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Recipes I've Shared:

Sunny raw breakfast crisps

Crunchy raw breakfast treat; great with tea.

Grain bowl, partly raw

Great one-dish vegan meal. Similar to Cafe Gratitude's popular "I Am Whole" macro bowl. Very nutritious and satisfying. See

Citrus Dressing, Raw

Delightful light and creamy salad dressing adapted from Raw Food, Real World, by Kenney and Melngailas.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Raw curried peas and cauliflower

This recipe is a modification of one for curried cauliflower soup in the amazing Rawsome book by Brigitte Mars (see

BBQ Squares, Raw Treat

Tasty raw substitute for favorite foods like BBQ or hot dogs.

Peppermint patties, raw

Elaina Love's scrumptious recipe. See

Amazing Rocky Road Fudge

Makes a single large serving, so you can quickly address a temporary fudge craving without making a huge batch. Foolproof and amazing because it is so fast and easy!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Curried raw butternut squash souffle

This festive and tasty dish is great for a raw holiday meal. It's a fooler, too; everyone thinks it has been cooked. From Jackie Graff's wonderful demo at Raw Spirit 2007. Also see

Millet Mash

Gillian McKeith recipe.

Raw Seed Cheese

This is the recipe Ann Wigmore developed. It makes a lovely, smooth cheese to which you can add salt and other ingredients to create nice dishes, such as stuffed peppers or collard leaf rollups.

Singapore spinach

Mildly spicy greens with wonderful Asian flavor. Meant to be eaten hot, but also good as cold leftovers in a lunch pail.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Raw Oatmeal Cookies

Delicious oatmeal cookies that can even be eaten for breakfast because they have no added sugar or fat, just fresh, whole foods. You can leave out the salt too, and not miss it. If you love home-made oatmeal cookies and have a food dehydrator, this low-fat vegan recipe allows you to enjoy the cookies while staying on virtually any diet. The nutrition was calculated with the salt added.

Raw mango Spinach Pudding

Yummy low-fat raw dessert and so easy!

Raw carrot nut loaf

This is a very filling raw main dish just bursting with nutrition. The garnishes are not included in the nutritional calculation.

Raw rhubarb pudding

Cheap thrills from rhubarb, which grows almost anywhere. You can make rhubarb leather from this recipe if you have a dehydrator. Use only the stems, not the leaves.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Creamy raw miso dip or dressing

Tasty dip for fresh veggies; for salad dressing thin with a little water.

Very Good (6 ratings)
Date nut squares

My grandmother's delicious Christmas recipe, which unbelievably has no added fat. I used walnuts for the nutritional analysis, but you can use pecans or other nuts. You can also substitute dried figs or apricots for the dates. This recipe is also good with white or gluten-free flour.

Roasted squash and leeks

Based on Butternut Squash Toss in First for Women 12/24/07, p. 60.

Palak (Raw Creamed Spinach Curry)

This is a raw main dish. It is a slightly milder modification of a recipe in Rawsome by Brigitte Mars (see

Squash with beans

High fiber and satisfying.

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