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Recipes I've Shared:

Chicken Dijon Stroganoff

A lighter Stroganoff that's strong on flavor

South African Banana Bread

I received this recipe over 30 years ago from a South African friend, it s not low cal, but its filling and makes a delicious dessert or snack , you can add nuts or chocolate chips if you like

Chicken chili

A mild but flavorful chicken chili that is delicious as is or used in burritos or quesadillas

orzo and rice pilaf with vegetables

A versatile side dish that can easily be adapted for different tastes or to what you have on hand . I like to switch the celery for red bell pepper and the zucchini for spinach and add a little feta and pine nuts for a Mediterranean meal. or use basil or fresh oregano for another variation Just make sure you have the proportions right and it should turn out perfect every time.

Chicken Suizas Enchiladas

A lighter version of traditional Suizas( Swiss style ) enchiladas using Greek yogurt in place of sour cream and fat free half and half in place of cream with a low fat cheese blend.

Winter roots soup

It's like potato leek soup on steroids , Parsnips, celery root and fresh thyme add sweetness and depth .

Sweet squash soup

A simple soup with complex flavors. Butternut, perfection or delicata squash all work well in this soup with oriental spices, adapted from the China Moon cookbook by Barbara Tropp

Bruscetta Mozerella

a warm twist on Bruscetta

Coconut curry with sweet vegetables

This mild yellow curry mixed with naturally sweet vegetables will win over children and curry haters alike. If you like more heat add 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper with the spices. Serve over rice and provide a variety of condiments to sprinkle on top . I like to use chopped peeled cucumber, green onions, cilantro and chopped toasted almonds. You can also use toasted peanuts and coconut , golden raisins or diced peeled seeded tomato

Creamy asian salad dressing

Sam Choys recipe , makes a great dressing for spinach , cabbage or pasta salads , you can add chili peppers and garlic for a spicy version or a squeeze on grilled fish is also good

Broccoli in garlic sauce

Asian seasonings that work well with broccoli ,

Szechwan carrot and ginger soup

A carrot ginger soup with zip!

chopped salad

this is a basic chopped salad , start here and add as many other ingredients as you like the main thing is to chop everything roughly the same size, cutting juicy ingredients last and blanching harder veges like the carrots, green beans , corn then chilling them before mixing in this salad works well with a creamy dressing or a vinaigrette

Shortcut Jambalaya

By adding extra veges ,rice , chicken, sausage and shrimp to a packaged jambalaya mix , it cuts the sodium back a bit and makes a substansial main dish, I like to serve with a chopped salad for a complete meal

Tika chicken open faced sandwiches

Billy Star prepared this on the Ming Tsai show . It's so delicious and pretty to look at too. The calories and sodium look high because it includes all ingredients, even though you don't consume them all most of the marinade is discarded ,. I love the hot sauce drizzle but it's optional and even though I try to make less I usually end up with way more than I need to get the proportions right .

Hot and sour soup with summer vegetables

Adapted from China Moon Cookbook

Spicy Couscous salad

Mediterranean flavors with a kick , a great way to use up leftover couscous, very adaptable , if you don't have spinach try add diced zucchini or green beans instead, for richer flavor add some feta cheese or pine nuts

Turkey mushroom burgers

Sauteed mushrooms and onions added into turkey give a flavor and nutritional boost to these burgers

Thai Chicken with Fresh Basil

Traditional Thai dish lightened up a bit but still packed with flavor , I like to serve on a bed of finely shredded cabbage for a change from rice

Chicken and Vegetables in oyster sauce

A Chinese take out favorite with less fat and salt and more flavor

French Potato Salad

I like to use this herbal potato salad as a base for Nicoise salad, as shown in the photo, but it's tasty enough to stand alone, best served as soon as it's made or at room temperature.

Summer Pilaf

Rice and orzo with fresh veges, herbs, feta cheese and pine nuts make a flavorful bed for grilled chicken ,fish or vegetables

Ginger rice

A pretty and flavorful side with Asian flavors great with fish or chicken

Dan dan Mein

A lighter take on classic Chinese street food adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe

Sunrise smoothie

Sweet and satisfying without adding any sweeteners

vegetable tomato sauce

a nice sauce for pasta dishes

Crispy mustard chicken strips

Chicken is marinated in a creamy mustard sauce then rolled in seasoned Panko and baked to golden brown perfection

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

A little goes a long way . Delicious on baby greens or as a quick topping for grilled chicken

Chicken Au Jus _ French Dip

A lighter alternative to a french dip sandwich

Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

Cooks up in a jiffy but tastes like you spent all day

Chicken enchilada pie

This is a layered enchilada without a lot of sauce, it cuts into neat firm portions and is delicious with fresh salsa nad diced avocado on the side .

creamy garlic dressing

I use this on a salad made with baby spinach, tart apples and scallions

Easy Black Bean soup

My family loves this soup , To make it a meal in a bowl, add rice, freezes well