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Recipes I've Shared:

Kneaders Turkey Cranberry Sunflower salad

This is SOOO good. Couldn't find it on site, so guessed at measurements...

Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread

adapted from the recipe at the blog

chocolate chip buttons

so named by my daughter ;) a healthy chocolate chip cookie with whole wheat and applesauce!

Turkey Lentil Meatloaf

Just wanted to add a little depth to the family favorite! Usually use more ketchup on top, but ran out.

Whole Wheat Crepes

wanted some healthy ones for groundhog day ;) Adapted from the recipe that comes with your vita mix. ;)

vita mix banana pancakes

quick - almost like crepes though

chicken enchilada casserole

with whole wheat tortillas

dutch oven whole wheat carrot pineapple cake xagave style

adapted from the recipe in the Xagave cook book for Whole wheat carrot pineapple cake

Red Lentil and Beef Sloppy Joes

from Canadian Lentils site -

Bok Choi, Cabbage and pepper beef stir fry

this is a combination of recipes off the internet

Easy Hamburger Stew (with turkey)

this is from a recipe in my hubby's favorite cookbook "Where's Mom Now That I Need Her?". We used ground turkey instead of ground beef and added some cabbage. Yum! This is also about 3 times the regular recipe. Makes enough for leftovers.

Mini bacon and egg tarts

this is from I changed some of the ingredients to be a bit more diet friendly (you'd think they would have too, but it was a penny pinching recipe. ) enjoy!

gluten free chocolate shortbread cookies

adapted from Wringing out My Sponge blog. She suggested adding honey instead of the stevia and applesauce - I did that. I also substituted 1 cup of oat flour instead of 2 cups almond flour/meal. You could do the 2 cups of the almond, but I found this worked great!

Blender whole wheat crepes

This is from Vita-mix's recipe book. An easy way to enjoy a favorite! Fill with cottage cheese and strawberries and top with whipped topping....YUM

cabbage chicken soup

actually - this was a toss whatever I could think of in the pot for soup. Turned out pretty good. Enjoy!

Whole Wheat Blender protein Pancakes

This is from Dana Thornocks Lean and Free 2000 cookbook. It's her blender pancakes with added protein...low fat and sugar free

Protein blueberry breakfast cake - low fat, no sugar!

a protein twist to our favorite breakfast - no sugar added!

protein cookies

wanted some cookies with a little bit of a kick to them...

Boiled English Mince dish

This is a recipe lightened up that my brother brought back from England while in the Air Force. He loves it, my sister-in-law hates it simply because of the idea of boiling the meat. Great at as a filler for burritos and topping for tamales, good for lots of variations as well. Mixed canned veggies are the regular recipe. It ends up kind of like a stew.

almond chocolate protein bars

the homemade way to have a great protein bar. You can do whatever flavor protein you like, I did a mixture of vanilla and chocolate, we've done just chocolate, but whatever you use, enjoy!

Brownies with marshmallows - low fat

this is a variation on a family favorite

Homemade Baked French Fries

these are our favorite!

Lean Beef and bean burgers

I wanted something different, these turned out great!

Low Fat Ham Fried Rice

a yummy alternative to restaurant

Roasted Veggies, lentils and barley soup

a good fall/winter soup with leftovers from Thanskgiving. If you don't have leftover roasted veggies, just add them raw to the broth and cook with the barley.

Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie

this is adapted from the recipe off for Meta Givens. Different approach to pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pecan (walnut) Pie

this is a try at the pecan part - but then discovered I didn't have any. Did walnuts instead, and no crust.

family size No Yolk easy lasagna

this was a recipe off their site that I adapted to lower fat and more protein and 4 x the batch

crock pot multi grain hot cereal

wanted to see how many grains I could cook into a cereal. turned out great! Next time I might add corn and flax...

Savory rice - white version

made with white rice instead of brown

pork loin roast with apples, onions and mushrooms

this is adapted from Pioneerwoman's pork roast

Chicken, rice, broccoli, mushroom and squash bake

my daughter wanted to make this. turned out good.

Apple Cobbler remix - lightened up

enjoyed the recipe posted by budget mom, but left out the butter and used truvia instead of sugar. I think it would do even better with 2 servings of protein...

Parker Family Excellent Turkey Black Bean and Rice Burritos Supreme

I tried to find a recipe in all the tons on here that had everything I wanted to put in. There were lots that had parts, but not all I wanted, so we had to build our own. Turned out great, so enjoy! We served them with chopped lettuce and FF sour cream.

low fat cheese ball

yummy way with crackers

crock pot pumpkin chocolate bread pudding

would have been good with nuts too

potato cabbage dinner

a quick an simple dinner

Baked Pollock with squash

a way to use up veggies and have fish too - served with brown rice

Bacon Potato Broccoli Soup

The bacon just adds a flavor without lots of fat.

homemade Crustless pumpkin pie low fat low sugar

this is version two of the one posted by JESSICAB1221.

