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The mac n cheese from the church cook book, adjusted for nutrition and vegetation.

Homemade "box" muffin mix

I wanted a "box" type mix for muffins that I could make up in batches and add what I wanted to. I found a versatile recipe on line, but it called for a couple ingredients I won't use (like shortening). So, here is my modified recipe.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

I modified and smooshed together a couple different recipes to come up with a lower sugar, super tasty muffin full of nutrition!

vanilla baked donuts

A "bisquick" recipe, but I use the Target brand all purpose mix, because its nearly half the calories per serving, and my hubby likes it better than "real" bisquick. So, if you make this with regular or even "heart smart" bisquick, your calorie per donut will be higher.

Easy "Thai" peanut sauce

I serve this with grilled chicken breasts for chicken satay.

Vegan Chocolate Cake, Moosewood recipe, slightly altered

The original moosewood recipe calls for 1/2 cup oil. I made it once as the recipe calls for with oil and once with applesauce. Worked beautifully with applesauce, so that's the keeper for me. Delish with optional glaze calories included

Indonesian Cucumber Salad

We went to an Indonesian potluck and I searched for a recipe that I could make. This was what I found and OMG!!! It is AMAZING! I've tweaked it some and we love it! It is very vinegar-y, which is perfect for me, because I love vinegar.

Pumpkin Soup

Healthy, Tasty, Autumn-y!!!

Slow cooker Red Beans and Rice

Easy Beans and Rice! This isn't a leave the house recipe, because you have to come back to it and add stuff, but wonderful for a rainy Saturday.

Crustless Zucchini Quiche

I jokingly call this my "quoffle". It is so light and fluffy it is kind of a mix between a quiche and souffle!
Over the years, I've searched for a quiche recipe that I really like and feel like I can eat. I've come across a number of recipes that just weren't quite right. This takes the best parts of all of them to make a healthy, light and tasty meal!

Whole Wheat Bread

Another Spark Friend found this recipe on Blogspot and I wanted the nutritional info!

Easy Crepes

I've been playing and playing with the recipe for crepes that my French husband found. It was WAY to fatty and sugary for my taste. Tonight, I accidently left out the sugar and he thought they were better than ever. So... here is the new recipe as I made tonight! YEA!!!

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Spiced Rum Peach Butter

I went peach picking the other day and came home with copious amounts of peaches. I was searching for pectin free way to use them and found a recipe for spiced rum peach butter online. It had WAY too many ingredients and FAR too much sugar to be what I was looking for, but it inspired me. I took what I knew from making apple butter and came up with this! Don't be put off by the cooking time, this is a toss in the crockpot and go recipe!!!

Easy Crepes

This is a modified version of a family recipe. I have reduced some high fat ingredients to make it a little more diet friendly.

Sun Bread

From the book, Sun Bread... a sunny bread to share!

Lovely rainy day activity with the kids!

Light as a Feather Muffins

From Betty Crocker cook book, published in the 50s.

Popular Muffins

My husband surprised me this morning by making some muffins from my 1955 Betty Crocker cookbook. After pitching a fit because I didn't know if I could eat them, I figured I should find out how bad they are for me. Nutrition info is for 9 muffins because that is how many DH made this morning out of the batter. But, you could and should make 12 more reasonably portioned muffins out of the batter should you try these. But, they are quite good! Worth the calories for a brunch.


A simple dish that is so very tasty!

Pfeffernusse (peppernuts)

These are a traditional Mennonite Christmas cookie. This is my grandmother's recipe and they are the best peppernuts I have EVER had. They put all other peppernuts to shame! They are an investment in time, because they take 2 days to make, but well worth it, if you like anise. These are dark, crunchy, and sweet!

Tuna Noodle Casserole, without the casserole

My family likes Tuna Casserole but I never seem to have bread crumbs or something else to top it with. So, this is my version, without toppings and without baking. Quick for a lunch with the kids or dinner for hubby to make!

Easy Veggie Soup

A simple easy veggie soup

Hamburger Soup

This is my mom's recipe... but she uses a lot more meat and ADDED salt... I have edited to make it lower sodium... but by no means, is this low sodium!

Quick Tetrazzini

I love this for left over chicken... and turkey. We eat this several times after thanksgiving! Easy and tasty!

Chinese Style Kale

Modified from

That calls for oil, I stir steam instead of stir fry in water... I haven't included the oil in my calculations, so if you use 1 tbsp oil, it changes things a bit...

Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole

Modified a version that I found on

Grape Pie

Tasty, but by no means light! Lots of sugar makes this heavy on the calories.

Chicken with Peanut Sauce

Traditional recipe from Zaire.

Its real name is Nsoso ya Muamba.

raspberry meringue cookie bars

I needed a dessert for unexpected guests. I didn't have enough of anything on hand to make any of my regular recipes. This is the healthier mix of several recipes and is actually pretty good.

Spiced Whole Wheat Pancakes

I modified I recipe that I found online to make it a little healthier. One option is to use applesauce instead of the eggs (about 1/2 cup for 3 eggs)

Home made whole wheat tortillas

I modified the recipe of a good friend of mine to make it healthier, and to include whole grains!

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Spiced Chicken Cacciatore

A tasty recipe, also good for WW, an 8pt meal

Weight Watchers Sesame Chicken

Modified from Recipezaar to be more flavorful!