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Recipes I've Shared:

GF Butternut Walnut Scones

Delicious warm with jam, butter or a drizzle of maple syrup.
No dairy, gluten or egg yolks.
Original recipe (that I then changed a little) is from the Gluten Free Goddess Blog
Many wonderful recipes there!

Venison & Rice Stuffing for Acorn Squash

Another Gluten free recipe to work with my rotation diet for my food sensitivities. Makes six servings but I like to cook only the squash we will eat in one meal and then freeze the leftover stuffing portion in 1 cup servings for future meals.
Nutritional info does NOT include the acorn squash incase you want to eat the rice/meat by itself.

Allergy Friendly Creamy Broccoli Soup

GFCF, creamy and thick, this soup is thickend with garbanzo beans. Onion & black pepper can be added if you can tolerate. Mine doesn't include them.

Bison & Rice Balls

Having to avoid pork & beef, I'm coming up with creative ways to use "different" kinds of meat. Feel free to adjust the seasonings to what you like or can tolerate. I imagine you could substitute the carrots with another vegetable such as zucchini. Parmesan cheese would be a good addition if you can have dairy.
I baked and then froze these for quick lunchbox meals.

Buckwheat Pancakes

GFCF & egg free pancakes. Hardy enough to freeze & toss in a lunchbag for a sandwich. I love to add blueberries!
This recipe is from The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook.

Millet & Raisin Breakfast

A good substitute for a hot oatmeal breakfast using millet.
I like to top with some brown sugar or maple syrup and hazelnut milk.

Carrot Lentils

This is a great GFCF recipe for rotating foods because it doesn't contain many ingredients. Feel free to swap out the oregano for other seasonings you tolerate such as thyme or basil.
I like to add 3 oz of cooked meat to my serving as it really makes a nice, filling dish.

Giant Zucchini Pancake

Super healthy & filling! Try topping with shredded cheese,black beans, corn, sour cream, salsa......the ideas are endless! Part of a high protein, vegetarian meal.

Fresh Peach & Blueberry Cake 1/16th bundt/9x13

This is a delicious re-do on a recipe I found on Original recipe was loaded with fat 17g in a small piece and 311 calories. My version has just under 5g of fat & only 169 calories! It's so moist & delicious! A great way to use summer's bounty of fresh fruit. Addictive!!!

Cocoa Zucchini Cake 1/16th of cake

This cake is moist, lightly sweet, with a satisfying, rich texture.

Chicken Salad 1/2 cup serving

Great chicken salad to have with whole wheat bread, on a bed of greens or with melon. Adjust the spices as needed.

Strawberry Applesauce 1/2 cup serving

Using a mix of Granny Smith and sweet apples along with the ripe strawberries gives a burst of fresh, sweet flavor without added sugar.

Quinoa Potato Corn Chowder 1 cup serving

Adding pureed potatoes & broccoli stems gives a creamy texture with less dairy. A comforting soup! A great way to use up broccoli stems for a family that only likes the tops!

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

A creamy low fat, lower carb soup chock full of nutrition! Even better with a little shredded cheese & a few crushed tortilla chips, if you desire.

Golden Pineapple Squash

I like spaghetti squash and wanted to find a new use for it. This slightly sweet and savory recipe adds a new twist to this mild veggie. I am a die hard butter user, but you can save calories/cholesterol by substituting another fat.

Santa Fe Beans & Meat

Great over rice or on it's own! Freeze in 1/2 cup servings for a quick lunch.

Broccoli & Cheese Mini Quiche

Put these in the freezer for a quick, nutritious breakfast. Great for on the go kids too!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

My Food Sensitivities Cookbook
Great gluten,casein,whey,corn,soy & egg yolk free recipes to keep my tummy happy.