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Recipes I've Shared:

Mexican Horchata Popsicles

This recipe came in a recipe book provided with the silicone popsicle molds I bought from Amazon. There was no UPC code with book, no ISBN number, no author or publisher information. I wanted to know nutrient info. My mold makes 10 popsicles about 3-4 oz (depends on how full you fill them). There was no author listed with the recipe booklet. Apparently the author had tried making this with the rice milk that is traditionally used in Horchata, but it made an icy texture. So the author decided to swap out the rice milk for coconut milk. I tried it with the coconut milk because I already had it and don't usually like rice milk. But I would think the rice milk would work as long as you realize it's going to be an icy texture and not a creamy texture, like this is. (I might even try doing it half and half the next time I make this.).

Asparagus, Foule Medammes and Tomatoes Dinner (Fava Beans)

This is what I fixed in the Instant Pot 7-30-2019 Tuesday because I wanted some veggies. I basically just dumped the two cans of beans and tomatoes and the one package of asparagus into IP, with a dab of coconut/ghee (which I need to go add), and some Spike vegetarian no-salt herbal seasoning. Each package held 2.5 to 3 servings but I just decided to call the total recipe 6 servings, just because... I can!

Buffalo Beans and Rice with Canned Chicken Breast

So this is what I cooked in the Instant Pot tonight. I actually used dried celery bits from the store, but can't find nutritional info and for the entire pot (6 qt), I only had about a teaspoon.

Julia's Lentils 1-13-2019 Instant Pot

made this up on the fly, no recipe, just open cans and dumped in. It's loosely based on various other lentil soup recipes I've used before. This one I cooked in Instant Pot.

Veronica's Garlic Salad

Wichita is famous for Garlic Salads, which are essentially a coleslaw type salad using garlic for seasoning, rather than sugar. This recipe comes from the blog of a former Wichitan, which I wrote about in my blog. This comes from

I frequently buy a garlic salad from my local grocer's deli, and it is made very much like this one. I don't have anything comparable to use for tracking and I rarely make it. So I want to add to the recipes here for me to use when eating out at local restaurants that also serve garlic salad (it's apparently a Wichita tradition).

Lebanese 7 Spice

Usually bought. Some online recipes use extra spices like ginger, fenugreek, or paprika, reflecting other area of the Middle East, but this is more like my friend used to use. Can use less or more of a spice depending on your (or family preference), like I prefer more cardamom than some.

Poultry Seasoning homemade mix 0.25 cups (use all in Cornell Chicken recipe)

Makes 1/4 cup homemade poultry seasoning - entire container used in one recipe of Cornell Chicken (4 chicken leg quarters). Could likely calculate smaller servings like 1/2 tsp or to taste for other seasoning pirposss?

Thick Chocolate Low Carb Shakes

BATGURL250 found this low carb or KETO friendly version of a Wendy's Frosty type chocolate shake, from this blog, and shared it with us in the Team Keto! team:

Unleavened Soft Bread

This is a recipe my husband has used for the past 40 years. I was pleased to see that BONESFAN had already uploaded, but that person is no longer a SparkUser. The nutrition info on that recipe needed to be changed to reflect the nutrition for each of the individual pieces, not for the entire pan of bread eaten at once. This is traditionally made in the spring for the Days of Unleavened Bread, or also Passover. We have made this with other oils - olive, corn, sesame, coconut, so switch it up if you like the different tastes. We usually make it 1/2 white flour or Unbleached all purpose flour, and half whole wheat. If you choose to make it with all whole wheat flour, you will gain better results by adding a 4th egg and likely need another cup of water. Also, I don't recall if original directions mentioned pulling bread out about halfway in baking time to use a fork or knife to prick holes in the bubbles - this will help them lay back down flat for rest of baking. As I am starting the low carb high fat this year, I plan to experiment making this with gluten free flours to lower carb count. Don't know yet how that will turn out.

Tropical Fruit Chia Smoothie

Hoping this comes off a bit low carb high fat smoothie. The fruit pack may push it over the edge.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Original Soul Bread Recipe (KETO or LCHF)

KETO, Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) friendly from
bread-recipes/ - blog has other adaptations

Incredible! (1 rating)
One-Pot Pad Thai (Kosher)

My friend found this KOSHER Pad Thai from a recipe on Facebook. All the Pad Thai recipes here use shrimp or pork or oysters, stuff I don't want. In this ingredient list, I've listed them in the order shown on the video, plus, in the video many of these were listed as 1/4 cup or 1/8 cup and the item in Spark Nutritional only had a teaspoon or tablespoon option - so I had to convert a bunch of them.
Nam Pla is the name of the type of Fish Sauce (different brands) that contains only Anchovies - no shrimp or oyster, etc. Also, the video doesn't say any brand, just "one package of bean noodle - 8 oz", and at our local Asian stores, they literally have hundreds of brands scattered among all the various Asian countries. I've seen other recipes where they substituted soba noodles or vermicelli (angel hair) etc. It's just a starch - use your favorite!!
The video refers to "3/4 cup Pad Thai Sauce" but then proceeds to name off 1/8 cup of the next 6 ingredients (fish sauce, vinegar etc). So I'll do that in the cooking instructions too.

