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Recipes I've Shared:


Thick, rich flavor, nice on a cold day... recipe is for events with a small crowd... good source for potassium...


This salad is an adaptation of something from the Mayo clinic. Fruit and vegetables, savory and sweet combined, made a bit hit recently at a church event!...


I prefer my avocado straight up, or like this, creamy and fluffy and no frills...


Great way to use up leftovers!...

Roasted Elephant Garlic Spread

The recipe calls for ELEPHANT GARLIC-which is more closely related to leeks that to normal garlic. It's not in the data base, and I couldn't find the right info when I googled, but the ingredients listed here are supposed to be an approximation of the flavor. I'ts ok, but I'd rather use the elephant garlic! .. or use all regular garlic but the taste isn't as creamy.

Chilled Carrot Soup

I threw things together one night for dinner, and it was okay, but I didn't want to heat anything the next day, the weather was so hot--so I ate it served straight from the fridge to my bowl--and I loved it! So much so, that I decided to figure out what I'd put in it and add it to my collection--and this is it! The recipe is very low fat...

Spicy Chicken Soup

Got a little kick, great for colds!


My own low sodium baked version--since I use whatever veggies happen to be in my fridge, it varies, but this is the basic recipe... my ex hates mushrooms in anything but stroganov, but he didn't even notice them in this! LOL


My own variation on Quaker's "Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies"

Macaroni Salad My Way

Only 124 mg of sodium AND less than 5 grams of fat per serving! I make smaller batches like this because 1) I rarely have more than 1-3 guests, and 2) I prefer not to have too much in the way of leftovers, I like it too much--and I'm into losing weight! LOL

Spider Legs (aka "Crunchies")

Great for parties and snacks, especially around Halloween!

Red Flannel Hash

This is a basic recipe. A lot of folks get fancy with it, adding ham or pork or corned beef instead of ground beef, adding eggs, drizzling it with wine... I don't go there! LOL

Serbian Spinach

Can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner... high protein meal with lots of B vitamins, and other goodies, as well as potassium and phosphorus. I've used this in catering for a movie cast and crew, and everyone LOVED it!...

French Toast deluxe

Old family recipe, yummy and mildly sweet even without toppings-- and though there is no sugar in the recipe, it is definitely NOT low fat! Hasn't been tried with egg beaters... yet! LOL

Mile High Biscuits

I fix these as a treat, for company at brunches or dinners... they are NOT low sodium, low fat, or low calorie~ high in potassium, light and fluffy and delicious!...

Meatloaf Mama's Way

Mama's meatloaf is from the depression era when she grew up, and it is NOT a diet food, so plan your day's menu around this to stay on track. It goes great with a baked potato and green salad. It's a simple basic recipe... you can spice it up or down by using Marinara sauce or salsa in place of the tomato sauce, but my family all like it as it is!...

No-bake Pumpkin Dream Pie

This is an adaptation of jello company's own recipe. Not a 'light' recipe, but close--and good!

Chicken Cabbage Soup

LOW CARB, only 4 grams per serving!

Simplicity Stew

Simple basic and hearty--my family loves it!

Krab al fredo

Nice entree or side dish... for me, it's a meal!

pico de gallo

spicy fresh salsa