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Very simple Egg salad for one

If your anything like me you keep your recipes simple and that's exactly what this is. This is a low carb option for those looking for that.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Billie's quiche cups

Quick breakfast idea for on the go.

Billie's Powerful Detoxing Salad

This will cleanse you with Vitamins and fiber!

Billie's spectacular Quiche

Yummy eggs, cheese, and heavy cream. Sigh, yes high in fat, but high in protein and the spinach and tomato's justify the potential cholesterol in this dish. Not suitable for everyday consumption, or anyone wearing a pace maker. Ingredients can be modified to meet your individual nutritional needs. Consult your physician before eating this recipe.

My strata recipe

basic breakfast strata to make my morning easier

basic french toast

any easy way to use up a loaf of Italian Bread! Only one other ingredient required!

My chicken salad that I made 3/30/2015

this is the chicken salad I made for making up sandwiches for the week. I'm gonna work on making this lower in fat and calories.

cheesy bacon scalloped potatoes

Cheddar cheese and bacon...uh and super easy. About 15 minutes to prepare and about an hour to bake, and so much better for you than the packaged stuff!

Taco Seasoning Only

This is Just the seasoning for ground beef

Just Like McD's "Egg McMuffin" Only less fat and calories!

if made in advance this is a great healthier alternative to stopping thru the drive thru! less than 300 cal and only 9 grams of fat!

my crockpot beef stew

this recipe is nice and easy. no cutting no nothing. just pouring the ingredients into the crockpot.
if you put all together the night before, and store it in the fridge you can just start it in the morning. dinner will be done when you get home!!

my egg sandwich

just my breakfast in the morning. just thought i'd share it. it's very low in fat.

chicken teriyaki

this goes great with rice and vegetables. and it's super easy!

small deviled eggs

this is a single serve portion for when you are low on protein.

low fat egg and cheese sandwich

for me!!!!! add turkey bacon for extra protien.

breakfast burrito filling

good breakfast on the go!

simple macaronni salad

makes enough for a great sparkpeople party!!!!!

potato salad with helmans LIGHT MAYO

one of my favorite summer foods.

tuna salad

a great sandwich

turkey tacos

this recipe is just the filling. it does not include the toppings. if you use 2 oz. of filling this recipe will fill 16 tacos. (old elpaso says two hard shell tacos = 1 serving. ) if you don't want to make 16 tacos you can certainly cut this recipe in half.

Billie's basic mash potato recipe

low fat, low calorie mash potatoes. can serve up to 12 people if you serve them 1/2 cup servings.

crock pot italin chicken

my husband brought home a healthy cook book from work with this recipe in it. it is so good!!! this is good recipe for portioning out your meals in advance. this recipe serves 12 3oz. pieces. and is super easy to make in the Crockpot.

baked macaroni and cheese

i got this recipe from the discovery health channel. i left out 1 tablespoon of light butter, 2 tablespoons reduced fat Parmesan cheese, and a slice of whole wheat bread. the original used fat free milk instead of the 1% i used.

low fat alfredo sauce

this is the sauce part of the chicken crostina recipe that was floating around a while ago with some changes so it has WAY less calories and fat. this verson only has 4.5 grams of fat and only 125.2 calories!!

Billies light chicken salad

a lighter version of my favorite sandwich. i can't go too long with out a good chicken salad sandwich. this version is light and packed with protein!

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Billie's cookbook
welcome to Billie's cook book