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rich, black, moist

sweet potato panckaes

Roasted and delicious, 125 calories per serving

kugel (noodle pudding)

sweet creamy wide egg noodle pudding lower fat and no sugar added

shoo fly cake

so moist and delicious, usally so high in calories, but by substituting applesauce for the shortening and splenda for the sugar the result is a low fat, less sugar version at 170calories for a generous 3 inch square serving.

chicken with spicy red sauce

delicous served over brown rice.

carrot souffle

sweet flavor and light texture makes it satisfying

shoo-fly cake

I love molasses based cakes and cookies. I redid a
recipe to make it with less sugar and fat. I still like this cake. It has 170 calories for a 3" square piece.

actually healthy cornbread

no sugar added no fat added no lactose cornbread serves 16 and actually tastes good

mac n cheese

low fat yet yummy

half turkey meatloaf with peas

low fat meatloaf,with 93% lean hamburg and 93 lean ground turkey ands baby sweet peas

carrot potato casserole

carrot and potato casserole with a kick due to the pepper, only 112 calories per serving, low sodium. Can also use this as batter for potato carrot pancakes using 1/4 cup of mixture per pancake making 3 pancakes per serving for 9

cranberry rice pudding

sugar free fat free lactose free, 75 calorie creamy satisfying
desert, can use raisins instead of cranberries, can add 4 tablespoons of Granmarnier, 2 tablesppons of orange zest
for a grown up version with more calores,

blueberry pie, deep dish

Blueberry pie without the guilt. Low fat, low sugar yet luscious So eay to make with only 6

Cauliflower cottage cheese casserole

Low fat, low sodium, low carb, low calorie and delicious.Everyone who eats it asks for the recipe

Incredible! (1 rating)
raspberry pie with oatmeal crust

lusious raspberry pie adapted from a taste of home recipe
hard to believe it had only 130 calories per serving
Can use other berries or fruits as you like while varying the jello flavors Difficult not to want seconds

berry yogurt crustless pie

beautiful to look ,tasty, sugar free, low fat
adapted from a taste of home recipe

mushroom goat cheese custard

savory cheese dish great for lunch or a first course

pistachio pudding pie,frozen

Adapted from a Taste of Home recipe. the combinatiopn of pistachio with raspberry is cool, creamy and refreshing for just 105 calories a serving


very flavorful side dish instead of a starch with low carbs
and low sodium. Makes 10 1/2 cup servings 103 calories each

cheesecake with fruit salad

light and cool fruity dessert. never have any left over and only 91 calories adapted from a Taste of Home recipe

Chinese eggplant with mushrooms

tastes like a restaurant dish but only 174 mg sodium, 0.3 grams of saturated fat and 112 calories. Rice not included
in calorie count but 1/2 cup cooked long grain brown rice is 112 calories. Very filling and tasty

Sante Fe cheesecake

delicous western type cheesecake sugar free for an appetizer adapted from a taste of home recipe

meatball, turkey,spinach,cheese


pumpkin cheesecake squares

light and luscious only 83 calories each of 16 servings. Hard to believe it has only 2 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugar.Adapted from a taste of home recipe

squash souffle

winter squash no fat no added sugar, 8 gm protein, light, fluffy, 10 minutes to prepare 1 hour to bake only 153 calories. good enough to be a dessert with a spoon of cool whip(not in calorie count)

gingerbread pumpkin whoopee pies

mini gingerbread pumpkin whoopee pies, just 45 caloreis each,

Spicy vegetable soup

Pureed vegetable soup,Asain flavor

Asian Turkey Meatloaf

Low fat low calorie low sodium oriental flavored meatloaf, easy to make. 200 calories per slice

banana choc chip loaf or muffins

moist, low sugar makes 24 muffins 119 calories each portion


lactose free filling breakfast, low fat high protein
adapted from a South beach diet reciope

