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Recipes I've Shared:

Saucy's Choc Krispies

Deliciously rich, bad, naughty treat...

Saucy's Bulgar Chilli

Bulgar makes a delicious alternative to mince meat in this healthy chilly

Saucy's Chapatti

A very quick and easy wholesome chapatti recipe which goes nicely with curry or dal.

Saucy's Shrimp Creole

This is why we set aside half a dozen shrimps from each shrimp fest!

Saucy's Tooth Pudding

Very simple recipe, used to celebrate Baby's first tooth, this traditional Lebanese dish was originally made with water; but I like the richness of milk! You can also add nuts and raisins to give it a boost.

Saucy's Sweet Chilli Dip

A creamy tangy dip - excellent for lunch parties.

Saucy's Shrimp Tagliatelle

A mild and delicious but unusual creamy pasta dish.

Saucy's Potato Fritters

Cheesy Potato Pancakes, way nicer than McD's Hash Browns!!

Saucy's Parma Ham Pasta

A delicious yet simple quick meal, ideal for a romantic meal by candlelight or a quick filler.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Saucy's Greek Satsiki

Yoghurt & Cucumber Dip

Saucy's Gingerbread Man

1 - Mix all ingredients in a glass over ice.
2 - Add a sprig of mint.

Saucy's Curried Squash Soup

A tangy sweet and sour taste sensation - great for keeping in fridge for quick snacks.

Saucy's Chicken & Broccoli Lasagne

A deliciously creamy and tangy but low fat lasagne. Serve with salad or peas :)

Saucy's Pasta Salad

A light accompaniment to that BBQ :)

Saucy's Mee Goreng

Traditional Asian dish I ate every day in Malaysia, and never found the same dish twice!!!

Saucy's Apple Waffles

A delicious and healthy variation on a breakfast staple

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Sailing Staples
We gonna cruise the world!! Seriously - the date is set for Sept 2012. And when we set off, the supply of fresh fruit and veggies will be erratic. So this is my nautical collection of foods which only require staple ingredients (although I'll pad them out when I can with fresh food).
Succulent Shrimps
I love shrimps. My husband loves shrimps. I grill them and dip in Sweet Chilli, he fries them and dips in mayonnaise. That's it! So, I'm looking for some more adventurous ways to cook our shrimps....
Simple Snacks and Biscuit Bites
I love biscuits, and they're so easy to make using just a few ingredients. But only for special occasions, 'cos once I start nibbling I just can't stop!
Lunching Ladies
So, on Thursday one has Ladies Morning. One plays cards, and eats brunch. And of course, it's not about showing off, but when it is one's turn to host, one likes to be praised. And healthy but delicious snacks is where I can excel, thanks to SP!!!
Meaty Moments
Marc loves meat.... and I don't mind it, but find it boring. So here are some ways to add variety into our diet....
BBQ Blasters
Every second Friday we have a BBQ after sailing, and whilst I love Yasser's BBQed chicked, quite frankly I sometimes crave something a little different....
Vegetable Varieties
Vegetables are soooooo boring.... But not for long!!! These are simple enhancements to the vegetable side dishes.
Perky Poultry
Chicken mince, chicken breasts, and chicken in it's entirety - we eat loads of chicken, and need to juice it up a bit!
Dippy Dips
Savoury Soups
Perky Potatoes
Perfect Pizzas!
Pzazzy Pasta
Hearty Breakfasts
Dippy Dips