Creamy polenta with milk

a breakfast idea instead of cream of wheat. Served with honey or berries...yum

Instant Tomato Onion Cheese soup

A recipe from Vita Mix for tomato soup

Crispy baked chicken tenders

a great way to have a 'baked' chicken feel.

caramellow corn

sort of lower fat, but not really. a recipe my son brought home from school, yum!

Low fat Pigs n Blankets

a family favorite made over - yum!

low fat sugar cookies from mix

using a generic mix and white beans with egg substitute - quick and easy sugar cookie!

Low fat sugar free oreo cookie salad

now a family favorite .. could make with chocolate pudding as well for a more chocolate taste. Can also try bananas with it.

Lower fat homemade oreos

I thought I'd see how they did lower fat...the frosting isn't lower fat though - you could put whipped topping in instead and it would be great. Based on a recipe found in Smells like home, and Smittens Kitchen

Chicken and black bean salsa chili for a crowd

This is a take off GMBLOVE's recipe. I used cooked chicken and fresh ingredients - just didn't do it in the slow cooker.

slow cooker wheat, oats and fruit

this is adapted from KARICHELLES apple cinnamon breakfast. YUM

Creamy Light mac n cheese

from cooking light - without the gourmet cheese, the color makes you think it's more cheesy, but the butternut is great

Very Good (2 ratings)
Freezer garlic Dill Pickles

made with honey instead of sugar - surprisingly good! Got this from The Other Side of Fifty blog.

Slow cooker peach cobbler

a cheat, but still yummy

Homemade marinara sauce 1

got this from a site called a former chef...don't have any wine, which is what his called for. Used red wine vinegar and vegetable broth. Turned out excellent!

Incredible! (1 rating)
chicken cordon bleu bake

a fast way to have the great flavor

Dana's Fruit Juice Syrup

a great way to avoid processed sugar syrup - from Dana's Lean and Free 2000

Steamed Zucchini for 1

my favorite way to eat zucchini!

Zucchini bread sourdough protein pancakes

got this off the internet - lightened it up and added protein.

Parker Family Burgers

a yummy way to lower the fat of your burgers and add flavor.

Roasted Butternut and Zucchini

yummy way to combine the two. Roasting the squash gives it a carmelized flavor.

Quick stroganoff topping low fat

a quick way to have stroganoff if you don't have leftovers

Zucchini chocolate chocolate chip cookies low fat

these are low fat and amazing!! Great way to use up that Zucchini out of the garden, if you have enough to spare.

Mushroom rice bake with broccoli

a change up on the mushroom casserole

Beans and Rice Casserole - almost vegetarian

a change from my usual mushroom casserole

oat flour chocolate chip cookies low fat

wanted to see if I could make them without flour for my gluten free friends. These turned out great - and they're low fat!

microwave molten lava cake cups

these are low fat and low sugar - great when you are craving chocolate. Got this from

Homemade fries with chili and cheese

a family favorite made homemade fries

Low Fat Blueberry Breakfast Cake

This is a family favorite, lightened up with Greek yogurt! adapted from a recipe in the Joy of Cooking.

Quick Sourdough Pancakes

these taste great, and cook so fast! It was crazy how the baking soda made it foam. Would be fun for kids to make and see the reaction to the starter. Got this recipe from Authentic site, where they also had a couple more sourdough recipes. If you aren't cooking them right away, don't add the baking soda till just before cooking.

Very Good (1 rating)
Pineapple upside down cake

This is a tradition for my mother-in-law's bday. I keep having to find a new recipe. This one was easy and turned out great. NOT low fat or healthy in anyway, but it did have whole wheat and raw this recipe from the Pioneerwomancooks tasty kitchen site.

spice pumpkin cake mix cookies

a version of the spice recipe with chocolate chips

Sourdough french toast low fat

great way to have french toast.

Sourdough bread 2

a great recipe and simple. I got it from Sourdough

Protein chocolate ice cream

I was craving something chocolate and needed some protein too.

Sweet Potato and bean chili

Originally found this by DREAMYJ - but made a few changes.

Low Fat Egg Salad with yogurt

the alternative to the family favorite. Love it!

FF Refried beans with chicken

a little mixed to go with savory rice

Boxed Savory Rice

when you don't have time to cook the regular brown rice...this works

Easy Beet Tea

As found in Grains Rice and Beans by Kevin Graham. I love beets, so this was a no brainer for me. Really simple...really good!

