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Yummy Personal Pizzas

Not the healthiest, but not too bad!! If you rinse mushrooms that removes some of the sodium!!

Slowcooker Cabbage unrolls

These really aren't rolls, but taste just like them and are really healthy and yummy, however salt content is a bit high.

Shrimp Shirataki Stir Fry

This is my first attempt with tofu shirataki noodles, I think it turned out pretty yummy. These noodles are great, I can't wait to make a italian dish with them!!!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Scrumptious Jello Fruit Dessert

This is really yummy and you would never guess it's healthy!!

Jalapeno Chicken Crunch

This is a pretty yummy dish if you like spicy, if not, you could always leave out the jalapeno's.

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