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Recipes I've Shared:

Coffee Muffins

A simple tasty recipe

Apple Rice

A sweet treat, comfort food

Steph's vegetables rice

Alternative to Chinese fried vegetable rice

Oat flour & Millet flour pancakes - glutenfree

This is for people on an antifungal diet. Glutenfree, sugarfree and no raising agent

Parsley Cheese Balls

A Core Balance Diet snack

Crunchy Sugar Snaps

Recipe from Core Balance Diet

Curried Chicken Salad

Another recipe from the Core balance diet

Core Balance Diet Fiber Shake

This shake us recommend daily during the first 2 weeks of Core Balance Diet and later to add extra protein to the diet


An East African snack loved in many countries

Classic Masala Dossa

For proper Dossa the rice & lentils need to ferment overnight

Steph's Vegetable Soup

An easy recipe to make a quick & creamy soup

Simple Coffee Flavored Ice Cream

Simple to make - from You tube

Coconut Rice

Goes well with curries and other stews. The coconut adds an exotic taste to the rice

Cinnamon Honey Tea

An old recipe from home. Honey & Cinnamon are both natural anti-infective. This helps for cold, arthritis, and other infections

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Another one of my quick salads

Tomato Cheese Salad

One of my quick salads


A traditional Eastafrican sweet


a traditional east african sweet


This is my version of a traditional Kenyan dish. Quick to make since you use cooked & frozen food

Incredible! (1 rating)
Indian Chapati without oil

Most of my indian friends put a little oil into these chapati, but a friend tought me how to make them without oil

Boiled Eggs in Mustard Sauce

This is a recipe from my Mum, which I adjusted to my likes replacing white flour with whole grain flour, butter with Sunflour oil and cream with milk and added a few spices

Beef soup a la Steph

Easy to make, wamrs you up on a cold day.

One of these recipes you can do while multitasking, just throw everything in the pot and let it simmer away

Steph's Italian Vinegarette

My favorite Salad Dressing

Low-fat Cinnamon rolls

suffering from Pancreatitis I had to rethink some of my recipes.


A low-fat version of the Swiss Bircher Muesli


An African Staple, also known as Mealies in Southafrica

needs to be well cooked on low heat


This was an emergency, when I got unexpected visitors and had not much food in the house, but it worked out well.

Coffee Cake

A recipe from my friend Rowena


This medicine works wonders in coughs and colds. The honey helps as a decongestant, the Lemon juice gives Vitamin C, the Ginger boosts the bodies resistance

Simple Marble Cake

A Recipe from my friend Rowena

Coconut Rice

A recipe from the Kenyan Coast

Chicken Casserole

I found this recipe in a recipe book for Missionaries in East Africa

Ethiopian Chickpea Sauce

This is an easy to make side dish which goes well with stirfried meat and tortilla. Traditionally it is eaten with Injera, a kind of Ethiopian Tortilla


A traditional Kenyan Meal. Staple food for many

German crumble cake

Mum's secret recipe

Plantains with Peanutsauce

A traditional Kenyan Recipe


A German traditional dish from Baden-Wuerttemberg

Mango PIe, low sugar

Easy to make, can be baked in Combi Microwave

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Christmas treats below 100kcal
I want to have christmas treats, but not mess up my diet. Goal to get through the season without weight gain
Low Calorie Favourites
Deserts & Treats
Low caloric condiments