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*Reuben slaw

Soooooooo Good!

Very Good (1 rating)
Low carb Cauliflower breadsticks

I tried this recipe that I found and although it didn't really turn out like breadsticks, it's not too bad.

HCG Chili Phase 2

A little rogue for strict phase 2 dieters due to all the mixed veggies and using a few things like carrots and corn.

HCG Tuna Tartar Phase 2

Add a side salad to complete.

HCG Turkey Meatballs Phase 2

Can be used for soup or spaghetti. I may even try using a serving as a mini meatloaf.

HCG Phase 2 Shrimp Scampi (rogue recipe)

This recipe loosely fits phase 2 because I serve it with a cup of broccoli and shirataki noodles.

Double Delicious Cinnamon Maple Quinoa

I modified this recipe a little by using Almond Milk instead of skim milk and SF syrup instead of pure maple syrup and saved about 30 cal per serving

Deceptively Delicious Inspired Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don't have problems getting in my protein, but I can always use more veggies! So I substituted the cauliflower puree for the chickpeas and made a few other modifications. I've made them once and I'm still tweeking the recipe to get it just right. You definitely want these to cool before you eat them though. They taste better that way. I have to say that these don't smell very good, but they are very moist and taste just fine.

Crockpot Ravioli Casserole

I'm guessing the serving size would be about 1 cup. It figures out to about 9 raviolis plus some cheese and sauce.

Crockpot Cabbage Roll Casserole

I haven't actually made this yet, but it is very similar to an oven recipe I use. This recipe didn't give a serving size, but I will try to figure it out and revamp the recipe accordingly.

Hungry Girl Berries & Cream Oatmeal Base

This is the recipe without fruit in the nutritional info so you can swap out 1/2 c of any frozen fruit you want to add. I added a small chopped up apple and 10 red hot cinnamon candies! It was yummy, but I think I might throw in a few more candies next time to punch up the flavor or maybe just a little extra cinnamon.

Hungry Girl Triple Chocolate Cake

This is supposed to have a mixture of whipped topping and lite chocolate syrup, but I didn't like it so I make it without it. I also doubled the cake and yogurt to make a slightly bigger "cake". I beef up the fiber by adding 1 T of flax too, but I don't always do that so I didn't add that to the nutritional information.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Hungry Girl Chilly Chocolate Mudslide

I substituted some homemade Kahlua for the vodka they use.

Hungry Girl BLT Quesadilla

I used a flat out instead of the recommended La Tortilla Factory tortilla

Very Good (2 ratings)
Hungry Girl S'mores Snack Mix

I modified this recipe a little bit from the actual Hungry Girl recipe. I doubled all of the ingredients except for the Tootsie Rolls.

Cheesy Enchiladas

When I make this I make a great big batch cause it disappears fast! I'm sure that not using Hamburger Helper would make this recipe healthier, but my family loves the taste and it is quick and easy.

Hungry Girl Pineapple Rings 'n Things (9 x 13)

I modified this recipe to make a full pan because it was just easier that way. The stats are only about 10 cal difference from the original recipe.

Crockpot BBQ Chicken (no bun) Once a month option

This is more like "salsa" chicken. You can do this as a once a month cooking meal by preparing and freezing.

Hungry Girl Monkey Bread (using RF Grands)

May add nuts, apples, or raisins among the dough balls next time I try these, but that isn't in the nutrional info. Make sure you don't double this!! Recipe is soooo good! Hard to resist munching on all the left overs.

Hungry girl Super-Cheesy Crazy-EZ Shepherd's Pie

The original recipe was for 6 servings, but since it was so low cal I decided to make it a four serving dish.

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