Apricot Crock Pot chicken

a take off of NEETCHI's recipe. Added some veggies, used my own homemade apricot jam and thickened the sauce. YUM

Low sugar apricot pineapple jam

Using the no sugar added pectin - just a little splenda blend. yum!

baked chicken black bean taquitos

adapted from quetzalgirl's pineapple ones. I forgot to put the pineapple in...

Pan roasted cinnamon sugar garbanzo beans

a twist on the roasted chick peas - a sweeter side

Pan roasted garlic garbanzo beans

wanted to try something new - like the crunchy taste! I found the idea off a site called Selfish Vegan.

low fat light cucumber yogurt sauce for falafel

just a little twist on the regular stuff

garbanzo beans falafel low fat

a non fried version - needs some work, but still good

Whole Wheat Blender Waffles low fat

This was adapted from a recipe in a book called Wonderful Wheat. I lightened it up a bit, and it's wonderful. ;)

low fat brownies from mix 2

another version of lower fat brownies from a mix

Chinese Cabbage with chicken salad

I know there are lots out there, but this is my version. Now a family favorite

low sugar, low fat no bake cookies - no peanutbutter

I wanted some cookies, but I didn't want to bake. I also didn't want lots of fat. Found several recipes on the internet, and kind of combined them. One was Lynns Recipe adventures, that had no peanut butter.

swiss chard and pasta with chicken

had some swiss chard to use up, so tossed this together. Yum!

Easy pasta with broccoli

Yummy quick dinner in one pot. Found this on site, took out a little of the fat and added a bit more protein.

dutch oven chicken cordon bleu

my version of the casserole made in a dutch oven

low fat low sugar rootbeer ice cream

the all time summer favorite with my family, lightened up.

Dutch Oven Creamy Chicken Lasagna

in the summer we cook a lot of dutch oven - it's outside! This was an experiment on lasagna to see how it would be with chicken and cooked in the dutch oven.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Whole Wheat protein crepes

I got this recipe from a book called American Wholefoods Cuisine and adapted it to lower fat ingredients.
A great way to have a light dinner with many different kinds of fillings. The honey would be if you wanted desert crepes. Leave out for savory or dinner crepes. This recipe is nice because you only have to let it sit for 15 minutes instead of like 30 to 60 before.

Sugar Free Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

a family favorite with no added sugars

Dutch Oven German Chocolate Cake w/o frosting

a great way to cook in the summer but I don't like coconut frosting, so we didn't put any on. I'm sure you could add it after things cooled off. Lift out the cake and overturn on a plate to frost.

Dutch Oven Lemon Cake

excellent way to cook in the summer!

low fat pasta salad

our favorite summer dinner!

Homemade Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

This is from a recipe I found on the internet. They claimed it was the most amazing key lime pie ice cream ever...and while it's good, I don't know that it's that amazing. Of course, I lightened it up quite a bit. The original recipe also only made enough to fill a 1 1/2 qt freezer, and mine was 4 qt, so I doubled it and then some. It might have been more milk than is listed because I had to fill to the 'fill here' mark on the freezer. I only had one can of the fat free sweetened condensed, or I would have done both cans that way. Also, I usually use skim milk and figured it needed the 1%, since the recipe called for whole. You could try the skim and see if you like it.

Fat Free Cream Cheese yogurt Spread

this is great on wraps or with artichokes...anything you would use Mayo as a condiment for. YUM

Family Cowboy Caviar

My family loves this version of the standard. Amazing how you can add pretty much anything you want. normally would add that if you have it!

Crock Pot Strawberry Buckle

I adapted this from A Year Of Slow Cooking. This is triple the recipe, but that's because i filled the crock pot and she used ramekins inside...I can't quite wrap my brain around that, but anyway this was my attempt. Enjoy!

sweet and sour chicken thighs

Had some chicken thighs and was in the mood for sweet and sour. Not quite the same look as a restaurant, but still yummy! Served over brown rice/bean mix.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

a great way to cut back on sugar.

Protein french toast

I wanted french toast and needed the protein...turned out excellent!

Single serving low fat brownie

adapted from the single serving chocolate brownie by slowset - from no pudge fudge brownie....

Long Boy turkey "burger"

adapted from a recipe on Sunshine and Bones.

Another low fat alfredo sauce

I decided to try cottage cheese...what a difference! yum

Hawaiian baked chicken breats

We were going to bbq, but this sounded better. Served over brown rice, it was excellent.

family low fat baking powder buttermilk biscuits

decided to try an experiment with biscuits.

low fat Devils food cake

low fat way to make cake quick!

chocolate chocolate chip chippers low fat

wanted cookies and used black beans instead of white ones. Turned out good! Thinking a titch sweet though - could probably use less honey and brown sugar.

Sweet potato turkey soup

Wanted to make the Olive Garden Zuppa, but didn't have regular potatoes. Yum!

