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Sour cream chicken enchiladas

Use canned chicken to make this fast! My husband and I can our own chicken, and this is an excellent use for canned chicken, also a family favorite.

Personal Pizza

When you just need to eat pizza, this one is worth the trouble. Sometimes I pre-cook the veggies, to soften, and I use pre-cooked turkey meatballs to keep the fat and calories down.

Pasta with Spincach and Tomatoes

Quick and easy serves four with side salad or two if you're really hungry.

Shrimp and Lemon Pasta

amended from the "Real Florida " website, I make this simple and quick dinner for two with fresh fish. You can use scallops, redfish, or whatever you like. My husbands favorite diet dish!

chicken rice casserole

use canned or precooked chicken,

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