie without the chocolate

Crockpot Beef Stew

A yummy simple beef stew made in your slow cooker for an easy dinner meal.

Nacho Cheese Dip

A creamy cheddar cheese dip made on the stove top with evaporated milk.

Cheddar Broccoli with rice

A quick and easy dish that is tasty.

Pork stir fry

A tasty pork stir fry with extra vegetables added

Mixed vegetable Tuna Casserole

A rich and hearty tuna casserole based on a classic recipe!

Personal pan pizzas

A simple and sweet tasty pizza dough made from plain Greek yogurt and self rising flour that cooks up well and flavorful

Chili cheese dip

A delicious dip for corn chips.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

A rich pan fried lunch sandwich

Pumpkin Pie

Delicious buttermilk pumpkin pie.

Spinach lasagna

A delicious and simple vegetarian lasagna

Low fat VEGAN Lentil Chili

A less than 1gram of fat nutritious vegan chili, loaded with a punch of flavor and vitamins.

Simple tuna salad with egg

Easy to make and mix tuna salad for sandwiches

Vegan Vanilla Cake or Cupcakes

No dairy or animal products makes a very moist spongy cake!

Beef cottage pie

A tasty rich dinner loaded with familiar flavors.

Simple salmon salad for sandwiches

Using canned salmon instead of canned tuna for a delicious and nutritious lunchtime meal!

Banana bread

A rich tasting hearty banana bread with easy hands on ingredients

Blueberry ice cream from machine

A no eggs version of lightly sweet vanilla ice cream with added blueberries s

Crockpot Chuck Roast

An easy o throw together meal in the crockpot around lunchtime to be ready by dinner!

Just beef meatballs

No other added ingredients to simple browned beef meatballs for spaghetti and other dishes

Sausage gravy for biscuits

A family southern favorite comfort food, double the recipe for more servings.

Simple sweet tomato sauce for spaghetti or other pasta

You may omit the sugar and butter to make this more healthy, but it won't have a tangy sweet kick to the flavor.

Crockpot Beans

A delicious side or main dish of pintos full of protein, fiber, and flavor.

Vanilla frozen yogurt ice cream

A super creamy and delicious low fat vanilla ice cream made in your ice cream maker.

Crockpot chicken and dumplings

A rich creamy hearty meal of chicken and dumplings

Baked rigatoni pasta

A very tender and tasty pasta dish you could easily vary and change the ingredients to for your suiting your own taste.

Cream Cheeses Icebox Pie

A rich velvety textured pie with a graham crust.

Simple meatloaf

A delicious beef meatloaf

Cheater pork

A very tangy tasty sauce cooked tender pork loin.

Beef stroganoff

A better than Hamber helper version with no MSG!

Banana Pudding

A sweet southern comfort food

Simple tuna salad

An easy but tasty tuna salad mix

Meat sauce for spaghetti

A tangy meat sauce for spaghetti ready in under 30 minutes.

Southern fried salmon patties

A lightly crisp golden salmon patty for lunch, dinner, or a protein filled snack.

Oven baked pork ribs

A very tender pork rib cooked entirely in your oven.

Beans and turkey sausage

A delicious and nutritious simple meal of fiber and protein filling beans with lower fat turkey smoked sausages with a hint of chili flavoring, ready in about 30 minutes.

Simple salt free lumpy mashed potatoes

I believe this was my late grandmas recipe, except she always used Parkay margarine in the potatoes.

Grandmas simple potato salad recipe

A delicious creamy mashed potato recipe my grandmother always made in the summer with mashed potato texture and potato salad flavor!

Chicken broccoli noodle stir fry

The sodium count for this recipe is off as you don't add the seasoning packet from the ramen noodles, just toss it out.

Mini slider burgers

A beef slider patty for smaller buns.

Old fashion Peach Cobbler

A great family dessert bursting with flavor.

Crockpot Beef Rump Roast with Veggies

A moist delicious beef roast in your crock pot, ready in about 6 hours!