Very Good (9 ratings)
waffles whole wheat oatmeal

tasty heart healthy filling waffles or can make pancakes from this recipe as well

citrus poppyseed cheesecake, crustless

fat free sugar free delicius cheesecake

Very Good (1 rating)
Frozen Peach Yogurt

Easy to make, do not need ice cream machine when you use frozen fruit . You can vary the yogurt , liquor, and the frozen fruit flavors for your own favorite cominations,

crustless quiche

low fat healthy delcious breakfast treat FULL OF VEGETABLES with 27 grams of protein and 189 calories
for each serving. You can change the vegetables to whatever you want or have on hand such as eggplant cubes, zucchini, spinach, green beans, peas etc. you could also add a finely diced jalopeno pepper or two to spice it up

Lemon chiffon sugar free pudding/pie filling

Fluffy Light luscious sweet/tart dessert sugar that is sugar free and fat free yet truly satisfies and doesn't need cooking and only 50 calories for each 6 1/2 cup serving

dip, green pea tomato

lower calorie than gucomale dip, gets raves and no leftovers. Can add some chopped black olives for variety. Serve with low fat wheat crakers or with cut up raw vegetable Serves 8

Incredible! (1 rating)
waffles whole wheat for 2

100 %^ whole wheat, flax seed, lite applesauce
no added sugar, no added fat, lactose free and delicious with fruit or sugar free syrup

chicken breast, oven fried

boneless skinless breast with Smart bran pecan coating over Honey mustard vinaigrette spray. Very succulent and tender with crispy top and nice flavor. You can vary the cereal, nuts and salad dressing spray to taste. This is low sodium, low carb and low fat and low calorie

Incredible! (1 rating)
carrots & parsnips with caraway-cider glaze

wonderful vegetable side dish

very lemony chicken with capers

very lemony chicken, succulent, a family favorite, can serve over brown rice or whole wheat pasta or have it alone.

pecan pie No sugar added

makes 10 servings 207 calories each

moca chip ice cream

low fat, no addded sugar, creamy ice cream 141 calories each one of 6 servings

ice cream, banana

FAt free, sugar free, creamy, delicious treat

peanut butter ice cream fat free no sugar added

creamy fat free peanutty ice cream with no added sguar. Wonderful

peach ice cream fat free no added sugar

incredible delight, so creamy it is hard to believe it is fat free. Makes 10 1/2 cup servings at 78 calories each

chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

creamy, low sugar, low fat, amazing


tasty low fat sugar free low sodium easy microwave stuffed mushrooms. serves 2 for 74 calories

oat bran applesauce muffins

Moist, no sugar added, no fat added high protein yummy muffins about 105 calores each


QUICK, EASY LOW FAT YUMMY MEATOAF. 4 generous servings 232 calories each.

Fiber one egg white pancake

healty fat free sugar free yummy breakfast

chocolate peanut butter pie

no sugar added reduced fat delicious, peanut butter pie

Spelt hot salad with tomato, onion, olive

Absolutely delicous, hard to eat one portion

peanut butter pudding

quick creamy high protein low fat low carb peanut butter pudding

chocolate muffins, low sugar, lowfat

very dark, almost back,chocolatey, moist but dense small muffins that are so yummy you will want to have another.

banana raisin carrot whole wheat bran muffins no sugar added

moist no fat no sugar muffins 68 calories

flourless chocolate blueberry pancakes

tasty,healthy,flourless high fiber no sugar added, high protein breakfast pancake for 2

Very Good (4 ratings)
mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, spinach and crab

low calorie delcious crowd pleaser

Incredible! (1 rating)
cranberry-Orange Relish, No Sugar added

Quick no cooking delicious Cranberry relish.

Chocolate blackberry trifle

incredible low carb dessert , fast, easy to make and can use fresh raspberries or sliced strawberries insted of blackberries. you can use orange juice to soak the berries to make it OK for the kids

Very Good (2 ratings)
Turkey stuffing

healthy vegetable & cereal stuffing, very tasty, my family and friends love it

Very Good (37 ratings)
Fresh cranberry sauce, No added sugar

wonderful, no one ever guesses that this is sugar free and Never have any left overs