Recipes I've Shared:

Peanut butter fat bomb

With NK (Nutritional Ketosis) our main source of energy should come from fat. Sometimes it can be hard to find good easy snacks that contain a very high amount of fat. The solution is to make “fat bombs” that you can use whenever you feel for a little snack. There are plenty of variations. This is my PB version

Atkins Eggnog (Low Carb)

Perfect for breakfast or dessert,as long as you don't mind raw eggs you'll be able to partake in something "sweet"

Fried Brown Rice

A nice alternative to fried Chinese rice

American Asian Chicken

A quick, low carb chicken dinner main dish. Buttery smooth taste with a quick clean up.

Protein Pumpkin Pie

Mini Protein Pumpkin Pie Dessert

Low Fat Rice Pudding

Low Cal dessert with less carbs