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Recipes I've Shared:

Kale, Beans and Tomatoes

This is so easy and good. I can eat this for any meal and do. I add vegan parm or nutritional yeast to it for extra flavor. Yum.

Mama Pea;s Noodle Salad with Mmm Sauce

Mama Pea's awesome noodle salad from It was four servings on the website but easily 6 servings for us.

Tofu Quiche

This is easy and tastes SO GOOD!!! I purposely do not use a crust to save the calories.

Very Good (1 rating)
Tofu Scramble

This is an excellent substitute for scrambled eggs. Looks great, tastes great.

Incredible! (1 rating)
E2 Mushroom Stroganoff

E2 Book, page 193

I used Silk because that's what we buy. The recipe calls for milk substitute.

Fiber Gourmet BeefaRoni

Like the beef a roni I used to make for the kids but... now made for me.

Low fat Southwestern Chili Dip

A lighter version of our family favorite.

Southwestern Chicken

I ordered this in a restaurant and it came served in a tortilla bowl which I managed to not eat! We came home and did a pretty good job of duplicating the meal... without the bowl, of course. Forgive me if its not really southwestern. I only named it that because that's what it was called when I ordered it ;)

500+ calories seems high to me but its a whole meal and very filling and very satisfying. It'd be easy enough to split it into smaller portions.


*Sodium is high because I used prepared salsa and prepared taco seasoning from the drop down choices for the purpose of calculating calories, etc. We actually made our own.

Quiche to go!

Awesome and convenient

Creamy Ham Casserole - Variation

Just recalculated Robinwa's recipe using fat free ingredients and broccoli and mushrooms.

Orange Jello Salad

Fresh, works as a salad or dessert. Great for any season/occasion!

Gary's Turkey Stuff

Awesome. Low fat, low calorie. Easy & Tasty!

Crunchy Asian Salad

A recipe from a friend - don't know its origin

Salmon with Wilted Spinach

At 350 calories per serving, its not an everyday dinner for me! But its a good and tasty way to get one of your three fish servings per week.

Turkey Burgers

Compares with the best beef burgers I've eaten

Primevera Alfredo Sauce

Great pasta sauce - low in calories

Healthy Turkey Tettrazini

Low Cal Version of Comfort!