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Recipes I've Shared:

Almond Breakfast "Pudding"

Can add pretty much any fruits, nuts, jams, etc.

Pizza Crust - Low Carb

Low carb adaptation of a Paleo Pizza.

This recipe just includes the crust - you'll need to add any sauce or toppings seperately!!

Mini Frittatas

Can make with pretty much any meats, veggies, etc. that you like.... these are basically baked omelets.

Asian Noodle Soup

This soup is great because you can put basically anything you want in it!! Make it vegetarian, use a different meat, put any veggies you want in!!!!

Marscapone Turkey Burgers

Makes the juiciest, yummiest burgers ever!!! Can substitute low fat cream cheese for the marscapone.

Pork Milanese - 2 2.5oz pieces = 1 serving

Can just have one piece for less cals!! I chose very small thin pieces of pork at the store. Also, put slighty more than required for your dredging station for easier breading and just toss the rest away.

California Rolls

You can put pretty much any veggies you want in here!!! This recipe accounts for 2 rolls - meaning 2 sheets of rice paper stuffed with all the goodies!

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie - Individuals

This is an adaptation of Paula Dean's recipe. Makes 8 individual servings.

Nutritional info allows for 40 Nilla Wafers... might need more or less depending on how much crust you want.

Mini Orange & Chocolate Cheesecakes

From Giada on Food Network - 2 is a serving

CYT Spaghetti Carbonara

From Cook Yourself Thin!!! They say 4 servings... but I got 6 and they were huge bowls!! I also used turkey bacon so I could have more. I added mushrooms to my bowl as well. Even picky husband who won't eat health food loved it and had no idea!!! Original CYT recipe in cooking instructions.

CYT Banana (Orange) Chocolate Chip Muffins

My small twists on the Cook Yourself Thin Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. I added orange zest and juice (which I think it gives it fabulous flavor) and took out the walnuts. I also used dark chocolate chips for a little more flavor and used it as an excuse to add one more chip per muffin!! Their recipe says it makes 12 muffins... but I got 16 out of it and didn't skimp at all!!

Their original recipe is in the cooking instructions part.

Baked Pasta with Sweet Turkey Sausage

I used whole grain pasta, fat free ricotta, and low fat mozzarella. I also added another can of the flavored tomatoes for more of a sauce.

Cola Ham Stew

Also crock pot compatible and you can add other veggies and make the soups the low fat and low sodium to make it a little healthier!

Very Good (1 rating)
Creamy 4-cheese Mac & Cheese

This is from Ellie Kreiger who does the new Healthy Eating show on Food Network.

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