Low fat cheese sause

This makes a great cheese sauce - add more cheese if you aren't worried about fat!

whole wheat Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

my take on a yummy recipe from Daily Unadventures inCooking

Three grain breakfast berries

I wanted to try some additions to the regular wheat berries - yum!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Oven 'Fried' Zucchini

we had these at a restaurant and just had to try them baked. Sooo good!

Low Fat, Low sugar chocolate chip bars

these turned out better than anticipated...can't taste the beans!!

Easy baked turkey taco pie

this is adapted from Kraft's easy baked taco pie.

Whole wheat low sugar Angel food cake

lower sugar version - no refined sugars. This is adapted from moveitorgainit's recipe.

Dried Bananas no sugar added

I decided to dry what I could this year, no added sugar or oil!

breakfast cake low fat low sugar

Our family favorite on Sundays

Flat Out Chicken Strip Wraps

Yum! A meal in your hand.

crock pot hawaiian chicken

This was adapted from a recipe by wen130. I didn't do as much chicken and didn't have some other things, so I did my own thing. Turned out yummy!

low fat, sugar free old fashioned banana cream pie

This is my take on a recipe from Mommy's Kitchen for Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie. I can't imagine what the full version would be calorie wise!! ugh. Her's called for mering on top, I like whip topping, so that's what I used.
This is a real treat, enjoy!

Lamb stroganoff

we had leftover lamb from Easter, and the kids wanted stroganoff. Wa-la!

Homemade sugar free Strawberry Cheesecake

This is adapted from Pioneer Woman's blackberry cheesecake. I tried to cut back on the butter, and didn't have enough low fat cream cheese. I think it would probably work great with two low fat and one fat free - it would have cut down the fat quite a bit. Also, the topping probably needed more definitely could use more sweetner. I added 4 pkgs of sun crystals, I think it needs 6. Enjoy!

no-knead overnight parmesan and thyme rolls - low fat

this is a recipe from It was only for 8 rolls, I 4x it, and changed some of the ingredients to make it lower fat. Turned out yummy! I also didn't roll them like cinnamon rolls, I rolled them like cressents. Easy!

Family Favorite Deviled Eggs

this is a family treat, as I only make them once a year. My son would just eat these if we let him...all the time.

Lite Spinach and Chicken Quesadilla

had this for lunch today, yum!

low fat cream cheese Creamed spinach

another recipe...but nothing quite matched what I did, so - here we are. Interesting stuff - really grows on you!

maple mashed sweet potatoes

a different take on the sweet potatoes...definitely need to peel them

leftovers ricotta bake

made this with leftover stuff from making lasagna and cleaning out my fridge

xagave lemon cake

this was an experiment that failed...sort of.

Parker Beans and Rice - cafe rio style

wanted some cafe rio, but at home

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls no eggs

this is a different recipe. .but it turned out good. Not too sweet, but still tasty.

Turkey stuffed roasted bell peppers

great with my savory brown rice and mushrooms. This was adapted from someone else recipe here, but I can't remember whose it was.

Favorite low fat spinach Artichoke dip

our family loves this with bread or celery

Low Fat and low sugar 10 minute Banana Bread

wanted some banana bread!! This is from the Fresh Loaf site, adapted from the 10 minute banana bread. Wow!

pie pan pizza Chicken spinach

a quick and simple way to have pizza

Great Black Bean Soup (crock pot)

Found this recipe online - a site called radiant. It looked really easy, so I've adapted it to me. It's really yummy.

Family low fat Cornbread

This is a mix of a recipe on here and my own addition. We love corn bread, but it has lots of sugar and fat. The recipe has very low fat. Enjoy!

Wheat Berry Taco Filling

yummy meat alternative

Yummy pumpkin chocolate chippers

Adapted from SWEETDRMS2NT recipe - added a banana and more chips. Made more cookies... YUM

low fat chicken sausage pasta bake

Yummy low fat version of the family favorite.

Strawberry spinach salad

yet another strawberry spinach salad - but it turned out great. I love the combination of spinach with fruit and nuts. Might try with feta or other nuts as well.

Worlds Best Carrot Cake

from a magazine recipe we've had forever - also called the Ultimate carrot cake...just divine!! Can be made lower fat, but this is how we made it for bday.

Homemade Stromboli loaf

A lighter version than my moms - and homemade. She used french bread when I was a kid, and the filling was more like sloppy joes. This is a more traditional kind, though it doesn't have pepperoni or lunch meat in it.

Tuna Salad low fat

This is really good with chopped apples and celery too...

multi grain blueberry pancakes

don't forget the eggs like I

low fat honey tapioca

wanted something it warm!

savory rice

really yummy and great for protein. I usually add mushrooms and spices too.

Remake of Nathan's Lemon Cake

Nathan's Lemon cake was on cooking light - a recipe they lightened but didn't do as much as I did. Turned out kind of flat - but still yummy.

Romano Cheese and olive oil crackers

this is a version of the one that sparkheba has called romano olive oil crackers. I added mrs dash instead of chili flakes and gluten to try and add protein. I think I need to add more, but they turned out okay.

Family Shepards Pie

family favorite lightened up

low fat creamy asparagus soup

this is adapted from several recipes on site. turned out pretty good!

ST Patties day pasta

we meant to have rice, but it got scorched, so we improvised...almost looks like a Chinese dish

Incredible! (1 rating)
very low fat biscuits

we use biscuits for so many things, there had to be a low fat alternative! The yogurt works really well!

Egg substitute spinach asparagus Fritata

loved the one posted by chef Meg, so I adapted it for me. Needed to cook longer, but turned out yummy!

quick chicken chili

when you don't have the time to make it from scractch...

yet another great tuna bake

there are so many choices out there...but we like this one. Zucchini is the surprise ingredient...

parker family homemade apple nut granola

our foray into the granola...I'm sure there will be changes in the future, this is my first attempt.

Roasted Pork Ribs and Carrots

tried something new with our favorite country style ribs

Maple spiff-e-Whip frosting

maple flavored to go on the maple jubilee jumbles

Maple Jubilee Jumbles

adapted from a recipe my sister has in a cookbook called Cooky Primer. I just absolutely LOVE these cookies and wanted to see how they'd do lightened up. They turned out great! Use your favorite frosting with maple in it to top them. I used the spiff y whip stuff again, and it's light. You could do a drizzled frosting and not add too many calories. I didn't add the frosting here so you could figure your own.

Pumpkin pie oatmeal applesauce cookies

I was in the mood to experiment and wanted something sweet but not heavy...these are NOT very sweet, but yummy.

Chicken Tamale with chili and tomatoes

a twist on the chicken tamale casserole

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chicken Tamale Casserole

the next best thing to making tamales! Got from was in cooking light November 2008

Chicken sausage pasta bake

was in the mood for something more than regular mac n cheese

low fat killer cake recipe

this is an attempt to low fat something totally bad for you...grin

Some people think it's amazing - frosting

I got this from the Pioneer Woman's site. She thinks it's to die for, I think it's okay. You might see what you think

french toast - low fat

I think the Sara Lee people just cut the bread thinner...but it works.

Low fat Oatmeal chocolate chip bites

These are so yummy! Bite size good.

mini farfalle pasta salad with chicken

discovered a yummy way to make a dressing to replace mayo. Yum!

low fat sugar cookies

I wanted sugar cookies and decided to try this. Turned out great!

crock pot Mean Bean Soup with ham

I had this soup mix and decided to try it my style. turned out great!

crock pot Mean Bean Soup with ham

I had this soup mix and decided to try it my style. turned out great!

Low fat Buckwheat waffles

yummy! Especially when served with strawberries and whipped topping

Very Good (1 rating)
Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Clone -- Low Fat

This is my favorite soup. I order it every time we go there. I don't like the salad because they put too much dressing on them, but anyway -- I've used the links though this time I used the tube that you fry up - you can do regular Italian sausage too, I was trying to cut the fat.

Very Good (6 ratings)
10 min cooking farina with milk

a real creamy way to eat this great stuff!

Low Fat ice cream Lemon Cake

Thought I'd try it with something else

mock potato soup - low carb!

This is my adaption from one found here at sparkpeople by SNAVELA1. I didn't use the same amount of olive oil, and I used fat free canned milk.

Rice crispy hearts

well...ended up just cutting them into small squares - it was too hard to push down with the heart cookie cutter. Maybe you'll have better luck! I got this from They're called Crispy Chocolate Hearts.

White sauce turkey lasagna with spinach

my family loves the veggie lasagna sauce, so this was a version and they loved it.

Low Fat low Sugar Brownies w/mix

this was a recipe that looked good...we tried it.

Very Good (1 rating)
Artichoke, spinach and surprise dip

the beans give it the texture without any difference! My kids had no idea it wasn't cream cheese. I would totally leave out the cream cheese next time. It didn't need it!

whole Wheat homemade crackers

From the Fork You! Blog. Yum! and sooo easy!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Low Fat Homemade Tortilla Chips

These are almost as good as the store bought...with lots less salt and no fat!

mashed poatoes with broth

thought I'd try it with broth...turned out YUMMY

Navy bean soup

an old family favorite

Easy Triple Chocolate cookies surprise

the surprise is that they're made with black beans instead of oil or butter!

