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Recipes I've Shared:

Pizza quiche

An old low carb recipe

Very Good (2 ratings)
Ricotta Mini Muffins

These are gluten and sugar free, along with low carb. So they must taste like last years shoe leather, right? Wrong!! They are tasty and moist. Put the sugar free jam in the middle of them, you won't regret it!

Very Good (71 ratings)
Low Carb Blackened Chicken Alfredo Bake

This a flavorful "casserole" without the noodles and rice found in traditional casseroles. Sorry no photo with this one... family ate it too quick!

Very Good (6 ratings)
Breakfast Cookie

I wanted a nice, filling breakfast treat. This fits the bill. Make sure you use parchment paper or a silicone pad to bake on or they will stick.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Protein Bars - Part Deux

I took my original recipe and upped the protein to 3 scoops and took out some of the dry milk to lower carbs. These stats are based on a low carb protein powder (20 gms a scoop).

Tomato Basil Soup

I came up with my version of tomato basil soup based on what I had on hand. Sub out whatever tomato products you happen to have. I dont think you can mess this up and whatever you do will put Campbell's to shame!


Pumpkin Pudding

This is a thick pumpkin pudding that could easily be used as a pie. I wanted one that doesnt use Cool Whip. Next time I'll try butterscotch pudding and double it!
(Prep time is time in refrigerator)

Very Good (29 ratings)
Low-Carb Pumpkin Donuts

These mini donuts are a great fall treat. Use a mini-donut pan for best results.

I moistened mine with a bit of water after cooled and rolled them in cinnamon/Splenda mixture.

Very Good (14 ratings)
7 Ingredient Oatmeal Cookie - sugar free

Not my recipe. Have seen it floating around the internet. This is a "cakey" cookie that comes out almost like a muffin.
So many variations to try - sub pumpkin for the applesauce, add raisins, choc chips, cocoa powder.... have fun

One Step Sugar Free Coconut Custard Pie

This is a nice sugar free, lower carb pie. Suitable for company. As it cooks it layers into a nice coconut top crust, a creamy custard center and even a thin bottom crust. I think next time I'll sub out some milk for some FF coconut milk.

Blueberry Cottage Cheese Pie - Sugar Free

This is a recipe from a Mennonite cookbook I've had for years. We love this and it's a nice summer recipe.
You may serve on a graham cracker crust as well.

Apples a la mode

I made this as dessert for Valentines Day. Very easy and quick.

Very Good (7 ratings)
Chocolate Flax Muffins

These are so moist and chocolatey I can't believe they are so healthy. They are a very filling and a great low carb treat.

I buy pre-ground flax meal, but you can grind your own.

I grind my almonds in a blender by putting only a small handful in at a time and pulsing the blender. Don't run continuously or you'll have almond butter. You can also buy pre-ground almonds.

Very Good (8 ratings)
Quinoa Pasta-less "Pasta Salad"

My family loves pasta salad for picnics. Since I haven't been eating pasta as part of my diet, I would just make it and do without. Well, for Labor Day, I realized I didn't have pasta and decided to use some quinoa I had in the pantry. This is tasty, nutty and HEALTHY!! Your family will most likely NOT miss their pasta. Add green and red pepper, chopped onion, small diced broccolli and cauliflower, cucumber and any garden fresh veggie to make even better!

Carrot Cake Protein Muffins

These are a great tasting muffin. Significantly lower in carbs than any I've found. They are higher in fat due to all the nuts, but you could use egg replacer to bring that down.

Easy Szechuan

This is the recipe we got with our electric West Bend wok 20 years ago at our wedding shower. It has served us well through the years.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Chocolate/Coconut Protein Bars

I reworked a recipe on SparkPeople for the Almond Joy Protein Bars a bit.

Very Good (8 ratings)
Baked Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

These use up all those larger zucchini you find under the leaves! Very yummy!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Warm Vanilla Berries

This is a very easy dessert to use up those frozen berries in your freezer. So easy to make. A perfect end to a meal

Zucchini Cheese Bake

This is a great recipe to use up those summer veggies that appear on your doorstep!

Very Good (1 rating)
Gooey Butter Cookies - reduced sugar

These are far from "healthy" BUT better than normal cookies and the kids really like them. They are not part of my normal diet unfortunately :(

Incredible! (1 rating)
Roasted Veggie Pizza

This is a nice pizza. I like the parmesean flavor, but if you want to keep fat down, use a light mozzarella.

Very Good (9 ratings)
"This ain't no &$%! cheesecake" but it's good!

This is a cheese-cake like dessert. Use any flavored geletin you like. I sprinkles some sugar free cookie crumbs on top.

Homemade Protein Bars

This is a low carb alternative to some various recipes I've found on the internet. Substitute any flavor protein powder or SF syrup. I've also added in carob chips and SF toasted coconut. Be careful of raisins and dried fruit, but if you can afford the carbs, they would be tasty additions.

Very Good (59 ratings)
Creamy Burrito Bake

This is a very easy dish. The fat and calories can be lowered even further with low fat sour cream, cheese and soup. Ground turkey would work well.

Very Good (34 ratings)
Cheeseburger Soup - Low carb

This is a low carb adaptation. There are no potatoes in this particular recipe due to my low carb lifestyle. It is tasty. You may add sour cream as a garnish.
There are many substitutions to be made to this basic recipe. Have fun playing around with it!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Sugar Free Fruit Dip

This is a substitute for that yummy marshmallow/cream cheese fruit dip that is popular

Company Green Beans

A quick way to make your canned green beans suitable for company. Frozen green beans work great too.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Creamy Slow Cooker Corn

A low fat/low sugar alternative to canned cream corn.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Meatball Soup

Easy throw together family dinner

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Fancy Egg Salad

Shrimp and cucumber give a twist to a nice summer egg salad. Serve on a bed of greens, on cucumber slices or on crusty bread