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Incredible! (1 rating)
Almond Flax Bread

For those looking to reduce the carbohydrates they eat, this bread should be a help. I slice it thin and use it just like regular bread. This is so simple to make and you can have bread in no time.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Almond Bread

This Almond Bread is thick and dense. It is very high in protein per piece.

Kugel - sweet n low fat

A classic jewish noodle kugel with the fat and sugar contents down to near zero.

Japanese Tofu Chicken burgers

This tofu burger contains chicken and tofu. Serve it with grated daikon radishes and sweet sauce. It was found on and submitted by Setsuko Yoshizuka, an guide. I use ground chicken and it is so much easier to mold into burger shapes. I also made 6 burgers not 4 like in the original recipe.

Luscious Lemon Cake - Esselstyn recipe

This recipe was adapted from a recipe from Angie McIntosh via Caldwell and Ann Essestyn from the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. I modified it with splenda blend to cut sugar and calories. They would not approve of this modification but I'm doing the best I can. :-) I think this recipe is enjoyable

Brazilian Shrimp Soup

Coconut milk's rich flavor will keep you coming back for more of this substantial soup. A true Brazilian version would include slices of okra, but this one is already so satisfyingly thick that it is left out.

Baked Malai Kofta

This version of an East Indian favorite is healthier because the kofta (vegetable dumplings) are baked. To cream the sauce fat free plain Greek yogurt has been added instead of cream.

Oyako Donburi - chicken and egg

Oya means "parent" and ko means "child" in Japanese. Donburi means "large bowl". This is a warm and delicious chicken and egg dish that is eaten in a bowl over rice.

Three Cheese Enchiladas

These enchiladas are made with cottage cheese and are delicious.

Thai Panang Pork curry

This is a wonderful savory Thai dish that is good for a once in a while celebratory meal. Celebrate your weight loss with a nice
meal that will fill you up on a small amount. Serve it up over rice and really enjoy yourself. This is such a wonderful dish.

Fruit & Nutty oatmeal chocochip cookies

This recipe emulates the Eat Clean style of eating despite
the fact that it calls for Splenda. Subsitute another sweetner
if you don't want to use splenda brown sugar blend. These
cookies are chewy and quite wonderful. One cookie will satiate any cookie lovers needs.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Butternut Squash risotto cakes - makes 12

Butternut squash risotto cakes are a wonderful meal anytime of the year. This dish is vegetarian but not vegan.

Madsy Anne's Banana oatmeal breakfast cookies

This is a wholesome cookie for people who need a healthy quick breakfast or snack

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Wendyphoto's cookbook
This cookbook has some family favorites. The cookbook spans from breakfast foods to Dinner and snacks. Some recipes are ones we found from different magazines that we enjoy