No Hassle Pie Crust

My ex-mother-in-law made this pie crust all the time for every occasion. It looks like a lot of calories just for the crust, but this is supposed to make enough crust for THREE pies (9" pie shells). If you cut a pie into 8 pieces, that's about 273 calories a slice just for the shell, not including the topping. You might be able to get 12 or 16 skinny little pie slices, depending on topping. Or maybe experiment with using less shortening and more water/vinegar and perhaps another egg to reduce calories from shortening. That might be an interesting science project for another day. Otherwise, this close to Thanksgiving, I don't want to mess with tradition!

Mint & Yogurt Bread

From the DAK TurboBaker V Breadmaker machine (no longer produced). This recipe makes about 1.5 pounds and designed for round machines where the yeast goes in first (bottom) and liquids on top. For square type machines where yeast goes on last, just reverse the sequence of ingredients, and adjust proportions if your machine is smaller (see manufacturer directions for conversions). My family LOVES this recipe. I've also used dried mint as well as fresh mint, and I tend to use the plain full-fat (healthy fat) yogurt, rather than no-fat with the added gelatins, gums, carageenan, or other thickeners - the more bacteria strains, the better, as far as I'm concerned. We've also used other bread flours, not necessarily King Arthur brand, so that's up to you as well. Breads usually include some salt to improve bread rising, but this recipe does not call for salt. I've used unsalted butter in this recipe with good results so I'm guessing the natural sodium in lemon or in the yogurt may be at play here? It works somehow! or has, for us!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Bean & Corn Salad

This is a yummy salad that my mom found, and I like it for breakfast or lunch as well as a side for dinner.

Cherry Berry Hemp Smoothie 06-02-2013

I doubt I make this exactly same way and amounts next time but at least I can track the calories better this time.

Clementine Carrot Blueberry Smoothie

Clementines, Carrots & Blueberries

Almond Bread (unleavened)

This is a delicious sweet unleavened bread that can be used as an appetizer or as a dessert. It's kind of rich, and I had to guess at portion sizes. We usually get from 12-18 slices per loaf of bread (actually I haven't paid a great deal of attention and may edit this next time I make it). I know some people will slice down the length of their bread pans after making the individual slices across the short width, to double the amount of bread servings available (especially for a large meal with many guest and wanting to make a lot of smaller pieces to go around). Prep time could be 10 minutes, or longer, depending on how prepared you are. I'm calling these "snacks" but I've seen these used as dessert, especially to accompany fruit or ice cream.

Southern Peach Yambake

We got this from the Garvin County Extension office, Paul's Valley, OK "The Nineties Cookbook" and it's been our traditional go-to. I was curious to see the calorie breakdown, and I typically use the Bruce's brand (can't remember if it's yams or sweet potatoes. I also tend to use the kosher/halal brand of marshmallows - they just seem to "work" better, taste better. I tend to smash my peaches all up and blend them in lightly so it's more like a souffle rather than chunks of veggies (and have been known to add raisins or pineapple chunks in it as well.). It could be called "vegetarian" if one leaves off the marshmallows or finds a vegan version?

Apple-Asparagus-Banana-Berry Smoothe

The Freggie Smoothie I made for my lunch and snacks today. Yum! Sorry, I drank it all before I thought to take a photo.

No Bake Protein Balls

I originally blogged about this recipe and where I got it in my blog

Beef Chili (uninspired).

Nothing fancy. I just wanted some beans, and found some freezer burned lean beef that we had inherited and wanted to use it up. But too hot to mess with following some complicated recipe and my son won't eat the good chili with cut up onions, garlic, green peppers.

Corn, Beans & Pea Salad

A cool summertime veggie salad that I converted from a standard "cookbook" recipe, along with my own commentary which was not in the original fundraiser hometown cookbook. Sorry I ate it all up before I could take a picture...maybe I can edit and add it later. Mostly green & pretty!

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Juicing and Smoothie Recipes
Will add recipes to use for juicing veggies and fruits, or for smoothies. I think overall I prefer smoothies, but juicing has its place.
Unleavened Bread Recipes
Recipes for Passover or Days of Unleavened Bread. These do not contain yeast, baking soda, baking powder, or other forms of leavening.
Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Indo-Pak etc
Middle Eastern - Lebanese, Egyptian, Jordanian, Iranian/Persian as well as farther east - Indian, Pakistan, etc. - Most of these I have EATEN at restaurants, some I have made, or I want to try to make the recipes. Some Greek Israeli Italian, Turkish etc. I'm not particular!! It's good!!
Ice Cream/Sherberts/Gelato Vegan Vegetarian
Lots of times I want the cold creamy iciness of ice cream or gelato or sherbert or frozen custard etc, and I'm not real picky about it (I don't think). Plus I want to try vegan or vegetarian options for those times when I think I've had too much dairy, and stevia flavored to avoid the excess sugar.
KETO, Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)
Want to try out some recipes. So far the keto way of eating (woe) seems to be working way better than Atkins ever did. In my case, I seem to respond better to the medium amounts protein and higher level of healthy fats.
Fermentables - Yogurt Kefir Kombusha etc
DIY Mixes - spices, sauces, gravy, breads, etc.
Make our own mixes for spice blends, sauce packets, gravy packets, salad dressing mixes, all-in-one flour mixes for cakes, cookies, breads, pancakes, etc. We can control for ingredients we don't need - sodium, artificial colors/flavors etc. Gluten-Free folks, make other changes as needed.
Instant Pot Recipes
Spice mixes, DIY mixes
Middle Eastern/Israeli/Indo-Pak/Lebanese etc
Asian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc
Anti-angiogenic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer