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Recipes I've Shared:

Veggie Egg Muffins

Adapted from

Lentil-Cheddar Casserole

Makes 6 generous servings.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Cabbage Stir Fry

Had a bunch of veggies that I needed to cook so I cobbled this recipe together.

Teriyaki Thighs


HH Low-Sodium Soy Sauce

From the cookbook, 500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes - page 23

Very Good (1 rating)
Homemade Basil & Parsley Pesto

Each cup of pesto is 10 servings.

Very Good (1 rating)
Strawberry Gummies

I don't use the gummy molds as I find filling them is too tedious. I just pour the mixture into a baking tin and cut it into 12 servings. Way easier.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Chicken Rice Lentil Stew

I made my own broth using 2 chickens with only white meat left on them, celery, garlic and onions and then used that as the base for the soup.

Chicken & Rice Pilaf

I usually just add whatever vegetables I have in my fridge for this dish and adjust the recipe accordingly.

Bacon Cheese Frittata

Ham works, too. I used 3 slices of ham the first time I made the recipe.

Crispy Chicken with Herbs

I usually use Fontina cheese for this recipe but the only cheese I had today was the grated Parmesan so that's what I used.

*I had 5 breasts when I made this so I just cut them in half.

Zucchini & Beans w/Garlic

Just some veggies from the garden that I cooked together.

Baked Parmesan Summer Squash Slices

Just something I threw together today.

Dad's Coleslaw

This is a salad recipe that my dad makes often.

Hakuna Frittata-modified from book

Modified recipe from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry by Janet & Greta Podleski

Santa Fe Quinoa Salad

A gluten-free vegetarian salad.

Ground Beef Hash

A recipe created based on the ingredients I had on hand.

Pork Chop, Rice, Pea & Onion Stir-Fry

Just added a bunch of leftovers to a frying pan.

Pork Chops & Rice Mushroom Soup Casserole

My mum used to make this regularly when I was a kid.

Garlic Roast Beef

adapted from a Canadian Living recipe

Moosewood Cream of Cauliflower Soup

modified from their Low-Fat Favourites cookbook - the original recipe called for buttermilk but I added cheese instead

Cheesy Potatoes & Zucchini

I made this to use up some left-over potatoes and zucchini.

Bkwerm's Low-Sodium Homemade Mild Salsa

I had a cookbook recipe for homemade salsa using fresh tomatoes but I didn't want to bother with fresh as canned, no salt added tomatoes are more readily available.

Rice & Black Bean Casserole w/lots of veggies

I combined of a couple of rice and bean recipes I had and added a bunch of veggies I had on hand to it, too.

Linguine With Roasted Cauliflower

modified Lucy Waverman recipe

Zoodles in a Veggie Pesto Sauce

Good dish for those who are trying to eat fewer carbs.

Autumn Chopped Salad

modified from

Roasted Asparagus

Moosewood recipe

Tropical Green Protein Smoothie

from but modified

Curried Potato Salad with Sweet Peppers

Adapted from Veggie Life magazine

Plum & Peach Crumble

Made to use up plums and peaches.

Fresh Dill Pasta Salad

modified from

Morning Glory Protein Muffins

a modified Dashing Dish recipe

Breakfast Blueberry-Oatmeal Cakes

I modified an Eating Well recipe to up the protein.

PB Protein Muffins

a Dashing Dish recipe with modifications

Roasted Beet & Rosemary Soup


Moroccan White Bean & Spinach Soup

A compilation of 3 soup recipes.

Chicken Noodle & Vegetable Soup

Modified Alphabet Chicken Soup from 1,001 Low-Fat Soups & Stews by Sue Spitler

Curried Zucchini Couscous w/Lentils

A modified Eating Well magazine recipe

Garlic Rosemary Marinated Lamb Chops

SP's main recipe category was a mandatory field and Beef & Pork seemed closer than the other choices.

Buttermilk Chicken Breasts (low-sodium)

You can use 2 cups buttermilk or make your own using the following:

- 2 cups nonfat (skim) milk
- 2 tbsps lemon juice

Put 2 tbsps lemon juice in a small bowl and add 2 cups milk. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Eat Clean Quinoa w/Sundried Tomatoes

I didn't have quinoa so I used Casbah Ancient Grain Blend instead and used that to figure out the nutritional data.

Slow-Cooked Classic Beef Chili

modified from Fix-it & Forget-it Lightly

Rosemary Roasted Beets

The recipe is a modified recipe from Canadian Living and includes black pepper, which I've never added because I don't like pepper.

Bowtie Pasta Veggie Salad

Makes 8 1-cup servings.

Cauliflower Salad (fake potato)

I think the official name for this salad is No Potato Potato Salad but I renamed it Cauliflower Salad so that it gets sorted correctly.

Greek Pasta Salad

modified from Eating Well magazine - July/August 2012 issue

French Lentil Salad

Modified recipe from Chatelaine magazine.

4-Cheese Whole Wheat Macaroni & Cheese

Serving Size: Makes 8 1.5-cup servings.

Maple Mustard Marinade

Use with two pork tenderloins (approx. 2 pounds).

Pasta w/Pesto Sauce & Veg

Makes 10 1 cup servings

Crustless Quiche with Veggies & Cheddar Cheese

The original recipe called for Mozzarella but I only had Cheddar.

Ground Beef Stroganoff

Makes 8 servings. Equals 12 WW PointsPlus.

Very Good (6 ratings)
Roast Pork with Maple & Mustard Glaze

from - revised to cook in a crockpot

Robinson Crusoe

Makes 6 servings.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Bean & Corn Salad

Makes 6 cups

Chicken, Lentil & Rice Soup

Makes 8 generous servings.

Rosemary Roasted Veggies

Makes 12 1/2 cup servings

Greek Rice Salad

Makes 10 1-cup servings (approx.)

Cream of Spinach Soup

from Mollie Katzen's Soup Book

Very Good (4 ratings)
Light Cream of Celery Soup

from Molly Katzen's Soup Recipes

Very Good (2 ratings)
Gypsy Soup

from Mollie Katzen's book "Soups"

Makes 4 or 5 servings

Brazillian Black Bean Soup

from the book "Soups" by Mollie Katzen

Curried Tuna & Rice Salad

Makes 8 1-cup servings

Curried Whole Wheat Egg Noodles & Veg

one of my regular and favourite recipes

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