Golden yellow cornbread

A sweet golden cornbread. Recipe right off the cornmeal package.

Mini hamburger slider patties and cheese

A tasty bacon wrapped baked slider Patty for mini buns.

Crock pot Turkey Chili

A rich tomatoey ground turkey chili for a hearty lunch or dinner.

Homemade macaroni & cheese

A rich creamy homemade treat. Great comfort food!

Tender crisp fried pork chops

Placing the lid of skillet over these chops at the end of cooking to keep moist is the secret to tender chops.

Cheese tortellini soup

A bone broth and vegetable rich sauce with added cheese give pre cooked frozen tortellini a calorie kick and a flavorful dish!

Bone broth mashed potatoes

A tastier version of instant potatoes made with broth instead of water.

Very Good (1 rating)
Baked salmon patties

A simple oil free baked salmon patty for a light and flavorful lunch or dinner.

Yummy deviled eggs

A simple deviled egg recipe for around 50 calories each!

Spinach cheese ravioli soup

A nutricious low calorie soup full of flavor and vitamin C

Ravioli Mini Meatball soup

A rich and flavorful Italian ravioli soup with homemade mini turkey/Italian sausage meatballs(recipe is on this site for those) defiantly better baked!

Mini Italian sausage and ground turkey meatballs

A very moist hearty meatball recipe for any of your pasta dinner needs!

Banana vanilla shake

A thickened with avocado morning protein shake with loads of potassium!

Italian meatballs and spaghetti sauce

A tasty tender meatball recipe with a tomato sauce purée to pour over pasta of your choice.

Orange teriyaki chicken wings

A delicious sweet glaze for chicken

Bone broth instant potatoes

A richer version of instant potatoes with broth instead of water.
Buy 2 packages of instant potatoes and double recipe for additional servings.

Chicken and rice soup

A quick simple homage soup made with a hearty bone broth.

3 Ingredient baked glazed chicken drumsticks

Any cut of chicken from thighs to breast and wings or wingettes to a whole chicken may be used, just increases maranade in equal parts or marmalade and teriyaki sauce for the pieces.
Originally my recipes for this didn't include garlic so you may omit this ingredient if you like or dislike garlic. I love it and use it everywhere.

Lentil Curry

A very creamy yummy curried lentil dish that taste a bit like chili.

2 Pound meat loaf

A hearty comfort food for dinner.

Tuna salad celery logs

Simple tuna salad stuffed into celery stalks for a quick light lunch

Avocado tuna celery logs

This avocado tuna salad servered in celery sticks is a protein packed light lunch.

Chicken cabbage stir fry

Turn pre packaged cabbage slaw mix with carrots into a healthy crunchy stir fry in about 15 minutes.

Salmon salad

A canned salmon sandwich salad alternative to tuna fish salad.

Sour cream Curry Chicken

Pre boiled shredded chicken in a simple curry sauce. Serve over brown rice.

Turkey burgers

4-5 regular patties or 6-8 slider sized patties for your picnic or BBQ or simple dinner.

Zucchini Italian stir fry

Stir fried veggies in Italian dressing over pasta.

Oatmeal protein energy balls

Vanilla Pea Protein powder give these balls a kick of protein along with the Peanut Butter.

Detox Crockpot Cabbage Soup (vegetarian)

A spicy blend of healthy vegetables and beans.

Crunchy tuna fish salad slider sandwiches

A veggie heavy crunchy lunchtime sandwich

Old Bay Salmon Cakes

A simple but flavorful recipe for salmon patties for lunch or dinner. High in protein.

Black beans and rice

A tasty side dish or main dish if you add your own sausage or meat to it. Can be used for burritos or tacos.

Chickpea carrot fritters

Pan fried garden patties

Simple Taco Meat

A family recipe for spicy taco meat we've used for two decades for homemade tacos and taco burgers.

Slow cooker pinto beans

Spicy Lutheran pinto beans in your slow cooker with smoked sausage.

Avocado Pudding

A lightly sweet and nutritious snack or dessert from blender or food processor.

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