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Recipes I've Shared:

Black Bean & Avocado Brownies

Gluten Free, protein packed, super moist brownies! Best served with Vanilla Greek yogurt or Halo top Ice Cream!

Breakfast Shephard Pie

I created this recipe for those mornings when you feel like you could eat a horse and a scrambled egg with some fruit just won't do it but you don't want to go eat a bunch of fat that a fast food meal will get you. While cooking this, I was in the mindset that I wanted something like a breakfast burrito without the tortilla, but I had some extra spaghetti squash so I threw it in and turned into a casserole. This recipe is great for the 17 day diet if you are on cycle 2/3! If you don't have all these ingredients don't worry about it, customize it to your taste buds!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Cauliflower Crusted Pizza!!

Are you on the 17 Day Diet (including cycle 1), are you looking for a low fat and low cal version of pizza but with a non diety taste? Look No further! I LOVE PIZZA ( i even have a poem on my blog) and when I started the 17 DD I thought it was loong gone out my life but recipe has totally changed me! You can split with others or have it all for yourself (4 serv. equals only 540 cal.!) Enjoy!

Yummy creamy Low fat Dressing

This junk gives high fat ranch a run for its money! The recipe is very compliant for the 17 day diet and if you're like me and tired of having vinaigrette dressings on your salad and miss that rich creamy texture, THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION! This has resemblance in taste to ranch peppercorn or gyro sauce, looove it!!!

Super Low Calorie Salad Dressing

I found this recipe on Get Healthy and it is sooo good!! and the best part is that its a CREAMY low cal dressing that taste great with less then 30 calories per serving( 2 tbls.)!

White Rotel Cheese Dip

This dip do look like vomit hahaha but it taste fantastic, i first tasted it at a church meeting and it was fabulous but i didnt know what it was called, all i knew was it was a dip with pork sausage in it and it was white, luckily for me it was enough information for google, hope you like!