Rice and Tuna Bake

a yummy way to have tuna and rice

Best ever low fat alfredo sauce

best blend I've come up with!

best low fat cheese fondue

we love fondue, but it's hard to get the cheese sauce right

Incredible! (1 rating)
quick turkey taco/chili soup

people say this is taco soup, but it's more like chili to me.

Turkey/beef Taco mix

My hubbies invention

Family quick chili

we eat this with low sodium chips or by itself

Mrs. Fields Wannabe Chocolate chippers

I got this a LONG time ago from a friend who had worked for the cookie company.

Peanutbutter rice crispies

These are a great treat...with chocolate topping. Not low fat...

Pork roast with potatoes

yummy roast with potatoes

Pork mushroom bake

my daughter calls these smothered pork chops...

Very Good (4 ratings)
Family low fat chicken enchiladas

This is a big family favorite! Use fat free cheese to really bring the fat down. I was tempted to use corn tortillas, but they're not quite the same.

Mushrooms and beef over noodles

Like a stroganoff, but lighter and more liquid

Mini low fat cranberry biscuits

A delicious option for guests!

eggplant spinach turkey lasagna

a mix of noodles and eggplant to lower the carbs and raise the protein

Artichoke, avocado and spinach dip with beans

this was a twist on the spinach artichoke dip we love. Turned out excellent!

Family Mashed potatoes

this is our favorite stuff

Incredible! (1 rating)
low fat Eggnog shake (protein)

we were craving eggnog shakes, and used our homemade eggnog - fantastic!

protein eggnog

a delicious low fat alternative!

turkey sausage potato soup

yum! Love low fat turkey sausage!

Ham and pasta bake

a yummy way to use leftover ham

Pineapple Stuffing low fat, low sugar

a family tradition for thanksgiving - lightened up.

Roasted Veggies

This is my favorite way to eat carrots. We've done all sorts of combinations, with mushrooms, yams, etc. Good stuff!

Very Good (1 rating)
crustless pumpkin pie low fat, low sugar

This is adapted from JESSICAB1221's self crust pumpkin pie. I wanted to do it without sugar, but still added the brown sugar and less water, mixing the flours. She did excellent, and this turned out great too. YUM

Very Good (2 ratings)
Holiday low fat cheese ball

We wanted some cheese ball to help offset the candy we were making...

hashbrown and egg breakfast casserole

hashbrowns with eggs and cheese

Light fat free Eggnog with protein

this turned out REAL yummy! It would even be good warm.

splenda sugar cookies

turned out strange...I accidentally put the baking soda in, and I think it made them strange. They came out kind of like biscuits...really puffy!

Winco Pizza dough pizzas

made on cookie sheets...these serve a crowd!

Mushroom rice bake

I never would have put these ingredients together, but it's really good! I make the rice ahead of time in broth, which adds to the protein factor. You could make it with vegetable broth or water to make it vegetarian. I got this recipe from - it's adapted from hers. (basically 3 times her recipe)

Flat bread pizza

a yummy crust alternative - if you can find the right calories - this is a guess at the calories because the ones I used didn't have the nutrition information. Trader Joes is pretty standard...

Very Good (4 ratings)
Family Left Over Turkey and Rice soup

This is our favorite -- we gave up on the noodles cause they always seemed to get soggy. Love it with rice. We use wild rice sometimes, that's great too. You can pretty much add whatever you want, it's a great left-over soup.

Family Chili Fries

before sonic made them popular, we made our own!

low fat homemade red pepper hummus

this turned out really good! used NO oil. I've also found you need to be picky which kind of garbanzo beans you use. Look at the labels carefully.

Hawaiian haystacks w Chicken sauce

This is a family favorite and easy to make! One of those toss together what's left in the fridge dinners. You can also do the crispy noodles ontop, but they add fat. We serve this over Savory Rice so it adds more protein. Very filling!

Mashed yams and potatoes

turned out really yummy!

Lower fat Hearst Castle Shortbread Cookies

These are my favorite holiday cookie. I got the recipe from 101cookbooks, and she had altered them a little. I altered them a little more, adding low fat cream cheese instead of all the butter, making them a lower fat alternative. They still aren't a diet cookie by any means, but they are simply the best!

Very Good (5 ratings)
Protein sugar free Chocolate baked doughnuts

Yum!! I found this recipe many years ago, and found some doughnut pans at a store. We've made these many times since I don't like anything but cake doughnuts. You can frost them, but that's more calories and sugar. These are good dipped in sugar free hot cocoa, or skim milk!

Rice and Quinoa

Yummy way to mix protein and carbs

Easy Chicken Teriyaki

yummy made easy with krogers teriyaki sauce!

