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Pumpkin oat mini scones

Not a low fat recipe, but you'll stay feed for hours!so very tasty my 5 year old will eat little else for breakfast in fall

Very Good (1 rating)
Banana oat scones

A great way to use up bananas

Full nutrition Apple-Carrot-oatmeal Muffins

The goal for these muffins was to develop a DELICIOUS, cake like recipe that was low fat, low sugar, and had enough protein to be a full nutrition snack. With fresh apples and carrots for vitamins and yogurt and cottage cheese instead of oil, these are tangy, moist and tasty!

Apple spice tofu muffins.

My effort to make low fat, high protein snack food. This is to check the nutrition amounts, it needs more spices.

Healthy ranch dressing/dip

If you love ranch dressing, but hate the calories and can't stand the taste of the artificial "fat free" varieties, you may really love this alternate. based on the idea that substitution doesn't work - only real ingredients that are the way they naturally occur taste good, this ranch dip or dressing uses yogurt and cottage cheese to create that creamy flavor without the fat and calories. The serving size is a very GENEROUS 1/8 cup of dressing, and has only 30 calories! Indulge with a dressing so good and wholesome you could eat it with a spoon,

Spinach dip

If you love sinach dip but want a healthier version, this is going to be a hit with you. Instead of substituting for funny tasting fat-free versions of mayonnaise or sour cream and such, which personally taste like nothing I'll ever put in my mouth (nothign tastes worse than fake food!), I use ingredients that are already naturally low in fat - yougurt, and cottage cheese, so it tastes REAL, and still surprisingly creamy. This is a spinach dip so healthy you could eat it as a main course with no guilt!

Orange Orange Roughy

Healthy, tasty and quick, this recipe has become a standby for us, both for entertaining and for everyday eating. Any white fish will work, but orange roughy just seems right for an orange juice based sauce!

Better-for-you chocolate chip cookies

If you love traditional chocolate chip cookies, these might just be the ticket for you. They come out a little fluffier and cakier, but taste great!

Very Good (5 ratings)
Crab stuffed sole with shrimp sauce

2 weeks ago at a dinner party I made the following, compiled from about 4 or 5 different seafood recipes. Due to popular demand I’ve written down more or less what I did (I took notes for once!) and am sharing the recipe here. This is very tasty, rich feeling yet light, and actually pretty darned easy to make. The only annoying part is the white sauce, because white sauce is always annoying. It really means it when recipes say stir constantly (or rather, you darned well better be stirring in the last 30 seconds!) and it just takes forever to thicken.

Serves 8-10

Very Good (1 rating)
Italian Roasted potatoes

I quick and easy roasted potatoes recipe, lighter than many standard potato recipes

Baked Stuffed peppers

These baked peppers are light, tasty and relatively easy to prepare

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