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Recipes I've Shared:

Mushrooms, sausage and peppers

20 minute meal - idea for over rice, pasta, polenta or baked potatoes - also great for stuffed sandwiches.

Pork and Cabbage with Jasmine rice

Quick to toss-together braised cabbage and pork dish.

GF chocolate quinoa cake

This dense, flavorful Gluten Free cake is delicious topped with traditional butter frosting or powdered sugar glaze and offers a nice amount of protein and fiber for a dessert! Additionally, unlike many GF baked goods, it has a nice "crumb" to it that actually holds together when you cut it...

Black bean and quinoa salad

This quick and easy vegan salad is a big hit for picnics and potlucks since it travels and holds well and is delicious at cold or at room temperature.

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Turkey Burritos of Delishisness

These tasty burritos are fast enough to make after even the busiest of days...and are great with a green salad on the side...I find they really are best with the smoky, yet robust, flavor of Ancho chili powder, but any will do fine...just adjust the amount as necessary to counteract a potential SU-heat overdose...

Zucchini & quinoa 1-dish dinner

Just a quick main meal for vegetarians or a side dish that would be great with fish or chicken.

Vegan 'refried' red beans

Hearty addition to any vegan (or other) meal

vegan mushroom and barley

Tasty, easy vegan meal

Bacon and Barley scramble

Comes in slightly healthier than bacon, eggs and a stack of pancakes... and has a nice fiber and protein content. It also 'sticks to the ribs' and keeps you full and going for hours. Great with a bowl of fresh berries or other fruit.

Chipolte de Adobo pork & WheatberrySalad

This fast and tasty salad is ideal for using up leftovers -- you can easily replace pork for chicken, cocoa-salsa for regular salsa and toss in some fresh cilantro for a nice twist on leftover chicken.

Chipotle de adobo grilled pork

Tender, spicy... fast and easy to cook... is perfect as is, on rice, in sandwiches and in many other ways ...

De-constructed sweet-sour cabbage rolls

I had some lovely organic cabbage in my CSA basket this week and some home-ground meat to use up. This was very tasty and comforting with 1/2 the work of rolling cabbage rolls and baking.

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

Step back grandma your old classic just got a face lift! This Gluten Free blueberry muffin is tender, crumbly and full of flavor!

I got the Blues burger

Tasty with bursts of fresh herbs and rich meaty taste...complimented by tasty, toasted Dave's Killer Blues Bread.

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Red pepper relish

A tasty topping to any burger or sandwich... also tasty toasted on top of a cord tostada.

Mexican inspired quinoa

Tasty alternative to rice ... especially in a taco salad or on a burrito...

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Barley Veggie soup

This is totally an 'out of the pantry' recipe, so to speak....just created as I went, with stuff on hand....

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Beef & Barley soup w/ Roasted Root Veggies

I was just in the mood for something hardy & warming...and this was the stuff I had on hand... so I just faked it... I wanted something just a bit different than my old school beef stew, which is tasty too... but it was a "let's shake things up kinda day". I will admit there is a bit of extra work involved - what with needing to roast the veggies...but it's worth it...

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Simple Syrup

water/sugar syrup used for sweetening hot drinks...etc...

Ancho Chili beans and rice

Ancho chili powder is a light smoky chili powder that lends itself well to a variety of foods, including this easy and versatile rice dish. However, this recipe works well with any chili powder from chipotle to Pasilla Negro - depending on how hot and spicy you like things. It also reheats beautifully and keeps in the fridge for a week if well sealed.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies

A special occasion delight

Penne and Black beans

This is a fairly fast and easy recipe that is quite tasty... I'm calling a serving 2 cups.

Fannie Farmer's Basic Muffins

This is a classic recipe from Fannie Farmer's Cookbook that I adjusted just a bit by using nonfat milk instead of regular or buttermilk, which is how my grandmother always made it. This easy batter is a great backdrop for nearly any ingredient.

Egg dumplings

I can't say this is "my recipe..." I'm pretty sure it's been around for eons...but they are Easy, soul-satisfying egg-flour dumplings... great in any broth...or with gravy. They are also very filling and great to have with a salad.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Dish It!
A cupboard full of herbs and spices makes me feel like a rich woman; for the simplest ingredients, perfectly prepared and seasoned, become a dish worthy of any royal court.