Creamed turkey bake

great for leftover turkey

regular biscuit recipe...not low fat

these are basic drop biscuits

quick Pork Stew

really easy when you don't have all day

blueberry bread pudding low fat

yummy on a cold winter night!

Family Breakfast Burritos

a better alternative to McDonalds...

Fruited Oatmeal

Great on a fall day!

butternut apple cream soup

A twist on the regular potato soup.

Family chicken rice bake

combination of baking chicken and rice, always good!

Family Favorite low fat Lasagna with spinach

this is the best stuff...and low in fat too. My family loves it, we always have to make enough for lunches. can add veggies as desired, we've done mushrooms and onions - tonight was simple.

Parker family Philly Steak

We love these sandwiches...hard to believe they're so high in calories - could use a lighter cut or less meat.

cranberry walnut pumpkin chocolate chippers

I wanted more of a fall flavor. Yum!

Harvest Pork Stew Supper

Adapted from a recipe for Pork shoulder stew - didn't want to cut it up.

Baked Sea Trout

really easy and quick!

Under a Spell Red Velvet cake

this was adapted from a recipe found in Kraft Foods. It didn't turn out as pretty, but it was still yummy - though a bit rich. I had to use 1% milk instead of skim and low fat cream cheese instead of fat free. The chocolate was a bit much, so it would probably be good without it.

Extra lean ground turkey Spaghetti Sauce

We like some meat in our sauce! Ground turkey is great stuff. My kids thought it was chicken...

Sea Trout potato chowder

Received some sea trout and wanted chowder...

Mac And Cheese (low fat)

Regular mac n cheese with yogurt instead of butter...

Chicken, spinach and rice bake

yummy way to cook chicken and rice with little mess

quick Turkey Chili

This is low fat and low sodium - great on a cold night with homemade tortilla chips, low fat cheese and fat free sour cream.

Soup Mix with broth

This is low fat and full of protein!

Caramel Apples (low sugar, low fat)

a try at an alternative to the yummy fall treat. These are too big to eat by yourself, so that's why the servings are 24...12 apples

low fat alfredo sauce

yet another combination!

low fat alfredo sauce

this is good for a quick fix.

strawberry banana syrup (no added sugar)

this makes a great substitute for regular syrup and tastier too

Low Sugar Yams

a lighter twist to the traditional - my kids even liked it

Rocky Road chocolate Slow Cooker Cake (low fat low sugar)

not for the light hearted, though this is a lightened version of the recipe. Yummy with whipped topping or ice cream.

No sugar added Pear Applesause

Yummy alternative with ripe fruit

Family Low Fat Blueberry Scones

Adapted from another recipe on the butter! Yummy.

Cabbage turkey goulash

needed to use up some cabbage and came up with this...after making it the first time, I would use a spicier meat, like a sausage. We used Worcestershire sauce because it was too bland.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Sugar Free Low Fat Zucchini Banana Bread

Add a little more sweetener and it will be perfect. I couldn't believe how good it turned out! Enjoy!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Family Stroganoff

home made stroganoff with sour cream and mushrooms. For my family to use, we're all tracking our food! ;)

fall morning oatmeal

wanted something warm this morning, and this hit the spot!

Zucchini eggplant bake

got some Japanese eggplant that I wanted to use up. Made it like Ratatouie, (sp?) but it was good.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Low Fat Mac n Cheese with Shrimp

I saw a recipe that had shrimp in the mac n cheese and wanted to try it. The greek yogurt makes it sooo creamy!

Pasta with mushrooms

a quick way to have pasta

Fat Free Broccoli-Slaw

A Strange twist to the normal, but good!

Very Good (2 ratings)
low fat chicken alfredo and Pasta

Our Family Favorite

Low fat turkey burgers

these turned out excellent!

low fat broccoli bacon salad

This is a family favorite for summer! You can cut the fat by cutting half the bacon, but my hubby likes his pork!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Low fat turkey/beef meatballs

small but yummy!

Family low fat Funeral potatoes

These are a family favorite at Christmas, and I knew I would need to lighten them up if I wanted to eat them without guilt. The cottage cheese was an experiment, and they turned out really good! I used less cheese than I usually do, and could probably do with less chicken soup, but it turned out great. Definitely not something you'd eat a lot of though!

drop biscuits

from the Joy of Cooking

Incredible! (4 ratings)
Family Potato Soup

This is our favorite soup for cold nights. It's easy to throw together and add to however you like. Can serve with cheese and bread. Great stuff!

Low Fat sugar free Texas Sheet cake was a try. I'll have to try again with oil perhaps. And I'll make the frosting instead of david... ;)

Low Fat eggplant veggie turkey lasagna

decided to find a way to eat eggplant - something my family hasn't really tried before.

