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Versatile Cabbage Soup

Versatile, add Tofu, shellfish, soy sauce and ground ginger for an authentic tasting Asian soup. This soup is for families/students on a strict food and time budget. There is definately no sacrafice on flavor, add more seasonings if you like! Also, the calorie content may vary depending on choice of Protien or other "add-ins." The calorie content you see is based on using the basics, and bullion.

Power Shake

Refreshing, Creamy, Energizing and Delicious.
Great Way to get in Nutrients. Please feel free to go over the Nutritional Info.

Very Good (4 ratings)
200 Calorie-On the go Egg Pockets

Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Cal, high in Protien.

Chocolate-Cherry Oat Protien Cookies

Perfect for a satisfing snack, that will also take care of that sweet tooth.


German Fried Bread

Tuna Cakes

Sustaining yet light meal

Cappiccino Shake

For Coffee Lovers

Strawberry Shake by Chandra

Delicious Low-Cal/Low Carb Shake

Egg Salad by Chandra

Perfect Low Cal/Low Carb Lunch

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