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Sausage Roll Bites

As seen on Low Carb Diner

Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Lifted from here:

Cauliflower Has Browns

Low carb hash browns

Lifted from here:

Very Good (1 rating)
Cream Cheese Pancakes

Low carb/gluten free pancakes
(lightened version of the one seen on I Breathe... I'm Hungry blog)

Cinnamon Bun Layer Cake

Got this from a friend.... heard it's awesome... Super fattening. Just entering to calculate... super fattening, so I'd save up the whole week to have a slice!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Golden Austrian Cauliflower Cream Soup

As seen on Kaiser Permanent site (with slight modifications)

Lamb Stew

Just putting it in here to have the calculations. Didn't love it.

Meatloaf and Mock Mashed Potatoes

Trying it myself! Let me know what you think!

Two-Hour Flax Buns

As seen on and modified for low carb. Makes 4 dozen buns.

Haven't tried this yet! But I'll update this once I have. :)

Low Carb Breakfast Pockets

For those of us who are jealous of the "easy" breakfast alternatives....

Chocolate Shake (Low Carb/Cal)

YUMMY Chocolate Shake!

Modified recipe from Kraft Foods site.

Chicken Salad (Low Carb)

Got this from

Honey Mustard Chicken

Just a "mom" recipe

Avocado Sandwich

Cool refreshing and TASTY sandwich!

Very Good (1 rating)
Tilapia ala Empty Cabinet

What to do with tilapia when you have few ingredients

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