Low Fat homemade black bean burgers

found a recipe at I thought I'd try. I used oatmeal instead of bread crumbs and egg substitute instead of eggs. It said it made 4, but I filled 6 of the old tupperware meat patty trays with it, and they were still too thick. Personally, I think thin is better. You could possibly make at least 10 patties. Once frozen, they held up rather well thin. They probably need some more spice though. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd like to try it. I think they have potential, but they are still lacking something.

Veggie chowder with bacon

a family favorite, lightened up.

Family Baked Penne Rigate with spinach and chicken sausage

my son wanted to order pizza hut pasta...I mean really!


another version

instant mashed potatoes in broth

an experiment with the instant potatoes

Philly Steak Sandwiches

yummy - fastest way to have a favorite

Very Good (7 ratings)
Homemade Heart-Shaped Marshmallows

These turned out really good! Dunk them in a mug of hot chocolate for a really yummy treat.

Family Shrimp Bisque

yummy shrimp chowder type soup -

Irish Soda Bread (authentic)

this is supposed to be the real thing that they make over there...

Chicken Artichoke Tomato sauce

this was a revision of a recipe I saw online. Turned out really good...

Homemade Baguettes

This is a recipe we found for making baguettes, and it's sooo easy. I make the dough in my bread maker, but the whole idea is that you don't have to knead it.

Low Fat Mayo (Vita Mix)

This turned out a little different, but taste good on sandwiches!

turnip veggie fry

I found some turnips at the store and decided to try them. This was my first experiment...turned out good!!

Family Roasted Chicken

wonderful! A little fat intensive, but pair it up with something light and it's wonderful. I'm not sure of the calories, I tried to find the right count.

protein bars via personal trainer

My personal trainer sent me these...I think it depends on how much you like the protein powder. My hubby and I loved these with mashed potatoes...grin. I also didn't follow exactly the recipe. I used a sweetener instead of honey, but apparently didn't use enough and had to add lots more water than it called for. Interesting. Will need some work...

Family Pumpkin Roll

This is a family tradition, it's our Yule Log. It's not low fat, but it's yummy!

Family Low Fat Turkey sausage Spaghetti sause

My daughter-in-law suggested the was good.

Family Bean and Ham soup

Yummy! Usually just do Navy Bean soup, decided to switch it up today, and it turned out excellent. Makes enough for a crowd.

extended canned minestrone soup

so that I could feed everyone on two cans of soup...kind of just dumped what we had in with it.

Chocolate cake with frosting low fat

I wanted to be able to eat the chocolate cake with my family, so I tweaked it my way. I added the protein powder to the frosting...I was going to add it to the cake mix, but forgot before I dumped it into the pan. You might want to try it...I'm sure you could do the frosting out of the protein mix and cool whip lite or would be yummy.

wonton salad

my boss makes this every holiday season, and it's wonderful, if a little heavy on the dressing. I put this in to figure out how many calories I was eating...If you have a better version, I'd love to know. I'm sure there are spices, but I can't tell what they are. Enjoy!

Family Pasta bake

This is great, and no meat -- though there was some in the sauce. I buy whatever's on sale, so, the sauce varies with the pan. This makes two big 9x13 pans. We did one pan with the mushrooms and one without. Enjoy!

Family Brownies low fat

These are the best! They turned out so time we are going to try substituting unsweetened applesauce instead of all the sugar.

spaghetti sauce

Usually we add onions, but we were out. We put dried onions, garlic and the sauces into the cooked hamburger. Turned out great!

Family Wild brown rice

This is great with any pork dish or gravy. Wild rice is just amazing!

Family Pork Butt Roast with Veggies

This turned out sooo moist! It's wonderful. All the recipes I found said to do the slow cooker, but I didn't have time for that and it was partially frozen. Cooked it in the oven, and it turned out perfect.

Very Good (1 rating)
family veggie mash

instant potatoes with veggies, cheese and bacon -- what could be better!? We loved it...

family sloppy joes

We had tons of this, gonna make something with the leftovers. Turned out really good, not soupy, but still good.

Family Potato/squash soup with bacon

This is our family favorite with a twist...butternut squash. If you like thicker soup, like creamy, add some instant potatoes after it's mostly finished cooking. Excellent with cheese on top too.

Incredible! (1 rating)
egg drop soup

found one that was pretty much what I had at a restaurant. Need the real calorie count! Enjoy...

Family Veggie Tomato Alfredo Lasagna

Decided to try a tomato Alfredo sauce so my whole family would like it. Sauce tastes great...have to see how it is after cooking!

pumpkin whole wheat pancakes

This turns out really yummy with heated unsweetened applesauce on top. Good stuff!

oatmeal quinoa breakfast

made this up this morning to see how it went over with the family. They actually ate it!

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